When a flight attendant goes the extra mile…

I just got off a Singapore Airlines flight which was, hands down, the most spectacular flight of my life. I had the first class cabin all to myself, and as I boarded the leading stewardess (who’s only job was to take care of me) said “Mr. Lucky, I promise I will pamper you tonight.”

While the service was incredible throughout the flight, what the flight attendant had waiting for me after I woke up from my nap blew me away.

What was it? The story is auto-posting in exactly four hours, once I’m in international airspace… though in the meantime you’re more than welcome to guess!

Let’s just say she got really creative…

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  1. Well if it was me, all by myself in first with probably a hot flight attendant, I could imagine some fun times.

    Look forward to the guesses. 🙂

  2. @JettyBoy

    Haha. After my comments in the other post, I’d sound like a hypocrite if I said what popped into my head first.

  3. You are such a tease lately! Did your CPM go down or something?

    Also if you’re going to be in the air four hours then you’re on JL6 or JL10.

  4. @ BrewerSEA — Not at all, just doing what I can to build some suspense. It’s time for a commercial break. This one’s brought to you by the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

  5. She set up the remaining first class tray tables with all the food that was loaded and made a series of “Flight of Food” tasting stations for you. With wine pairings.

  6. Weeelll….

    Either she invited you to the cockpit or she wanted to renew her mile high membership card… LOL

  7. She filled out an application for the Chase Sapphire Preferred AND the Amex Platinum using your referral links, and had screenshots ready showing application approval.

  8. “Frank”ly – this is just too easy, so I will reserve my high demand humor for another thread.

  9. “Mr. Lucky, I promise I will pamper you tonight.”

    That sounds a bit naughty… Maybe just the wrong choice of words? 😉

  10. Must be birthday cake.. SA flight attendants are trained to know each FC passengers personal data

  11. Luckster, you know it is bad P.C. to call her by the name “stewardess”…you musta watched the TV show “Pan Am” on that flight… 😉

  12. I would guess birthday cake as well, along with a some sort of stationary signed by the Captain.

  13. Adding the teaser posts to the photo’s, now we’re down to 33% actual content per every RSS feed of something new.

  14. you said … “hands down, the most spectacular flight of my life” but we want to know … was that seatbelt across the bed, in the empty cabin, fastened?

  15. i can guess… A note that say “Thank you for sharing your emergency kit”, if there is a need for you please feel free to take it from any other seat. Just like how you did with free water bottles….” huh?

    just for fun….

  16. Guys, stewardess is the formal job title at Singapore. She introduced herself as the leading stewardess on the flight.

    Good guesses, though! 😀

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