AMAZING DEAL: $1,500 Business Class Tickets To Australia!

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A couple of days ago we brought you some incredible Cathay Pacific first class and business class fares for travel between Vietnam and North America (which were honored), and now we’re back with another incredible deal, this time for travel originating in the US.

This is the best business class fare I’ve seen nonstop between the US and Australia/New Zealand in years.

At the moment Air New Zealand and United have roundtrip business class fares of under $1,500 for travel between Chicago and Australia. You can travel to several cities for that fare, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, etc.

The fare is valid for travel between January 12 and November 30, 2019, and availability is wide open.

You can either take Air New Zealand’s nonstop flight from Chicago to Auckland and connect from there (which is pretty comfortable, since you’ll often be on a 787 the whole way), or you can fly with United through Los Angeles or San Francisco.

You’re best off searching these flights through Google Flights, and then you’ll be directed to an online travel agency (like Expedia) to book. If flying Air New Zealand, these flights book into the “Z” fare class, so see for details on how many miles you’d earn for these flights with various program.

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If you’re interested, hurry, this fare won’t last!

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  1. I think everyone already spended all their money on Cathay Pacific, we can’t handle more cheap premium fares.

  2. Booked one for Nov. UA/NZ short hauls in Y but TAPC segs both in Z. ANZ is infamous for cancelling those tho

  3. was mildly interested, and then saw the Air New Zealand J seat. I’m supposed to sit in that for 16 hours? lol

  4. Seems like the fare is very picky on what days you leave and how long your stay is. Doesnt work out for us and adding a connection from my home city raises the fare $4k, instead of the $300 it should be for the domestic portion.

  5. Booked with a UA ticket number so I’ll earn EQD’s, EQM’s, and EQS. Amazing deal! Thanks again!

  6. Is it time for a tutorial on the best way to use google flights? I plugged in a bunch of dates randomly and found only fares in the 5k to 6k range…..With apologies for being a dope in this crowd of experts, but I don’t know how to search with the dates flexible to find the super-low fare you mention…?

  7. Got in on this for early to mid-August. Got ticketed and even selected my seats on ANZ. Two tickets for $2,950. Awesome deal – Thanks!

    If you got in, don’t forget to choose your seats now!

  8. Probably a naive question—but Is this something we can book and then reschedule for a later date? I want to travel down under in early 2020…

  9. Booked with expedia, ORD to SYD in Z class in May. Credited to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club, 200% class bonus. Thank you, Lucky!

  10. Book with United and not ANZ if you can; the latter has cancelled all their mistakes in the last few years

  11. Just dropped in to say whether you kill deals can be debatable, but the important thing is I feel you’re very REASONABLE with your posts. You at least put some thought and rationale behind your posts and even give readers and explanation (which you don’t owe). Hats off to you for that at least. Most of the stuff you post is the mainstream stuff that would likely die off anyways – that’s the important thing that some don’t realize

  12. Got one but it’s mostly dead. Will be interesting to see if these are honored. I’m crossing my fingers for yes.

  13. Booked ORD-BNE for August (about 90 minutes ago) through Expedia – seems to be dead now…really hoping they honor these!

  14. Thanks, Ben! Snagged 2x out to MEL, back from SYD, 086- NZ tickets. For those of us not hooked on UA, looks like there are some lucrative opportunities to earn instant *S by crediting elsewhere.

    In the past, how quick has NZ been to either honor or cancel fares like this?

  15. @GoAmtrak – The two times it has occurred for fares from the US (September 2017 and January 2018), it took about three days. For a fare in April 2017 between NZ and Hawaii, it took seven days.

    Seems like they make a fair amount of fare errors.

  16. How can I get off in Auckland and collect my luggage if I’m planning to stay in New Zealand or do I have to go through to Australia and than back to NZ?

  17. I booked through AmEx IAP for $1225 per ticket (+$39 fee). ORD to AKL to SYD all on ANZ in late September. Have received all invoices from AmEx and ANZ is showing itinerary online and in-app. Thanks for catch, Lucky!

  18. @bobmills @AlexZ, if you’re dropping the AKL-SYD segment the rest of your itinerary (along with your return flights) will be cancelled.

  19. I am trying to select seats on Air NZ website and in the middle of seat selection I got an error message. Now when I go back with record locator, the option to choose seats is not available. Either for the Air NZ flights or the United flight back. Is this a sign they gonna cancel?

  20. @John on google flights click on price graph to see alternate dates

    Looks like its too late for this one though

  21. @Michael but even $1,500 for a won way business class on Air New Zealand on a 16+ hour is still a great deal

  22. This is only tangentially related but flightaware shows that NZ 27, the normally scheduled flight from ORD-AKL, is scheduled to operate today (the flight doesn’t normally happen on Thursdays) from O’Hare to Changi Air Base. Anyone know why?

  23. Yes – I booked this morning. Logged on to United, got my seats and am set. Unless they decide to cancel it…

    I’m booked RT ORD – SYD in two weeks in business class for $1503.

  24. I was interested in the Air New Zealand $1500 fare from Chicago to Melbourne on 30 November 2019 returning in April 2020. I realise you cannot book the return leg so far in advance but I was hoping to book a flight Melbourne-Chicago in December 2019 and change it when bookings open.How do I find out if tis is possible.

    As well,I cannot find any dates within the booking period showing availability for $1500 in either direction.

    Do you have any suggestions.

    I have been using he Expedia website

  25. I am so bummed that I could not find the cheap Cathay Pacific airfare in time! I tried for LAX and could not find the deal. Hopefully next time!

  26. I got the same error when selecting seats, but it’s only one segment that seems to cause that error.

    I booked ORD- AKL – MEL, the return leg to AKL booked into economy though on an A320.

  27. @Nick same for me. I contacted ANZ and added the booking to my account. I was able to select the seats for the A320 economy portion and realized all the seats were considered economy, I even got 1F and 1D.

  28. So we were able to book through AMAX, and it shows as a pending charge and in our travel. However, nothing from ANZ yet to confirm. We do have seats assigned in business etc. Wondering if anyone received a cancellation notice? Would love to see this honored!

  29. Sadly mine was canceled – booked through Amex platinum desk and they called back a few hours later advising that ANZ wouldn’t honor

  30. Has anyone heard whether or not these tickets will be honored? Got two tickets over Thanksgiving for under $1,500 each — ticketed through Expedia and the tickets look like they’re still intact.

  31. I chose and confirmed my seats on the Air New Zealand website last night. That is a good sign they are.

  32. From Air New Zealand’s Twitter team
    ‘”If the booking has already been paid for and received confirmation, we will be honouring these flights. If payment and ticket confirmation has not been actioned, these will not be eligible for the discounted fares.”

  33. “We’re unsure as to whether a public announcement will be published or not just yet, Terence. But rest assured, if you’ve received your booking confirmation, you’re good to go”

  34. I received the booking confirmation from Expedia and was able to select seats on the air Nz site. But no confirmation from air nz as such. Ticket still looks intact.

  35. I am the same as Nick. Still have until 11:59pm PST to cancel with no charge. I can’t get the full terms and conditions from Orbitz or Air NZ concerning ticket changes and fees. Only thing I got is the “$250 to cancel either before departure or prior to return.” I assume they prolly won’t issue a statement in the next 9.5 hours.

  36. I booked this fare via kayak/ and I got a call saying the fare was a mistake and had been cancelled. 🙁 I got a confirmation and a ticket#. But I’d encourage anyone who booked to check their credit card authorization amount. Mine was um, six-fold higher than the fare that I agreed to pay.

  37. Darn, I just booked DFW to Melbourne to Sydney to Auckland and back to dfw for 1280 coach (non-refundable of course)

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