Why you shouldn’t claim to be a federal air marshal

Via the AP:

MIAMI (AP) — Authorities say a man running late for a flight flashed a fake police badge to airline workers and claimed to be an air marshal so they would let him through the gate. Miami-Dade police said a 49-year-old man was booked on a flight to Los Angeles Wednesday night, but the gate had already closed and the plane was departing. After he showed the fake badge and claimed to be an air marshal, employees stopped the plane and let him board.

As if that’s not dumb enough, there actually were real FAM’s aboard. What are the chances of that? At that point you’d think he would be happy to get off the hook, but instead he decided to go to the Admirals Club and complain loudly about it, which is when he was arrested.

I have a few questions: Why the hell did the gate agent open the door for him when he had a fake badge that didn’t even say “air marshal” on it? Furthermore, why didn’t the air marshals do anything when they saw he had a fake badge and was claiming to be an air marshal? Did they simply say “woops, turn around and get off the plane?” Wouldn’t they at least call the cops to have him arrested?

Some people….

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  1. yeah, there are several things wrong with that story. What was he charged with? I hope it was for trying to imitate a FAM, rather than being belligerent at the Admiral’s club.

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