Would it be funny or taken the wrong way?

As many of you know I have some “interesting” travel shirts. My goal when traveling is to just make people smile, assuming they’re not utterly rude to me. Up until now I haven’t actually worn the shirt below while traveling, although I’ve found myself wearing it more and more when I’m at home and running errands. Other than the one guy at the supermarket that asked what I was referring to and then pointed out he was a Global Service (yeah, it stings!), no one seems to have caught on.

Anyway, I can’t quite decide whether or not I’d want to wear this while flying. I have no problem making a fool of myself, although I’m a bit scared people would take it the wrong way. Let’s be honest, 1K status doesn’t mean a whole lot anymore, so I’d be wearing it to poke fun at myself and also to poke fun at those that think their status makes them God.

So would other passengers that know what 1K is find this funny? What about flight attendants, gate agents, and pilots? Would they realize I’m kidding, or would they seriously think I’m that much of a jerk? And most importantly, what would the holier-than-thou Global Services members think? 😉

If a majority of you think it would be taken in good fun I’ll be taking it for a 4,000+ mile test drive on Friday.


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  1. The message is very subtle most people won’t even question it or for that matter get it. I mean is that the t-shirt you got for running a 1k? Grin…

  2. The only time I ever hear customers announcing their status at airports is generally when they are demanding something unreasonable. The only people that will notice it are other folks that have status along with airline employees… and most (not all) would probably think it’s a bit pompous.

  3. Although it’s funny where you’ll run into other airline/travel enthusiasts. So wearing it around town would be fun I’d think and might be a good way to meet other local travel enthusiasts.

    As far as wearing it while at the airport or while flying, wear what you like and who cares what others think. If people are going to make some kind of a firm judgment about you or who you really are based on something like that, then they is likely to be no pleasing them.

  4. If I saw you with it on, I would think it was funny … then I know who you are and the spirit in which you would be wearing it.

    However, for someone who understands the reference but doesn’t know you, I think the person most likely would consider you to be pompous or arrogant about wanting to flaunt your status at such a tender age. 🙂

    Sorry to say, but I think you’ve got more to lose than to gain by wearing it in an airport or on a flight.

  5. I think it will be funny until you ask for something out of the ordinary. Skykit, weird routing, bump compensation, etc. Then someone may take offense, thinking you’re flaunting status at them. At which point, no matter how nice you are, the t-shirt is quietly suggesting they owe you something because you have that status, and I see the t-shirt inflaming the situation not helping.

    The ‘Glenn’ t-shirt works well because you have alignment with the UA staff – they feel the same way you do. With this, the people who will like it most are fellow 1Ks. Maybe wear it at a social event for UA 1Ks?

  6. It’s a t-shirt……How could anyone find that pompous?

    Now if it was on one of those dress shirts with the white collar and cuffs I would really like it!

  7. I agree with magiciansampra-I would also never wear that shirt. Or the Glenns gotta go shirt for that matter.
    Now the R.I.P. Ted shirt is another matter 😉

  8. If you wear it, you should probably be standing on the red carpet an hour before departure, then… 🙂

  9. I think it would be funnier if it said “3P” for “DYKWIA?’ or “E-” or something but it did make me chuckle. I agree it is more fun to wear to FT events or around town rather than in the airport.

  10. I had to stop wearing my custom made polo that said “If idiots could fly, this place would be an airport” because a certain TSA agent took offense.

    I’d wear the shirt with a pair of the old wings they used to give kids (I’ve got my eye on the “Junior Stewardess” wings on ebay)

  11. You could also tape your 1k to your forehead, most people wouldn’t get the humor in that either. Personally I think it is tacky to wear such. Most FAs are going to assume you are a pompous a$$

  12. I love the t-shirt, and I’d instantly want to talk to you about where you got it if I saw you in the boarding area or on the plane.

    I don’t dread t-shirts. I dread people who are too important to board a plane without a cell phone at their ears while they struggle to put their luggage up.

  13. Whoever you encounter who thinks its tacky just dosen’t have a sense of humour. Would be great if Captain Flanagan signed it 🙂

  14. If you get the whole crew of the flight to sign it I’ll have Oklahoma steaks send you a nice cut of your choice!

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