Year Long Million Dollar Vacation Courtesy Of LTI


Via VeryFirstTo:


LTI (Luxury Travel Intelligence), the digital luxury travel resource for affluent travellers, is offering the opportunity for an individual (or couple) to travel the world in exceedingly extravagant fashion – at no cost. This never done before experience, an all expenses paid $1m one-year luxury trip, is being offered exclusively through VeryFirstTo.

However, whilst this dream trip is open to all adults throughout the world, the successful applicant needs to be a very special individual indeed. You will be supporting the LTI research team and will need to be passionate about, and discerning in, luxury travel. This will further assist LTI in providing an insight on over 50 leading global travel destinations with particular focus on trending hotels, restaurants and nightlife. And importantly, you will do so incognito. As an early adopter of luxury with discerning taste, LTI is particulary interested in VeryFirstTo members, including yourself, for this opportunity.

You will spend one year traveling in uber luxurious style; visiting the world’s most glamorous locations; and casting a refined eye on the latest hotels, restaurants and entertainment that each has to offer. You will also be testing various luxury modes of travel including yachts, jets and Japan’s Kyushi Seven Stars luxury train. The itinerary is dependent upon which new venues will be opening, but candidates can anticipate the following (and much more):

Venice – checking if the Aman is living up to its potential, plus a look at the new Gritti Palace

Necker Island – providing a full insight including establishing if food has improved

Buenos Aires – reviewing the Four Seasons following its major refurbishment

Miami – assist in updating LTI’s Destination Report including checking out the new Metroplitan by Como, the Fisher Island Club’s major refurbishment and visiting the freshly opened Roberto Cavalli Restaurant

Las Vegas – focussing on new dining, lounge and club openings including Hakkasan and Fizz (David Furnish’s new champagne lounge)

Maldives – various new hotel openings and feeding back on Velaa Private Island

Ski Resorts – checking out the many newly opened decadent properties including W Hotel in Verbier, L’Apogée in Courchevel and The Chedi in Andermatt.

Applicants will need to have the following qualities: discrete: discerning; eloquent; sociable; considerable travel passion, knowledge and experience; and a fine appreciation of food, culture and entertainment.


LTI will cover all travel related costs including accommodation, food and entertainment up to $1m over a one-year period. Certain agreed destinations and venues must be visited and comprehensive reports and insights must be delivered. Applicants must be in a financial position to take the trip without remuneration and be free of any professional/ business commitments.

LTI (Luxury Travel Intelligence) LTI (Luxury Travel Intelligence) is the luxury digital travel guide providing a discerning and comprehensive insight on over 50 leading global destinations with particular focus on trending hotels, restaurants, spas and nightlife. According to the Financial Times “It’s like TripAdvisor, only written by people who actually know what they’re talking about”. LTI’s team of expert researchers offer members detailed Global Reports, Destination Reports and a Dossier delivering up to the minute intelligence. Annual membership costs $400 (€294/ £244) when using invitation code VERYFIRSTTO22.

So, who’s applying? 🙂

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  1. Sounds perfect for your buddy Justin Ross Lee. (Although I doubt his ego could handle the “incognito” aspect of it.)

  2. Presumably there wouldn’t be any tax if they are agreeing to pay your expenses in exchange for providing a specific service (written reviews).

  3. Aren’t you applying? You’ve already set aside the year!

    I must say I am at least somewhat tempted.

  4. read carefully, you must be a’member’ to be eligible, so $400 buy in just to be considered.

    My guess is that the winner will be some insider or worse yet, someone fictitious and LTI will have collected a lot of $400 memberships and boosted their mailing list

  5. “Applicants must be in a financial position to take the trip without remuneration and be free of any professional/ business commitments.”

    Translation: “Trust Fund Babies Only, Please!”

    Doesn’t change the fact that I’m still drooling over this. 🙂

  6. @beaubo, I don’t think that’s correct. It appears that LTI and VeryFirstTo are 2 distinct companies, and that applying is only contingent upon signing up for the (free) VeryFirstTo mailing list.

    I’ll certainly apply. Who knows??

  7. “Applicants must be in a financial position to take the trip without remuneration”

    I wonder how they would check that.

  8. Steven L,

    I think they are saying that they will not pay you, not that you can’t make money by other means.

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