Great News: World Of Hyatt Posting Bonus Elite Nights Early

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Update: Reader reports suggest that at this point World of Hyatt has posted most bonus elite nights from 2020, so check your accounts. This is being done in batches, so don’t be worried if bonus elite nights haven’t posted yet.

If you don’t want to religiously check your account, just keep an eye on your email — Hyatt sends you an email instantly when you qualify for a new status level or a new Milestone Rewards tier. By all means please report your experience with bonus elite nights posting in the comments section!

World of Hyatt seems to be the hotel program that people are most interested in at the moment, given the excellent Bonus Journeys promotion, as well as elite requirements for 2021 being reduced by 50%. It has never been easier to earn Globalist status.

One question I’ve been asked over and over is when we can expect bonus elite nights to post, and I have some great news on that front.

Earning extra elite nights with Hyatt Bonus Journeys

One aspect of World of Hyatt’s Bonus Journeys promotion is the ability to earn bonus elite nights. The promotion runs between October 1, 2020, and February 28, 2021, and you can earn bonus elite nights as follows:

  • For every elite night you earned through a Hyatt stay between October 1 and December 31, 2020, you also earned an elite night for 2021
  • For stays between January 1 and February 28, 2021, you earn two elite nights towards World of Hyatt status for this year

When were these bonus elite nights supposed to post? According to the promotion terms:

  • Bonus elite nights were supposed to post two to three weeks after the end of the promotion
  • Since the promotion ends on February 28, 2021, that means bonus elite nights were supposed to post by late March 2021

Understandably lots of World of Hyatt members are anxiously awaiting bonus elite nights to post, since in many cases it will lead to a boost in status.

It’s currently possible to earn double elite nights with Hyatt

Bonus Hyatt elite nights posting earlier than expected

While I knew what the terms stated, I reached out to World of Hyatt to ask if bonus elite nights would really only post in March (as the terms suggest), or if they might post sooner. Well, they will in fact post sooner, which will make World of Hyatt members happy.

Although World of Hyatt hasn’t updated terms to reflect this, the program did adjust the timeframe for these bonus elite nights being deposited:

  • Starting this week (the week of January 4, 2021), bonus World of Hyatt elite nights that were earned through January 4, 2021, will post
  • Going forward and for stays in January and February, bonus World of Hyatt elite nights will be posted every two weeks
  • Furthermore, for those who applied for the World of Hyatt Card with the offer for five elite nights, those are starting to post, and members should see these added to their account within a week or so

This is great, since it means members will be able to take advantage of perks sooner, whether we’re talking about an elevated status tier, or access to more Milestone Rewards.

Bonus elite nights will post sooner than promised

Bottom line

Bonus World of Hyatt elite nights earned through the Bonus Journeys promotion will be posting significantly earlier than promised. They’ll start to post this week for stays up until now, and then will post biweekly on an ongoing basis for the remainder of the promotion period.

Will you benefit from World of Hyatt posting bonus elite nights early?

  1. I checked out of hyatt place sarasota yesterday – 15 nights @ $60/night. My points have already posted, and I will update here when the nights post that should push me to gloablist.

    Spent $1k for 20k Hyatt points and Globalist status for 2 years. Seemed reasonable.

  2. What about Chase Hyatt Visa elite nights? I applied for the card mid-Dec. Only 5 nights posted. I thought it was supposed to be 10 nights. Any DP on that?

  3. This is fantastic news. Yet another reason why I am a fan of Hyatt over Marriott and Hilton. I just finished a 6 night stay (12/28 – 1/3), so hopefully I will be in the next round of updates. My recent stay along with my 10 rollover nights from 2020 will put me 3 nights away from Globalist.

  4. Just got off the phone today with World of Hyatt customer service.

    1. They are saying that elite bonus nights from the Bonus Journeys promotion will not post until the end of the promotion, February 28, 2021. Okay.

    2. They are saying that any credit card spend completed on the World of Hyatt credit card at the end of 2020 but the statement closing date is not until January 2021….those elite nights will count toward 2021 elite qualification because 2020 has already been closed out.

  5. @Kenji23 – as to your point 2, that would literally go against all past data points referenced by many + Hyatt’s own T&Cs

  6. I updated the post to reflect that a) biweekly means every two weeks in this case b) the five bonus elite nights from the WoH Card for those eligible should post in the next week or two, I’m told.

  7. @ Kenji23 — I can tell you that my World of Hyatt sources are consistently accurate. I’m not surprised to hear that a phone agent would just tell you what the terms & conditions state. That’s what I’d expect.

  8. I’m in the same situation as Robert’s comment from above. I was approved for the World of Hyatt credit card in early-December. The regular 5 elite nights you get with the card posted, but the bonus 5 elite nights for getting the card by December 31 never did. Everything reset at the beginning of the year and my account activity says on January 1 I have a Chase Credit Card Nights – but once again only 5, not 10.

    I believe Ben said the 5 bonus nights would post separately, but after I was approved for the card in early December, I only ever received the standard 5 elite nights and the 5 bonus nights never posted for the 2020 year. Should I be worried that the 5 bonus elite nights might not ever post for 2021 either?

  9. @ Alex — They should post in the next week or two, and even the 2020 nights would be backdated, and then you’d be awarded status based on that, if it changes anything.

  10. “Will you benefit from World of Hyatt posting bonus elite nights early?”

    I checked out of a 28 night MR on the 2nd so I should be at 61 soon with the 5 credit card nights.
    I’ll benefit in that I can now apply earned TSU for 50 and 60 night milestones to future reservations, but unfortunately I think this means the Cat 1-7 cert will expire earlier. Bit of a mixed bag, I was actually hoping the bonus nights would post in March because of this.

  11. Any word on when the 5 nights will post for those who are converted from the legacy card to WOH on Jan 11?

  12. I stayed 2 nights during the Oct-Dec ( Bonus Journey) timeframe. I see my 5 nights posted from WOH credit card but not the 2 nights stay. Should I expect them this week?

  13. When I asked the Hyatt representative if the bonus nights qualify for the milestone benefits, she said “no”. Is that true?

  14. World of Hyatt is so much better than every program right now it’s not even close.

    But I am concerned that they are making status too easy. I had 155 nights in 2020, roughly 140+ paid nights. Understandably not everyone is required to travel like me. But if I arrive late and all the globalist upgrades are taken by people who had 30 nights it bothers me.

    Am I being petty? Of course!

    Just wish they had a super special secret status for people who do over 100 nights every year. They also need to bonus nights over 100. Meaning, the 10,000pts vs a suite upgrade stops at 100 nights. Never understood why they de-incentivize people to stay more than 100 nights.

    But their promotions in 2020, the level of consistent service and overall program value is unbeatable.

  15. @Ryan to your point, I am a punk kid who booked a single 15-night stay at a Hyatt Place and now, through 2022, we are equal in Hyatt’s eyes.

  16. Ben, some Hyatt’s are running a 4th night free promotion in my area. Would the fourth night free count as an elite night. I can get the nights I need to go Globalist for less than $600?!?

  17. @Daniel Was there myself 6 years ago! Got my first Hyatt Diamond status on a challenge offer for maybe 20 nights which I then flipped into SPG Platinum via status match.

    Been addicted ever since. The first hit is always free!

  18. @DCAFrank, a night you don’t “pay” for in some way (cash, points, free night certificate) doesn’t get you night credit. So those 4-night stays where the fourth night is free only earn 3 elite nights (or 6 in these doubling times).

  19. @ DCAFrank — As noticed by Eric, the free night in that case generally doesn’t credit as a qualifying night.

  20. @Daniel – How did you find $60/night in Sarasota? I would jump on that to avoid a long drive to check in.

  21. I’m still waiting too. I got the new World of Hyatt visa in December but I’ve only seen 5 qualifying nights post in 2020 and 5 so far in 2021. One Chase representative told me it’ll take 8 weeks, another told me that I’ll only get 5 nights because I didn’t apply for the World of Hyatt card via the proper Hyatt link (?). Meanwhile I’ve got 10 nights booked starting tomorrow, which will (hopefully) get me Globalist. But, who knows? Too much red tape with Hyatt. I’ll stick with my Hilton Diamond after the dust settles.

  22. @Ben — Did your Hyatt contacts provide any detail beyond “this week” for timing? As silly as it sounds, the day that it happens matters for me.

  23. @Ben – thanks for the continued reporting on everything Hyatt. Really appreciate it and looking forward to my San Diego stay at the Alila Marea Bay in June (in their Ocean front suite thanks to points). Just booked a 12 night stay at a Hyatt Place near my son’s school (30 minutes away from home) that I will use as an office. Rates were $70/night, not quite as cheap as a Hyatt Place that was an hour away ($89 night but buy 2 get 3 sale which equated to $60/night) but I like the added bonus of using it as an office or spending the night there if we need a slight change of pace. I’m debating whether to use points at a category 1 for an additional 5 nights (which will turn to 10) for 3750 points/night or just book with cash. Globalist this year is nice at 30 nights but I’m really interested to get to at least 60 nights.

  24. Checked out of a 9 night points stay on Jan 1st. 9 Elite nights credited to 2021, waiting on bonus 9 – no rush for me, I’m patient.

    Applied for WOH card Dec 29. 10 Elite nights posted Jan 1st as 2 x “Chase Credit Card NIght Credits”.

    Got the 15 % standard “refund” on the points as well as the 10 % extra for the recently applied for WOH Card on Jan 4th.

    All in am quite pleased with the speed of this all happening / dropping into place.

    (Note – I had specifically cancelled, back in Oct, an existing WOH card I’d had for maybe 30 months with this strategy in mind. I only recently dropped below 5/24 also. So far it looks like it has worked)

  25. My 10 qualifying nights has posted for signing up to Hyatt credit in December. I’m assuming it’s not the 5 nights that I just checked out of the hotel this morning, don’t think it would post this quickly

  26. I am so confused. Got Hyatt card in December. I will be changing 10k a month in cc charges. I’m I reading this correct? Everything is double. At 10k a month charge when would I get globalist

  27. If the Hyatt hotels said that they have Virtual key on the app, can you check in and check out your room without even be there? I don’t have any Category 1 hotel near me but willing to pay for a few nights with points to get that Globalist status

  28. Ben, is it your understanding that 30-night Globallsts are ineligible for the concierge benefit? Surprisingly, that is what I was told by Hyatt. They said that 60 actual nights are still required.

  29. I checked out on Jan 2, but had 13 consecutive nights. For some reason, only 2 bonus night have posted thus far.

  30. Had a two night stay and a one night stay in October, and a 14 night stay ending January 4… 7 nights posted…

  31. Finally got my three in the past few hours, but I’m just a lowly Discoverist so I guess I wasn’t a priority. What I’m curious about is that I’ve already locked in Discoverist through 2/28/22. If I get Explorist or (unlikely) Globalist during this year, does that mean I’m a Globalist until 2/28/23?

  32. @ Jason — That’s correct, the concierge benefit is part of the Milestone Rewards program, so that’s separate (just like suite night awards). Don’t feel too bad, though. While my concierge is lovely and very responsive, the main benefit is occasionally saving a few minutes vs. having to call, like when points don’t post correctly.

  33. Hello

    A slightly off-topic question. If I make a Guest of Honor booking for a friend, using my points, do I still stand to get 25% of the award points back?


  34. Is there a fastest to Globalist competition, as I got notified of mine valid thru Feb 28, 2023 🙂

    Not bad achieving it in 5 days!

    The awards are quirky:
    – The Cat 1-4 free night is valid thru Jan 5, 2022 (I guess they’re extending them from 180 days to 365)
    – The Club Awards are valid thru Feb 28, 2023

  35. Hey Lucky/All,

    Relevant to some on this thread who fly Alaska—their rollover miles/segments have posted as well. I suspect some (even if minimal) crossover Globalists and MVP folks out there that will be happy about this development!

    – James_787

  36. @Ben is there any way to check on line the basis for the number of night? If not, would you sieges calling or emailing my concierge? I can’t figure out how WOH got to the number of nights that have posted.

  37. @ eddy — I’d recommend just being patient, the nights are posting in batches. So not all bonus nights are posting for a given member at one point, but rather members are seeing multiple batches of nights post. If the nights haven’t posted correctly within the next week or so, then I’d recommend reaching out to World of Hyatt.

  38. An additional data point: my bonus nights from my December stays posted in a batch yesterday. Bonus nights from October and November still need to post. Not at all concerned.

  39. @Lucky — Know this is pretty random and discussed in the past, but any idea how to do a workaround for Hyatt’s that are blocking off rooms? Keystone has every Thursday – Sunday blacked out for award/point stays. Called reception and asked for the exact room that’s available for free nights and she blatantly told me they have many rooms available and could help me book.. as soon as I said I wanted to book with points or a free night, she stumbled along and said she couldn’t help. Super shady of Hyatt. I know a few are bad with this.. but come on Hyatt.

  40. @ Shawn — Hyatt Place Keystone, yes? If so, let me reach out to a contact, and we should be able to get this fixed. This isn’t within the rules.

  41. My 31 nights from Q4 of 2020 posted today. Plus 5 from the credit card and I’m at 36 to start the year. I had 61 nights last year (without any bonus.) You don’t have to refresh the app looking for your nights. If you suddenly qualify for Globalist, they will send you an email when it occurs. When it comes to more Globalists, I wonder if Hyatt still has different levels of Globalist like I think they once did for Diamonds. Supposedly there were different levels back then based on actual criteria such as spend or non-bonused stays that would still put you ahead in the ranking of someone who just stayed 15 nights and ran with the double elite bonus. Ben, is this the case or just someone’s errant idea of various levels within the highest tier?

  42. I’m curious as well Rhys. I booked a last-minute reservation at the GH DFW Airport like always. The last 2 times, I’ve been upgraded to the Presidential suite while checking in at 10pm. I stayed 65 nights last year, and am only 2 nights away from re-qualifying for this year. Last night, I checked in at 9pm and got the same room I booked (1 up from the base king room). I don’t expect max room upgrades every time, but damn, I didn’t even get a runway view room. It makes me think they don’t look at anything other than status level before upgrading the first few people that get there… which sucks.

  43. @Rhys: regarding your speculation about the different “levels” of Globalist, I have an interesting data point to offer. During one of my visits to a Hyatt the desk clerk disclosed to me that their system notifies the agent certain facts about a guest. For instance, if you stayed a ton of nights in a particular city or hotel, it will tell the agent that this guest is, say, #5 ranked of all guests in total nights for that particular place. It allows the staff to make assessments about how loyal a guest is to that particular hotel or place, and assign attention and benefits accordingly. I remember one case where I used several suite upgrade certificates to confirm a $600/ night suite for several weeks, but my stay actually extended ten days beyond that point. The hotel in question comped me the suite upgrade for the entire stay without me asking. The fact I had been a frequent guest there probably helped my case a lot.

    My experience being a Globalist is that overall the program is extremely strong but if you find your “niche” of a few choice hotels that really know you and like you, the benefits can be off-the-scale awesome. Even though there may not be an official globalist “ranking”, your best benefits are probably going to come from that familiarity and personal relationshp.

  44. @ Ben – I got woh card in December and spent around $5000 also in December. Would the 2 elite nights gained from the spending count for 2021 elite nights? Thanks!

  45. @ Drew John — If the spending was completed and posted to your account in 2020 (regardless of when the statement closes) then that should count towards your 2020 status.

  46. A possible glitch that people may want to keep an eye out for: I finished 2020 with 100 earned nights with Hyatt, with the final night/stay landing on the last day of the year, Dec. 31. I haven’t received the email asking me about my choice of milestone reward. If you should have earned a milestone reward with a stay on Dec. 31, you may want to check this out. And in case you’re wondering, I did check the rules regarding what year Dec. 31 should post to: it’s supposed to be credited to 2020.

    It appears all of my rollover nights from 2020 have posted . I’m starting 2021 with 43 nights; if we can ever travel internationally again and if the tax man keeps taxing, it will be an easy path to 100 for 2021.

  47. Hello all – are “office for the day”rates posting at approximately same speed as overnight stays? Thanks!

  48. @Kendor & @Rhys: Yes, can verify some of Kendor’s experiences. Checked into a US hotel once, and the front desk associate asked, “Oh, did you know you are one of the top guests at the Hyatt Regency Sydney?” (I had been there a lot for work that year.)

    And I know they have a place to put notes about guests’ preferences in our profiles somewhere, because three hotels know I like Earl Grey tea and have proactively stocked my room with extra quantities of it and/or mentioned it while I was there. Once, a hotel employee (helpfully) tried to warn me about a dinner reservation I had asked them to make, because, “We know you’re not a fan of spicy food.” ?! That’s not true, by the way, so I asked them to delete that from my profile, which they did!

  49. Ben I know a certain group of people don’t want to hear political things on here but as a long time globalist myself I’m trying to figure out how to come to terms with Hyatt being what seems to be the home base for the recent takeover in Washington D.C I’ve seen the videos of the lobby with the homegrown terrorists and it’s definitely the Hyatt in D.C if Hyatt was okay taking this business and not helping to stop this from happening how can I be okay giving them my money going forward? I love a good free globalist breakfast and a suite upgrade but is it worth it?

    What are your thoughts? I am genuinely curious!

  50. @Sarah O. I have nothing but contempt for Trump at this point, and in the last month he’s convinced me he deserves impeachment, but really, you don’t want to go down the road of having hotels and other corporations policing our politics and morals. Pretty sure a society where the hotel tells you what you should think, who you can bring back to your room, and what politics are kosher and verboten is not a society you would want to live in.

  51. @ Sarah O. — I don’t have a great answer to that, because it seems that every major chain hotel hosted these people last week. The GH Hyatt video made the biggest impact because of their lobby setup, but all the Marriotts, Hiltons, IHGs, etc., had similar guests.

    The best thing I can say at this point is “let’s wait and see what happens”. I’d always prefer to give brands the benefit of the doubt, and maybe they didn’t fully know what they were getting into. Many of these hotels are independently owned, and the events of Wednesday seemed to take a lot of people by surprise.

    But if they continue to host these groups, now that they’ve had more direct experience, that’s perhaps different. Hyatt technically has a policy against hosting hate groups, but I probably wouldn’t proactively assume that most people coming to a protest are hateful, much less insurrectionists, you know?

    At a minimum, I would think they’d want to review their guest lists and make their pandemic requirements clear, because that was super unfair to the night staffs at all those properties.

  52. @Ben – I received my elite nights and requalified for Globalist through 2023. I didn’t receive any email confirming my 20 and 30 night milestone awards but they are in my account when I looked. Well done Hyatt for being the best. I am Titanium Elite with Marriott and Spire Elite Ambassador with IHG and moving as much business as possible to Hyatt going forward.

  53. Any idea how long until qualifying nights are posted? I just stayed four nights at a Hyatt property. Two days after checking out my Hyatt account shows those four qualifying nights – but shouldn’t it be showing eight qualifying nights? (Yes, I’ve registered.) Thanks *-*

  54. @Lucky – Did you happen to follow up on the Hyatt place Keystone in Colorado? I’m having the same issue. They only allow award bookings on two queen bed rooms and king bed with sofabed. These rooms conveniently aren’t available on any Thurs-Sat bookings, even on paid rates, yet the base “king bed” without sofabed is. It’s the same rate as the other base rooms but not booking with points. Very obvious what they’re doing here.

  55. Somehow my Hyatt account shows that I’ve earned 25 elite qualifying nights so far in 2021. I had 10 nights post in early January from the new World of Hyatt visa (that I got in December), then I had a four night stay in early January and then a six night stay (different property). I didn’t have any Hyatt stays in the last quarter of 2020 so I’m confused as to why I’m currently at 25 elite qualifying nights. Any idea?

  56. @PM could it be that you received the promotional double night credits for both of your stays but have only received 5 of the 10 World of Hyatt credit card nights? That would put you at 25, with an additional 5 to come from the visa.

  57. Initially I thought that too. But I had ten nights deposited into my account even before my first stay – so those ten nights must’ve been from the new World of Hyatt visa (that I got in late December). Then, after a four night stay I had 14 nights in my account (makes sense). Then, somehow, a few days later I had 19 nights (a mysterious five night addition – I’m thinking maybe it’s a leftover from my old Hyatt visa which I closed in early December [?] ). Then, after a six night stay, my total nights went to 25 (currently). It’s possible that I’ll get another ten from stays so far this year because of the current double elite night promotion – I’m hearing those post two weeks after a stay. It’s definitely confusing.

  58. Anyone see more nights post this week? It’s been 2 weeks since the Jan 6th batch and I haven’t seen any more hit my account

  59. I checked out online 1/14/21 from a 7 night mat run at a cat 1. 7 nights posted 1/17. The additional 7 bonus nights from the promotion posted yesterday 1/20/21.
    Before this perfect storm of 30 nights to Globalist, double nights credit, and 25% of points back I would never have considered paying points for a night I didn’t actually use. I doubt I’ll ever have another opportunity to get Globalist again.

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