Woman Steals Flight Attendant’s iPad After Leaving Judge Judy Show

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Via NBC 4 New York, a Bronx woman returning from a Judge Judy taping in Los Angeles was arrested after trying to stealĀ a flight attendant’s iPad, a passenger’s bank card and passport, and having marijuana in her possession:

A woman flying from Los Angeles to New York after appearing on “Judge Judy” has been arrested on charges she stole a crew member’s iPad and a passenger’s passport and bank card, the latter of which she allegedly hid in her underwear.

Authorities say the Bronx woman was flying American Airlines to John F. Kennedy Airport Wednesday when a crew member noticed her tote pad, which contained an iPad among other items, was missing.

The pilot made an announcement over the loudspeaker asking passengers to assist in searching for the apparently lost bag. About 45 minutes prior to landing, a passenger saw the cover to the missing iPad under a seat. The crew searched the area and found the tote bag; the iPad was missing.

Classy stuff! Here’s the news report about the incident:

I guess that means Judge Judy’s show isn’t totally staged. The cases themselves may not be real, but at least they’re using people with real criminal backgrounds. In this case, the lady had been arrested eight times before.

And while we’re talking about stealing things, while you of course shouldn’t steal anything, it especially pisses me off that she tried to steal someone’s passport:

  • When traveling that’s the single biggest way you can inconvenience someone
  • There’s likely no upside to her in doing so

At least be considerate if you’re going to try to steal from someone. šŸ˜‰



Ultimately this is a good reminder to always keep your eyes on your belongings while on a plane. If you’re going to put stuff in the overhead bin, make sure it’s either above you or in front of you, so you can keep it within your sight at all times. While it’s rare to have stuff stolen on a plane,Ā there’s not a more inconvenient time for it to happen.

  1. Kleptomaniac don’t always steal for financial gains, but there really should be a circle for hell reserved for people who steal passports.

  2. I always wonder why people would steal in a confined space where they can’t get away easily. Examples include the secure area of an international airport terminal and on a plane!

  3. It seems and sounds like you are not familiar with her TV court show. She also just launched another show called The Hot Bench last fall. I watch her show religiously and learn invaluable law lessons from her. I think the show pays airfare and hotel cost to all litigants who appear on the show, but I’d love to know if it also pays the prevailing party the judgment it wins on the show. It is an educational show that is highly useful in this toxic litigious society that we live in, unlike your favorite franchise show The Real Housewife of—–..

  4. Both parties agree for her to be the arbitrator in their real case, it isn’t actors and her decision is legally binding. I can only assume that their travel and accommodations are paid for, but whatever she decides is what he parties are obligated to do.

  5. Believe it or not I was actually personally a victim to airplane theft last month. Long story short I was flying CX J HKG-DXB. I woke up around the time of the second meal and the lady seated across and a row behind me alerted me and the ISM that while I was sleeping like a kid, an Asian gentleman came up from behind, took my handbag out of the overhead, and calmly sat at the empty seat across the aisle from me and searched my bag. I consider myself lucky that nothing was actually taken, but it may have very likely ended badly.

  6. i was invited recently to be on Judge Judy as well as Hot Bench and 1 other similar show (their staffs go through small claims cases looking for anything that might be entertaining)

    the defendant is still liable for any court-awarded amount, but the show will pay if after a certain amount of time, the defendant still has not paid up

    (I would love to have done it, but the other party was too chicken s*** to appear – they do assure you that you and the other person will be on separate flights and stay in separate hotels!)

  7. No upside to stealing a passport?

    I’ve been told by someone knowledgable that my (Canadian) passport will fetch $4000-5000 on the black market. US passports are cheaper but still worth a couple grand. Scandinavian passports are apparently the most valuable.

  8. I’ve always said, (I’m my head).
    Steal as much cash or watches etc from me as you please but don’t touch my passport, phone or credit cards.
    It a shame in most circumstances it’s impossible to make requests to pickpockets

  9. You’re still far more likely to get your stuff jacked by TSA or ramp rats than fellow pax.

  10. @globetrotter … sadly I’ve been know to watch the show too but I’ll tell you her rulings are not LEGAL. Its arbitration and she even sometimes has admitted as such. You’ll often see her apply a moral standard that may be loosely based on laws but is not real.

    And yes the show does appear to pay for the verdicts based on what I found online …



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