World Of Hyatt Raises Redemption Rates At One Hotel

I have to give World of Hyatt credit for their consistent award pricing. It has been several years since they’ve devalued their award chart, and they’ve only had minimal adjustments to hotel categories recently, which is great.

World of Hyatt has let me know that they’ve made a pricing adjustment to one hotel. Specifically, as of today (Thursday, September 13, 2018), the Hyatt Place St. Petersburg, Florida, has shifted from a Category 1 to Category 3 World of Hyatt property.

This means that the cost of a free night will increase from 5,000 points per night to 12,000 points per night.

Hyatt explains that this change was made after “close evaluation of this property over the past year.”

As you’d expect, all free night redemptions that are already booked will be honored at the current award prices, while any new awards will be priced under the new chart, as will changes to existing awards.

So, what do I make of this? On one hand a single hotel adjusting award costs isn’t a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. However, I do take issue with any changes being made without any sort of advance notice.

You’d think they could provide at least a few days notice. Maybe I’m being too principled here, though, because I’d rather they adjust the cost of one hotel per year and give no notice, than adjust the cost of dozens of hotels and provide some notice.

I also have to admit that I may very well have contributed to this devaluation. I stay at the Hyatt Place St. Petersburg all the time as it’s near my family in Florida, and at 5,000 points per night it was an absolute steal. The award pricing never made much sense to me, since revenue rates are $150+ per night.

So I’m sad to see this change, and in this case it impacts me directly. Still, I can’t blame Hyatt for the change, though I do wish they’d provide at least a little bit of notice.

What do you think — should we be mad at Hyatt for making these changes without notice, or just be happy by how rarely they change award costs?


  1. I’ve seen other Hyatt hotels goes up in the past year without notice. I mentioned to the sales manager at the St. Paul Hyatt that they had gone up a tier, and they didn’t even know it had happened yet.

  2. Given that Russia’s involvement in our democratic election, I think Hyatt is justified to raise rates so the Russians have to pay more points to stay in a nice hotel in their capital. Hope Hilton and Marriott do the same.

  3. I think stealth category changes are definitely shady. As an elite guest, this is the kind of stuff that has pissed us off since the blew up the best-in-class Gold Passport system for their current World of Hyatt. If I had to guess, I’d say that Hyatt (which, in the past, had announced award category changes in August & January) is simply trying to avoid all negative press, hoping to gain increase business after the terrible Marriott integration.

    At least that’s my hope…and that they’ll go back to announcing category changes in early 2019. It’s certainly disconcerting if the change is that Hyatt can simply redemption rates for any hotel anytime they want.

  4. @Steve

    I was pretty disappointed at St. Paul Hyatt Place increase as well. Great hotel in a vintage building (Custom’s House).

  5. Hyatt raises redemption rates for one hotel, and you freak out and write an article… Air France is returning to DFW and it doesn’t cross your mind to write something

  6. I knew this would come. Was a steal. Stayed there a good 7-8 times since it opened in Oct ’17. Heads up would’ve been nice. Should’ve made more speculative bookings!

  7. LMAO Cracks me up that the people posting here with negative comments on Russia obviously can’t read well enough to tell that the post is about a hotel in Fla, not Russia. Which is made clear a number of times in the post.

    Almost certainly these same people think that the Trump campaign “colluded” with Russia, (whatever that even means) although Mueller and a hundred carefully chosen Democratic operatives (aka Justice Dept attorneys) haven’t found a single clue of that after @18 months and @ $7 Million of investigation.

    Just to be clear: Has Putin jailed/murdered some of his critics? Yes. But not in any way to the extent that Xi has done the same thing in China.

    Did Putin have any affect at all, (despite certainly trying), on the last election? No way in ‘heck”. But you’ll never convince the people who think that Lucky stays in Russia “all the time as it’s near my family” of that. 😉

  8. “not in any way to the extent that Xi has done the same thing in China”.

    Somehow it didn’t occur to me to add Erdogan and Maduro to that comment. We were in St Petersburg (the Russian one) two summers ago, and as tourists it seemed little different from any large US city.

    We won’t be going to Turkey, or especially Venezuela, any time soon. 🙁

  9. @Robert, don’t you think the Russia comments were jokes?

    And why do you presume that Mueller and his team “haven’t found a single clue”? Do you know how investigations like this work? Seems like you don’t. “Carefully chosen Democratic operatives”… oh, I see.

  10. I noticed this today as I have an upcoming stay (booked @5K). Not surprised that it was bumped since it is a steal, just that I thought that going from 1 to 3 was a bit much and that Cat 2 seemed fair.

    Seems weak to me to do it w/o notice. Maybe they want to prevent speculative bookings that might be cancelled down the line.

  11. Dont consider myself to be unintelligent (could be wrong) there but up to the last paragraph, I assumed this was actually St Petersburg, Russia. Not unreasonable, in the sense that I would expect most people to assume Paris is Paris, France rather than Texas, and Rome is Rome, Italy, rather than Georgia.

  12. I legitimately thought you were talking about a Hyatt Place in St. Petersburg, Russia until you mentioned how you stay all the time, I didn’t realize anyone cared about the one in Florida.

  13. @ Jackie….Moscow is Russia’s capitol.

    @ Lucky….When you previously wrote about how one could get 12 cat 1 redemptions from a 60K bonus this was one of the many in FL that I saw as good deals that were Cat 1 redemptions. The jump is fine, but to a Cat 3 seems a bit much. Thanks for ruining a good thing! 🙂

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