Will I be stuck flying coach coast-to-coast?

I booked a bottom-of-the-barrel ticket for this coming Tuesday as a mileage run, and I routed it through JFK as I try to do whenever possible. I’ve never missed an upgrade on United’s “premium service” routes, thanks to the 26 business class seats they have, which make for a comfortable ride.

Well, the harsh reality which is coach for six hours in each direction may just come true. On the outbound flight there’s only one business class seat remaining, while there are three business class seats remaining on the return, all while I see my least favorite word (“waitlisted”) next to my flight segments.

Worst of all, while all of coach on the “premium service” 757’s are Economy Plus, they’re probably the worst in the fleet. The pitch isn’t all that generous and they’re all the way in the back of the plane. Furthermore, I only managed to grab an aisle seat in the second to last row when I booked this trip. That’s so far back that you can hear the sloshing of the lav tank during takeoff and touchdown.

On the plus side, both flights are basically sold out. Maybe I’ll get lucky and score a bump in at least one direction?

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  1. I’ve got a trip to the West Coast that may wind up in back this coming week (outbound, the return looks good).

    My horrible memories of cross-country in Y last June are all too fresh in my mind to do it again. Egads.

  2. “Will I be stuck flying coach coast-to-coast?”
    I have a hard time sympathizing after just doing my SYD MR :).
    Dont the PS Y seats at least have in-seat power? (from what I remember)

  3. i hope you do get coach both ways. it’s important to see how the rest of us fly. you don’t always have to fly in first.

  4. Coins, you said ‘ thanks to the 26 business class seats they have’.

    Pre- PS service, when UA flew the old 767’s, if I recall correctly, there were 32 – 36 biz seats available for upgrade. In those days, as a PremEx, you cleared 75 – 90% of the time.
    Less seats = less of a chance for an upgrade on the 75’s

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