10 Things I’ve Learned Being Raised By A Miles and Points Geek

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Ben’s boyfriend and Tiffany’s husband have done an excellent job explaining what it’s like being the significant other of a miles and points geek.

In fact, my wife read both posts and summed it up fairly well, “Yep, you’re all nuts. But, I sure do like flying in the front of the plane.”

I thought I’d offer a little twist on the discussion. So, here are some of the crazy travel related things my little ones have said as a result of being raised by a miles and points geek.

1. “But how are we supposed to sleep on the plane, daddy?” After discovering most airplane seats don’t turn into beds.

2. “We can just tell her we’re going out for donuts and go to India instead.” Brainstorming ideas for convincing Mommy to take a trip.

3. “My monkey’s name is Argentina because that’s where he’s from.” Her standard introduction for anyone who meets her “pet.”

Dad_Miles_Points_Geek - 4

4. “Daddy, they put the steering wheel on the wrong side in this car.” A keen observation about our rental car in Ireland.

5. “I had way more fun in Ireland playing with Ms. Angela.” A great reminder that no matter where they take you, your parents are never cool.

Dad_Miles_Points_Geek - 2

6. “I’m wearing these for crazy sock day at school.” Said as she digs into an amenity kit and pulls out socks longer than her legs.

7. “Can we use the Emirates blindfold for this instead?” Apparently the Cathay Pacific eye mask wasn’t getting the job done while playing pin the tail on the donkey.

8. “Daddy says I can only hang out in bars that are on airplanes.” She didn’t sleep for 14 hours and was just learning to walk. We paced a lot!

9. “You said we’re going to Mexico, is that where Disneyland is?” A not-so-subtle reminder of her travel wishlist.

10. “Travel is awesome!”

  1. Precious. My kids were a bit older when we started traveling internationally. But the premise is the same. Nothing better than traveling as a family and exposing the kids to different cultures. Nic

  2. Love this! We have been travelling internationally with our kids since they were babies. Though some question the value of travelling with kids, I’m always amazed after the trips what the kids remember.

    Here’s one for your list as well…my kids were pushing their toys in an orange crate along the table and my wife asked them what they were doing…they were playing airport security screening. 🙂

  3. When my kids were little they would board and ask, “Are we in first class or last class?” Now they’re grown and the question is, “Do you have any extra upgrades I can use?”

  4. Awww… so cute. I always enjoy my trips with my 10 year old son more when we’re back home looking at photos. It can be a hard core schlep, but it’s worth it. And they get so much out of it, I’m always amazed by the things he says post-trip.

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