Redeem World of Hyatt Points And Get 15-25% Back (And More)

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World of Hyatt has just launched a phenomenal promotion for anyone looking to redeem points for experiences over the coming months. This is in addition to the current World of Hyatt promotion offering up to triple points on paid stays.

Hyatt offering up to 25% off award redemptions

World of Hyatt is offering 15-25% off award redemptions:

Save up to 25% on award redemptions

Here’s what you need to know about this promotion:

  • It’s valid for redemptions that are “consumed” between July 8 and February 28, 2021; it’s fine if you booked previously, as long as the actual stay/experience is during the promotion period
  • It’s valid for redemptions that are consumed by February 28, 2021
  • Registration is required by January 15, 2021
  • Bonus points will be deposited in eligible World of Hyatt accounts within six to eight weeks of when they’re used
  • Members can earn at most 30,000 points back per transaction, while those with the Hyatt Card can earn up to 60,000 points back per transaction (30,000 with the first 15%, and 30,000 with the additional 10%); there’s no cap on how often the promotion can be used
  • All kinds of redemptions qualify for the 15-25% discount, ranging from free night redemptions (with Hyatt, SLH, MGM, etc.), to Points + Cash stays, to room upgrades, to dining and spa services, to Exhale classes and spa therapies

If you’re willing to travel, this really is a phenomenal opportunity:

  • A Category 7 redemption ordinarily costs 30,000 points for a free night, so you’re getting back 4,500-7,500 points per night during this promotion, lowering the cost to 22,500-25,500 points per night
  • With Hyatt’s Dining & Spa Awards you can redeem 65,000 points for $1,000 towards eligible purchases; you’d now get 9,750 to 16,250 points back, so if you had Hyatt’s co-branded credit card you’d be paying 48,750 World of Hyatt points for a $1,000 voucher, which is over two cents per World of Hyatt point

As a reminder, here’s the standard World of Hyatt award chart:

Hyatt offering free parking on award stays

World of Hyatt is adding another awesome feature for those redeeming points for award stays in the coming months. For context:

  • World of Hyatt never charges resort fees when redeeming points (a feature I really appreciate, given what a rip-off these fees are)
  • World of Hyatt Globalist members receive free parking on award stays

Given that many people are going on road trips, World of Hyatt is offering an awesome new parking promotion between July 8 and October 8, 2020:

  • World of Hyatt is offering free parking for all members on award stays
  • World of Hyatt is offering Globalist members free parking on paid stays

This feature is only available at hotels where parking is charged directly by the hotel. Furthermore, it’s not valid at Hyatt Residence Club resorts, M life Rewards destinations, and Small Luxury Hotels of the World properties.

Receive free parking when redeeming points

Hyatt offering bonus points for dining

World of Hyatt ordinarily lets you earn bonus points when you’re spending money at a Hyatt restaurant, even if you’re not staying at the hotel.

Between July 8 and October 8, 2020, World of Hyatt members can earn triple base points for eligible dining spending at Hyatt properties:

  • You usually earn 5x base points per dollar, meaning you’d earn a total of 15x point per dollar, before any additional bonuses (including elite bonuses and credit card bonuses)
  • No registration is required
  • This promotion isn’t valid if charging food and beverage purchases to a folio in conjunction with a stay (though World of Hyatt is offering triple points on stays, so you’d earn triple points on those purchases through that)
  • Members can earn a maximum of 100,000 points per transaction through this offer
  • This is only valid at participating outlets, and you can ask about eligibility when there

Earn bonus points at Hyatt dining outlets

Bottom line

World of Hyatt is offering 15-25% off award redemptions over the coming months, as well as expanded free parking for members, which is fantastic. World of Hyatt is by far my favorite hotel loyalty program, and this promotion is the perfect example of why.

This is extremely rewarding if redeeming points, and I love the thoughtfulness of offering free parking, since many people will be taking trips by car over the coming months.

Will you benefit from this World of Hyatt promo?

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  1. @Ben

    sorry if you’ve already spelled this out in the post but i’m not totally clear. I made award redemption reservation in June for a stay in September, will this promotion still apply or will I have to cancel and make another award reservation request for this promotion to apply? thanks.

  2. dang thats crazy. I booked Vista Hot Tub suite at Ventana Big Sur in early August. Looks like this will return 15k per night.

    Thanks Ben.

  3. @Ben,

    I accidentally registered using the first link. However I have the World of Hyatt card. When I realized, I made a mistake, I tried to register using the second link and it said, I had already signed up for the promotion.

    Do you think I’ll still get the 25% rebate? The terms and conditions are different via each link?

  4. Wow. FYI, I’m only mentioning this because it’s in the stock photos you chose, but don’t expect breakfast at FS properties. The general policy seems to be 500 points per night of missed breakfast. 🙁

  5. A few specific questions: does anyone know for sure if the Hyatt Regency San Francisco, the Grand Hyatt San Francisco, and the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego qualify for the free parking for Globablists? (I think they do)

    This is a great promotion, though it will make for a bit of head-scratching as we try to figure out whether it’s better to pay cash or burn points. Now if only there were countries that allowed us to visit …

  6. @ David — It seems to me like the registration is the same for both, despite the separate links, so you should be fine.

  7. @ Kendor — Maybe someone can chime in with 100% certainty, but I believe all of those properties would qualify.

  8. @ Andy — Unfortunately it’s only valid for redemptions as of July 8, so any previously booked redemptions wouldn’t qualify, it would appear.

  9. I booked 3 nights at Hyatt Cat 7 property in August. I’m planning to cancel my existing booking and rebook tomorrow. I’m pretty sure that’s a way to trigger the discount

  10. @andy

    Per the terms, it’s completion of the stay ,and not booking, during the promotional period that counts, so previously booked awards are fine. We have a suite on points stay at the Alila Ventana next weekend and a weeklong stay at the Andaz Mayakoba (knock on wood for both) next month, so this combined with the prior triple points promotion is an unreal opportunity.

    “For purposes of these offers, points are deemed redeemed upon checkout of a stay or completion of (and, if applicable payment for) the meal, experience, class, therapy, service or excursion.”

  11. Hey @Lucky, what an amazing promotion! However there is one mistake in your article and comments: reservations booked previously ARE eligible. The only things that seem to matter is registering for the promotion before September 1st, and checkout must be before

    7. If I previously booked a stay using points and my checkout date falls within the promotional time period, will it count?
    Yes, as long as the member or cardmember successfully registers for the promotion by September 30, 2020, their redemption stay will count and they will earn Bonus Points back if they check out between July 8 and October 8, 2020.

    I just got that confirmed by a Hyatt rep on Twitter, so this is an insanely generous promotion and there is virtually no action required besides registering.

  12. @Ben – Opportune time to transfer Chase points. Does this change your current value of Chase points?

  13. @ Sel, D. — It doesn’t, because I take a long term approach to valuing points. Sometimes there’s very little value with having a particular points currency (like the past few months, when almost no one was traveling), while other times there’s a ton of value, either due to desire to travel, or the great promotions available.

    If I took a dynamic approach to valuing points I’d probably have a different take every month, but instead I just try to look at the big picture.

  14. Thanks Ben! In addition to waived resort fees and now parking, this could potentially be a savings of $100/nt at a lot of places.

  15. I accidentally registered for the 15% link even thought I do have the Hyatt credit card. Will I still get 25% even if I did that?

  16. I just searched the Ventana Big Sur. Instead of saying how many points a “Standard Suite Free Night” will cost at this property, the Hyatt app says “Confidential”. Has anyone else experienced this with Hyatt?

    Based on the Hyatt award chart posted above, a suite at this Cat 7 property should be 48k points. It just seems odd to me to keep this “confidential” while attempting to book. That makes transferring points a bit risky, in my opinion.

  17. Is there a link to the terms for the triple base point for dining offer? It’s an interesting way to get Hyatt status if I have a large dining spend (other sources say it includes takeout and delivery, but once again, can’t find the actual Hyatt website).

  18. Hyatt is unfortunately just a massively unappealing programme – small footprint outwith the USA and no points earning options either apart from staying at properties. Is probably the least appealing of any of the main hotel chains.

  19. I booked a GoH booking for my niece tonite and tomorrow at Hyatt Carmel. How would that work since she would get the stay credit?

  20. Are you sure signing up via the first link will automatically qualify for the 25% for cardholders? The FAQ seems to specifically make a distinction between the two:

    “4. How do I register for the offer?

    World of Hyatt members and World of Hyatt and Hyatt Credit Cardmembers will need to register for the promotion on the appropriate landing page between July 8 and September 1, 2020.

    World of Hyatt members:

    World of Hyatt and Hyatt Credit Cardmembers:”

  21. Wee need a blog post on “How to Redeem World Of Hyatt Points And Get 15-25% Back”!

    I tried booking some properties and there was no mention of the rebate or the free parking!

  22. Alright, as a 4 year Globalist @Alan I find your comment bordering on insanity. They routinely upgrade me to the most luxiourous quarters at the location including the managers suite Long Beach, CA a month ago…without even requesting it.

    Hyatt is not great about posting this type of information on each booking @John – rest assured if the person staying has registered they will get the points returned. I would call if you are requesting them returned and have another person using your points. They are great about answering all questions in my experience.

    @David – max points bonus for dining 100k. If you are looking for elite via the card should work out fine.

    @Forest – It says Confidental until you go to book it.

    Love Hyatt. Replying out of that enduring love alone.

  23. Just checked out of a Hyatt resort, and they have no clue about the “free parking” promo on points stays. Will have to contact Consumer Affairs to get removed.

    Triple Points on stays (including dining) doesn’t kick in until the second stay. Is the better move on the first stay then to pay separately/no room charge for dining to earn triple on those charges?

  24. I have an upcoming award stay at a SLH property. Assuming they are participating, (I’ll ask upon arrival) do I put dining expenses in the room bill, or pay with Hyatt card after each meal? I get the impression it’s the same return either way but wanted to know if others read that differently.

  25. I have booked two rooms in December with points. Will I get the 25% points back for both rooms, as WOH credit card holder?

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