Why I no longer want to be the first permanent resident of the Lufthansa First Class Terminal

Remember my asinine undeniably brilliant goal of being the first permanent resident of the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt?

Well, I guess you could say I was “living the dream” today, since I spent nearly 15 hours in Lufthansa’s Frankfurt First Class Lounge/Terminal just going about my business.

Let me sum up my day with five pictures:

After careful consideration I’ve decided to reconsider my goal of being the first permanent resident here. If I have one more pretzel I’ll be saltier than the Dead Sea, and if I have one more Fanta I’ll turn into an Oompa Loompa (in shape and color). As a matter of fact, with the amount of Fanta I’ve been drinking today I’m surprised I didn’t pick up a Jersey Shore tan…

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  1. 15 hours? I’m assuming you arrived early in the morning and had a late night departure. But why not just go into town for few hours? Or at least have a tour of all the FCLs šŸ™‚

  2. OMG, I can’t wait to see what Frank writes about this. Maybe he’ll go somewhere sexual with the “saltier than” or somewhere insulting with the “oompa loompa” haha

  3. Of your ten million posts on Flyertalk, and of all your writings on this blog…..this is one of your greatest EVER.

    thank you for making my Friday!

  4. You must be their favorite customer. I can only imagine the kind of damage some other people can do to the FCT in 15 hours. A couple of bottles of champagne, a couple of showers (with the rubber duckies going home, of course), some fine dining, followed by more fine dining, followed by half a bottle of Blue Label… I’m sure they with all of their customers just had Fanta and pretzels!! šŸ˜‰

    For the record, I wasn’t describing myself — I don’t drink, either. But I would have hit the restaurant big-time!

  5. I would have at least tried to get out of the airport, maybe get a doner kebap or something

  6. @Matthew, @Alex. There are worse places to visit than Frankfurt. With 15 hours you could even rent a car and visit some close by places like Heidelberg and still have time to enjoy the FTC

  7. As I mentioned when you came up with this idea.. the FCT is a gimmick to me. I’ve spent 8 hours in there before, and it got really boring within the first 2 hours.

  8. This is the post that will finally cause me to ask the question, I have been fortunate enough to fly with my wife on 2-3 international F trips per year for the last 4-5 (all on miles) and have several friends that are global services (I know what they spend on airfare, and it’s WAY to much) I enjoy F for the minimal vacation time I have, but why do you do this? And I am Not trying to be a Frank… You know, that Frank

  9. @ Nathaniel — When I landed I explained I just wanted to shower before heading into the city, and then I eventually made a tour of both FCLs and the FCT.

    @ Papa Smurf — I did manage to tour the two FCLs and the FCT. I was way behind on work, so managed to actually be very productive during my layover. The weather in Frankfurt was nasty, or else I would have gone into town. That being said, my family is from Germany and I’ve probably spent months there over my lifetime, so there’s not a whole lot I haven’t seen.

    @ James — While Diet Coke is my drink of choice in the US, the European version of Fanta is hands down my favorite drink in the world.

    @ A. S. — Hah, hit the restaurant, though I don’t cost LH too much money on the booze front.

    @ Db — Perfectly reasonable question, and I think to understand the answer you’ve gotta understand what I do. I work from home and have a home office, so I can really work from anywhere in the world. The flights I wanted worked out so that I had a 15 hour layover in Frankfurt. I need to work from somewhere, so the FCT isn’t a half bad place to do so, right? After all, the offices they have are just as nice as mine at home, and at the end of the day there are lots more amenities. So I understand why someone with limited vacation time wouldn’t want to do something like that, but for me, those 15 hours weren’t a vacation, but just another day in the office with a change of scenery. Make sense? šŸ™‚

  10. Lucky, we all know your true motivation here. You’ve just received a job in the Thai First Class Lounge in Bangkok! Congratulations. We’re proud of you. I’m sure the men you will be massaging will tip you mighty fine for the “happy endings” you will give them unsolicited.

  11. Thanks Lucky.. One suggestion, can you start reviewing different airlines? It be great to see some reviews of SAA, Virgin, Air New Zealand, BA, Air Canada or even Delta. It be great to have recent comparisons of the international product of US flag carriers. Maybe even a mini contest to answer the question, who is the best in the US

  12. @ Db — Your point is well taken, and that’s actually my goal. If you check out my trip report index you’ll see what I’ve reviewed Air Canada, Air New Zealand, British Airways (Club World London City), and Delta.

    But I can assure you I’m doing everything I can to review new products. The reason I booked this Lufthansa ticket was to try out their new first class product on the 747 (which I hadn’t tried before), and on the way home I’m flying two new products as well.

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