When flights get delayed in China…

My Friend Eric sent me a link to a pretty awesome post by Beijing Cream (yes, I’m as puzzled and concerned by the name as you are, including his page called “The Cream Factory”) entitled “The Anatomy of a Chinese Airport Rumble.” It’s pretty friggin’ awesome, though if you want a 40 second summary, here it is:

Why are you going to want to read the story? Because the guy trying to throw the chair and being restrained is supposedly a manager for the airline.

(Tip of the hat to Eric)

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  1. Wow! This was one of the most entertaining articles i have read in along time! I am instantly a fan of the author. Awesome writing and hilarious!

  2. Crazy stuff! What is wrong w/ people in China. I went to his Youtube channel and saw the other videos he’s uploaded. Some crazy stuff!
    One video has a woman taking a crap in the subway elevator. WTF? I’d link to it, but doubt anyone wants to really see it.

  3. Like you said, the article is even better than the video. I love how he described all the little details.

    Behind them is a loosely assembled group of half a dozen young men. Nearly all wearing black jackets and tacky shirts, the guys look like the kind of people who hang out on street corners and try to sell you receipts or stolen Motorola Razrs.
    End Excerpt

    I lived in Shanghai for a while, and reading this piece really made me feel like I was back in China. The writer is funny as hell. His observations are dead-on.

    The interesting aspect for me was how the crowd instantly jumped onto Weibo to vent their complaints. It’s as if social media is the only release valve for their anger.

  4. Article is hilarious! BTW, in China flight delays are usually not as bad as in US. I actually was quite shocked most US domestic flights get delayed when I first came to US. Chinese are really not used to time being wasted it seems.

  5. I love how one of the agents gives up, pulls out her phone and begins recording the event like its more important than stopping the scuffle.

  6. I agree with @Ariana I guess its a sign of the times. Capturing an event is more important that stopping it.

  7. If you understand Chinese, that video is even better – that is some *salty* language from the bigger dude being restrained!

  8. @Benny – After reading your comment, I went to the site specifically to find that video. Freaking hilarious!

  9. I love the way the customer reacted! šŸ™‚ dont u agree that sometimes some of the airlines stuff need to be f**k verbally and literally too. I’ve seen some very helpful and polite one. But some …They know you can’t touch them and outright rude. I’m not from china btw.

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