World Of Hyatt Raises Awards Costs At One Hotel

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All things considered, World of Hyatt is my favorite hotel loyalty program nowadays. They offer great elite benefits, have an excellent co-branded credit, you can transfer points over from Chase Ultimate Rewards, they have good award pricing, and they’ve increased their portfolio of luxury hotels

While Hyatt has made some adjustments to awards costs (including some significant shifts earlier this year), I think their pricing continues to be fair. We will shortly see one hotel increasing in terms of award costs.

I’ve been informed that as of 10AM CT on July 30, 2019, Párisi Udvar Hotel Budapest (which is an Unbound Collection hotel) will be moving from a Category 2 to Category 5 property in the World of Hyatt program.

This is totally fair — this hotel joined Hyatt earlier this year and looks gorgeous, and the award pricing has been a surprise to many, given that paid rates here are steep.

This means that the cost of a free night will increase from 8,000 points per night to 20,000 points per night.

Hyatt explains that after “close evaluation of this property since its recent opening, we are now adjusting it to fit a more suitable award category in light of current market conditions.”

As you’d expect, all free night redemptions that are already booked will be honored at the current award prices, and you even have a couple more weeks to book awards before the price changes kick in. However, any changes made after that date would price at the new levels.

See this post for the best credit cards for earning Hyatt points.

Has anyone already redeemed points at this hotel, or plan on doing so before the changes kick in?

  1. Reserved a Hexagon 2 BR premium suite redemption in August at 16k points, and will be getting the 10% back on redemptions, making it 14,400 for a room that’s runs shy of $1,000 a night.

  2. this hotel is fantastic. puts even most Park Hyatts to shame!

    stayed a night as globalist last month

    Huge suite upgrade. Very generous welcome amenity in BOTH my room and my guest of honor’s room. Fantasic Globalist restaurant breakfast PLUS nice club lounge snacks and soft drinks. This restored building is certainly the talk of the town, and a big landmark.

    Our Austria flight departing Budapest was cancelled, and while we were given a hotel voucher, we decided to check back in to Parisi Udvar Budapest instead. Different suite upgrade, still amazing.

    This is (was) a crazy good deal at 8000 points. We had a much better stay here than redeeming our Cat7(30k points) at Park Hyatt St Kitts.

    Plus 10% points back for Hyatt Credit card holders.

    Then I received an unexpected 500 points a night bonus under a Hyatt New Hotels promotion (valid thru end of August I believe)

    Net 6700 points a night. Best redemption ever.

  3. Would adding a Suite Upgrade certificate after the July 30th deadline constitute a “change” that would torpedo the 8k redemption rate?

  4. Is it weird that increasing the award cost put this hotel on my radar? Considering Budapest for a fall trip (among many places) and this hotel looks nice. Really liking the Unbound Collection.

  5. Lucky it’s getting even worse. Delayed at MIA right now because AA maintenance “disabled” the AC on our aircraft during the overnight check. Cabin is too hot right now and they won’t let anyone board. They then brought over ground equipment to cool it and that was inoperable.

  6. I want to stay there so bad over NYE and now I need to book before end of July. However, I don’t know any Globalists in order to get the Guest of Honor benefits. Anyone here having Globalist status and willing to help me out?

  7. Just a thought–was there ever or any rumors of Hyatt coming out w/a business card? Interesting that Hilton & Marriott has personal and business cards but Hyatt doesn’t.

  8. Just wondering if this is due to a few popular bloggers writing about it? But then again I probably would have not known about this property if not for these bloggers – catch 22

  9. Hi,

    Does Hyatt Explorist member receive free breakfast in this hotel? Can we also apply the club lounge certificates for award booking at this hotel to receive lounge access?


  10. They closed all suite-redemptions – the whole upcoming year only standard rooms are available to book with points

  11. Stayed here over July 4th weekend on points. 12K a night for the Heritage Collection Suite pre-devaluation. I knew it was undervalued when it opened and jumped on it – glad I did. For only being open a little over a month, the service was really good. The bathroom is stunning. Worth it for the main lobby itself – one of the best restored examples of Budapest in the golden era. Really impressed by Budapest BTW – worth visiting and I would say this hotel is still worth 20K points a night at new rate.

  12. Just booked it for 50 nights next summer. Wayyyy tooo easy. Thanks chase! (Budapest is cheap generally but this was a bargain for sure).

  13. The above comment that suite booking are closed is wrong. I just booked Pollack suite for 8 nights next year. No problem at all.

  14. A fantastic property.
    Spent 3 nights there during its soft opening in June and returning in November.

  15. Have a stay coming up next week, just checked the cash prices and they are significantly lower than when I booked as cat 2 on points.
    You are looking at $200 night for base room king ! Cash rates cheaper than the new cat 5 redemption values. Similar prices for dates in October…
    May 2020 will be staying again in the Hexagon Suite with family, booked 16,000 points/night. this one still good redemption value.
    I replied to the welcome email stating my CAA’s had not been applied to booking, they must be attached manually to reservation. Also the club lounge is temporarily closed so will be having breakfast in the Brasserie, in the passage. Bonus. Also during the day can choose from lunch or dinner including 2 courses starter and main or main and desert and one drink ! wine or water per person….. after further communication with them regarding normal club lounge beverages was able to have an additional dessert and coffee during the day. just not more alcohol !

  16. Just checked in for a four-night stay. Perhaps the blogger effect has taken hold here. The property is gorgeous, as is the room we were assigned. However, we applied a suite upgrade and what we have have is a very large room with chairs and table, but no separation between the bed and table and no other seating area. We will have breakfast in the the Brasserie, but no other food at all was offered, even when we asked, and this is only 1 week since the last post, so perhaps they were losing their shirts. An employee did mention they need more guests, so perhaps blog readers could support them with cash bookings.

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