Yahoo: United Airlines, Jet Airways Announce Codeshare and Frequent Flyer Partnership

CHICAGO, May 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — East meets West — and customers from United Airlines and Jet Airways will benefit — through an agreement signed by both carriers. The companies plan to offer codeshare service, significantly expanding the number of flights available to customers of both carriers to travel between the U.S. and India. United’s Mileage Plus® and Jet Airways’ JetPrivilege members would also have the opportunity to accrue and redeem frequent flyer miles on most flights.

(full article here)

This is great news! While we are stuck with Air India in the Star Alliance, here’s a reasonable option to a rapidly growing market which doesn’t require a connection in Europe. I’m not so interested in the option of accruing United miles on them, but I am very curious to see what their rates are for premium award tickets.

I wish they could join Star Alliance, but I doubt that’ll be an option since we’ll soon have Air India. Also, I’m betting Lufthansa would veto Jet Airways entering Star since they actually provide a competitive product to India, one they really don’t want to expose their customers to in a market Lufthansa seems to be doing well in.

Another potentially good thing about this is that Jet flies EWR-BRU, so there’s a new option for award availability, hopefully.

Based on all the reports I’ve heard Jet Airways is a world class airline, so let’s hope we get some reasonable redemption options here.

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  1. Thanks for that, very interesting. As it stands I’m guessing the intent of the partnership is for connections within their respective regions, but of course it also applies to the routes between Germany and India. I’d still guess that Lufthansa wouldn’t want full integration of Jet into Star, since it makes it far too easy for their members to fly a competitive product with full benefits.

    I’m guessing that the partnership between UA/9W is UA’s strategy for India in the near future. It seems like they really don’t want to expand to India for now, especially since they just chose Dubai and Moscow over anything in India. So if anything I could see UA eventually allowing EQM accrual on 9W, if that’s not their plan as it stands.

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