What Should I Be Watching On TV?

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Nope, this post has nothing to do with travel, but given the point we’re at, I figure TV advice is probably more useful than travel advice. 😉

I’m not usually that huge of a TV watcher — in the past I typically kept up on a few different shows, and watched them almost exclusively on the elliptical or treadmill, so that I was motivated to go.

Well, at the moment without anything else to do and with no gym, I’m sure I’m not alone in spending a lot of time watching TV.

I figured I’d share what shows I’ve been watching, and then would love some thoughts on what else I should be watching.

What I’ve been watching

Let me start by admitting that I have awful taste in TV. For me TV is usually just a mental escape, and ordinarily I don’t want to watch anything too deep or sad. That’s why ordinarily my TV watching is limited to the likes of Real Housewives and RuPaul.

However, given mental boredom, I’ve gotten into a lot more shows. Here are a few I’ve been watching lately, with some brief thoughts (the first two are shows I’ve been watching for a long time):

90 Day Fiancé

I’ve been watching 90 Day Fiancé since long before it was cool, and it’s probably my favorite show. It’s so ridiculous, and so spectacularly good/bad.

If you haven’t seen it and have time, start with Season 4. You can’t beat the combination of Nicole & Azan, Jorge & Anfisa, and Chantel & Pedro.

Ford and I are such superfans that the only thing we got one another for Valentine’s Day was Cameos from our favorite 90 Day Fiancé people (yes, I may have slightly embellished some things for this Cameo for Ford from Angela, and no, I can’t believe I’m sharing this, ugh).

Love After Lockup

This is my second favorite show, I think. Some of the couples I’m rooting for (Marcelino and Brittany), some just made me sad (Clint and Tracie), and for some I wonder what’s wrong with people (how the hell is more than one “female” — as he likes to refer to them — competing for Michael?!).

Don’t F**k With Cats

I just watched this last week all in one sitting. My issue is that if something is this scary/suspenseful I can’t sleep until I know what happened. That’s my issue in general with starting these kinds of shows.

My gosh, this was dark. I wish they didn’t have to sorta kinda show the cat/python/human scenes. What a screwed up person. Though I also loved all the internet sleuths, especially Baudi Moovan. Despite how dark the story was, it was refreshing to see some of the people out there wanting to do good things just because.

I can’t believe Luka’s mom believes this Manny story (though the second set of hands in the python video raises some other questions).


I just finished this today. It was a bit more slow paced than some of the other crime stuff I’ve been watching, but was fascinating (I think Ford wasn’t as interested, since no one died).

Doug Mathews was good vibes. And did Frank and his wive really order coffees at the drive thru with 10 creams and five sugars each?!?!

Love Is Blind

Nothing will ever compete with 90 Day Fiancé, though this was better than nothing. I wasn’t super into the show until it came time for the weddings, as the results of those surprised me.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey are probably the worst reality TV show hosts I’ve ever seen. And why did he always introduce himself as “and I’m obviously Nick Lachey?” Hannity asks Trump tougher questions on his show than the Lacheys asked during the reunion.

Drugs, Inc.

Somehow we only got into this show a few days ago. OMG. Can someone explain the logistics of this to me? Like, how do they convince all of these drug dealers to appear on the show? Does, like one in ten cameraman get killed, or how on earth is this safe? I must be missing something, as there’s no way this is all real?!

What else should I be watching?

With the above out of the way, any tips for what else I should be watching? Obviously I should be watching “Tiger King” — go figure Ford watched this without me while I was working, so I guess he’ll be rewatching the whole thing with me.

If anyone has any other favorite shows, I’d love to hear ’em!

What’s your favorite show on TV right now?

  1. Tiger King on Netflix…so farfetched and bizarre that you have to watch to the end once you start.

  2. Brooklyn 99 & The Good Place are some of my favorites to watch.
    Also saw the first season for The Kingdom, which felt too close to real life events but well made and enjoyable – and this is coming from someone who isn’t into the zombie genre even.
    Use VPN to be able to maximize Netflix or Hulu shows available. For example in Europe you have all the available episodes of The Good Place to stream, but in the US only can watch the most recent 5-10 episodes and they expire after a set amount of time.

  3. If you like 90 Day Fiancé and Love is Blind, I highly recommend Married at First Sight. Season 2 is where the drama gets really entertaining.

  4. Mad Men
    Black Mirror
    House Of Cards
    The Keepers
    The Staircase
    Grace & Frankie
    Altered Carbon
    Paris Is Burning
    The Rain
    The Crown
    One Of Us
    A Sun
    Uncut Gems
    Giri / Haji

  5. POSE
    The Good Place
    Killing Eve
    The OA
    Stranger Things

    There’s just so many actually…

    The Good Place was great personally as I’m an ethicist (interdisciplinary with neuroscience actually). And now there’s a decent pop culture reference anytime someone asks what I do. That’s been really cool.

    POSE has been excellent! Hits pretty close to home.

  6. Since reality TV seems to be your thing, I think Lego Masters (fox) would be a nice change of pace but stay in the reality realm.

    Their creativity is superb, minimal infighting. 8/10 episodes are out.

  7. Cheer series on Netflix was great. Small time school in Texas that wins all the big events and it follows some of the team members and the coach and gets into their personal lives. Liked it was more than expected.

  8. I’ve been watching “Good Witch” and “Schitt’s Creek” on Netflix. “Good Witch” is a Hallmark Channel sitcom that’s cute and entertaining. “Schitt’s Creek” is pretty funny, with Eugene Levy, Dan Levy and Catherine O’Hara. Other good mindless sitcoms: “Young and Hungry”, “Baby Daddy”, “One Day at a Time”, “The Fosters”, etc.

    As for network TV, I like “The Good Doctor” and “The Masked Singer”.

  9. You like reality TV. You like to travel.

    Watch the Amazing Race. And start at Season 1, which was filmed in March 2001. The season itself is great, and it’s amazing to see how much has changed in 20 years.

    It’s on Amazon Prime video (free if you have Amazon Prime).

    If you like it, you have another 35+ seasons to make your way through… Some seasons are better than others (ie, season 3 is better than 2), but the show is consistent in quality.

  10. Mad Men is the greatest show ever made, and you will be obsessed with the depth of characters, superb acting, and amazing visuals and aesthetics.

  11. Just rewatched The Shield – still as good as ever.

    Good documentary series: The Staircase, Wild Wild Country, Making a Murderer, and The Jinx. I hear Tiger King’s compelling.

  12. @Ray yessssss Shaolin Soccer is a good movie . Spoiler alert. How’d that goalie make that save ? It was a gift from the soccer gods.

    Anything post apocalyptic or about pandemics on Netflix

    Youtube any destinations you will visit once this is all over. Something to look forward to.

  13. Off Topic … I wonder how loyalty policies will change when travel begins to open up, especially if there is a somewhat prolonged slowdown in travel.

  14. Well, for a show with a travel themed setting, HBO’s Avenue Five (https://www.hbo.com/avenue-5) is amazing. It’s set on a space cruise ship with Hugh Laurie as captain. It’s hilarious and dark.

    Over on Amazon, the Expanse is also dark, but also riveting. If you want something more “reality” driven, both The Grand Tour and James May in Japan are worth a look.

    And then I can’t say enough good things about The Good Place. It’s arguably the most honest show on television.

  15. Nice list lucky!

    I would recommend the following two shows for the inner travel bug in you!

    The Amazing Race – reality show with teams racing around the world visiting tons of countries etc..

    Survivor – different vibe but even more interesting IMO!

  16. Shtisel
    Tiger King
    Mad Men
    Downton Abbey
    The Wire
    Babylon Berlin
    Parades End
    Happy Valley
    The Office

  17. Since you love Japan, I highly recommend Terrace House on Netflix. It’s co-produced with Fuji-TV.
    Think Real World/Big Brother with commentators…but in Japan so everyone is nice. MUCH less conflict. But, incredibly sweet and amazing insight into life/culture in Japan. And, the commentators are hilarious.

    I’d start with the first Netflix season, Terrace House, Boys and Girls in the City (2015/2016). It’s a slow moving show, but that’s the charm. Lots of fun articles on the show:



    Hope you check it out.

  18. Many good shows listed here but two of my all time favorites are Frasier and The West Wing!

  19. My favorites of late… Tiger King, Ozark, F1 (Drive to Survive), Don’t F with Cats.

    Seems like you’re really more into the reality dating type shows though which isn’t my thing.

  20. I admittedly would never watch those reality shows you just listed so I’m not sure my suggestions will help, but…

    Amazon: Catastrophe, Fleabag, Marvelous Mrs Maisel (all comedies), Jack Ryan, Expanse, The Boys, Patriot, Good Omens
    Netflix: Kominsky Method, Good Place (comedies), The Crown, Broadchurch (british crime drama), Ozark (or Breaking Bad), Sherlock
    HBO: Westworld

  21. Brooklyn 99 is keeping us busy.
    Otherwise we are watching Lego Masters, which is exactly the same as RuPaul’s Drag Race but with Lego hah. Same aesthetics and vibe!
    We also finished The Stranger on Netflix, but that’s the kind of mystery show you have to binge all at once (impossible to stop between episodes).

  22. — “Outbreak” (Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman and more) 🙂

    — “The Americans”: I Just binge-watched the show’s 6 seasons (~10+ episodes/season) in less than a week and thoroughly concur with the critical acclaim that the series got.

  23. Since you have enjoyed your time in japan here are some japanese recommendations

    First of Terrace House is a massively popular japanese reality TV show which is available on Netflix, can’t say I’m a big fan bu that’s because I’m not really into reality TV but lots of my friends love it.

    Netflix also has Followers which is a drama about two women in Tokyo and their interconnecting circles, one an aspiring star the other a photographer In the mondern social media world. Great plot and the cinematography is great, they turn Tokyo up to 11.

    Prime has Tokyo Girls guide which is the 20 year story of a woman who comes to Tokyo from a town in The sticks to work in the Fashion industry and the trials of being a career woman in modern Japan.

    Outside of J-TV I second, third and fourth The Good Place as one of the smartest funniest comedy shows in recent years. I’d also recommend What we do In the shadows on FX as a stupidly funny comedy about vampires on Staten Island. (Also if you like Nadja from that check out the show that actress did with her brother ‘Stath let’s flats’)

    Finally if you have a VPN try an watch the ABC Australian Story profile of Courtney Act. A really heart warming half hour of a TV.

  24. If you thought Don’t fuck with cats was dark, then try “the trials of Gabriel Hernandez” or “tell me who I am”, THAT is dark.

  25. Schitts Creek – Hilarious and kind of sweet at the same time

    Tiger King for the sheer insanity of it.

  26. Travel? How about “time” travel”? OUTLANDER!!!! Start with episode 1. New episodes each Sunday on Starz.

  27. Based on what you watch currently I highly recommend The UK version of The Circle, season 2. The people on the show are amazing!

    Use a VPN to the UK and watch it on the Channel 4 website.

  28. I just woke up and saw this thread – and thought fantastic – some suggestions to get me through another day of not being allowed to leave my house AT ALL. Then I remembered it is Monday morning and l have to work (from home of course). Night 12 of mandatory isolation (ie not being allowed to leave the house) – done! Will go onto normal restrictions after that.

    Anyway – I despise reality TV, and mock my friends who are obsessed by it endlessly. That being the case – I worked really hard and found episodes of 90 day fiancee from season 4. I am now hooked. One of my friends thinks this is hysterical and is encouraging me to bing watch “The Batchelor” – not happening. Anyway, does anyone have any way of finding other episodes. I am based in Australia. Yes I have a VPN so can watch US Netflix but it does not seem to be on there. I can get onto to TLC in the US but you need to sign in with your TV Subscription which I obviously do not have. Not trying to get around paying, just trying to work out how to get it.

    I really like crime shows (I am Australian). The include: The Fall, Safe, The Stranger, Bodyguard

    BTW – Surely you can watch he Kardashians??? Or is that going too far??

    @ed don’t watch a lot of TC in Australia, but do love Australian Story too.

  29. Oh yeah Schitts Creek, that slipped my mind but that is brilliant. Also I want to live in this wonderfully accepting country town.

  30. Ex on the beach (mtv)
    Summer House (bravo, 4 full seasons to binge you have)
    Unexpected (tlc, not even I can watch this, wife loves it)

    Love your blog! Hoping your Calala island review can convince spouse to make the trek.

  31. We finally discovered and are now getting caught up on Schitt’s Creek and it is so damn clever and often outrageously hilarious. We so desperately need a chuckle these days and this show never disappoints. The shows are fairly short… 20 minutes or so… so we’ve been fitting in an episode or 2 to lighten the mood at various times of the day.

  32. A couple repeats of things mentioned above, but;

    DIRTY MONEY (Netflix) –
    Docu series that focuses on different scandals. Season 1 ep ‘Cartel Bank’ on HSBC, and Season 2 ep ‘The Man at the Top’ on Malaysia’s PM Razak will appeal to some travelers with an interest in Asia. The Season 2 ep ‘Slumlord Millionaire’ on Jared Kushner might be relevant to Americans at the moment.

    TERRACE HOUSE (Netflix) –
    A must for anyone who loves Japan and cultural insights. It’s not about explosive train wrecks like much of the US reality TV landscape though. For a more cross-cultural look, the TERRACE HOUSE: ALOHA STATE season (set in Hawaii) is a good entry. It’s technically the 3rd season, but Netflix separates each season as an individual series.

    Ainroi is a long running reality TV travel series out of Japan, that saw its most recent 2 seasons/series produced for Netflix. A blend of travel show and reality TV as 3 girls and 4 guys travel together in the Love Wagon (a famous pink van) to various countries on a fixed budget.

    SINGAPORE SOCIAL (Netflix) –
    An attempt at a reality TV series for Singapore. This was heavily panned by SP locals as a very poor portrayal of ‘Singaporeans’ (much like ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ was), but it’s still an interesting watch for anyone who loves Singapore.

  33. Schitt’s Creek! You will love it. There’s even a travel blogger recurring character in season 5 and an airline subplot in season 6. But there are a million other great reasons to love that show.

    Also, McMillions was wonderful.

  34. Toy Boy on Netflix was very good and suspenseful until the end of the last episode.

    Review from Decider……Jesus Mosquera plays Hugo, a male stripper (not gigolo!) wrongfully accused of beheading a wealthy man—and Hugo looked hella guilty because he just so happened to be having an affair with the victim’s wife. When his conviction is overturned after serving 7 years in prison, he sets out to solve the murder and maybe get a little revenge on his ex, who may or may not have orchestrated the whole bloody affair. And in order to pay the bills, Hugo gets back together with his old stripper buddies, the Toy Boys!

  35. On Netflix:
    The Bodyguard
    House of Cards (UK, 1990s, fabulous)
    Grace and Frankie

  36. What about some good old books? Accursed Kings by Maurice Druon, The Name of The Rose by Umberto Eco or American Gods by Neil Geiman? This should be quite nice cross section.

  37. Have also been watching F1’s Drive to survive.
    F1 fan here so maybe somewhat biased, but really cool to see what goes behind the scenes in the big circus. *Spoiler alert*: Danny Ric is impossible to dislike

  38. “Mad Men is the greatest show ever made, and you will be obsessed with the depth of characters, superb acting, and amazing visuals and aesthetics…”

    I can’t agree more with Mad Men. It has become a part of my life, the characters and their stories. When I see the actors now in other shows I don’t remember them by their actual names but Mad Men characters, Don, Betty, Joan, Pete, Roger, Peggy to name a few.

    On the other hand their is Downton Abbey. Two sets of TV shows that capture two seperate generations and times. Both on Netflix….Though Downtown Abbey was supposed to discontinue.

  39. I’m not sure about Netflix ( I should contemplate a subscription…) , but I re-watched one of the truly great series ( on DVD): The Jewel in the Crown ( 1984, based on Paul Scott’s The Raj Quartet, about colonial issues in India during WW2 and the lead-up to independence); Beautifully written and filmed, with a wonderful cast , including Geraldine James, Peggy Ashcroft, Art Malik, Rachel Kempson, Tim Pigott-Smith, Charles Dance. IMO, this is one of the very best things ever made for TV, and for me rates with Brideshead Revisited and Six Feet Under as just about as good as it gets.

  40. Hi Lucky, Last time I checked you were an adult gay male, married who, it seems, hasn’t watched Years and Years, the six part Russell T Davies series (which in a few tangents mirrors today’s Covid world). That is wrong, just plain wrong…

    But I think fans of the blog would like to see more posts rather than have you in front of a screen all day.

    You’ve never written extensively about anything after a trip. How many pairs of first class pajamas do you have? Can we see the collection? Who makes the best pair and which lasts longest? Give us a top ten on pajamas like you have first and biz?

    How about amenity kits. How many zillion amenity kits do you have? Do you keep, recycle, gift, donate?

    Ever flown with your adorable pooch?

    Can you take a page from ESPN which is basically a “favorites” throwback and create some archives for readers? How about the top three blog posts by view, from each year, all archived on one page? How about your own favorite posts/trips on an archive?

    Also, your readers who recommended Fleabag and Avenue 5, if those shows don’t distract from the pandemic nothing will.

  41. CLAWS – series 1 and 2. Series 3 is not quite as good. It has the fourth season in production – well at least until COVID-19 came into play.

    Its produced for HBO, and set in Palmetto, Florida

    This series about a nail salon and the swamp mafia is kinda reality TV-related, and it has a few deaths, so Ford will enjoy. Outstanding cast – too numerous to mention.

    Wikipedia entry here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claws_(TV_series)

  42. To follow the reality TV angle as that is your style. Although more toned down than the American ones you tend to mention.

    Agree with Terrace House and Ainori Love Wagon suggestions that have been thrown out. If you like those then Heart Signal and Somebody are similar. Runningman you’d have 9-10 years worth of episodes and can find them on myrunningman website.

    Maybe something like the Friday Night Lights TV series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AG37AylK1_s Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can’t Lose.

  43. Broadchurch (Netflix) is amazing!!!!!!!
    Blacklist and Brooklyn 99 and Homeland are also great
    Jack Ryan on Prime is worth a watch
    The Bold Type (which is on Stan but i dont think Americans can get it) is also amazing i am sure its on another streaming platform

  44. “The Circle” (Netflix) came highly recommended as a reality TV/game show. I was a skeptic, but once we started watching it, we were hooked.

    We watched “The Circle, Brazil” (Netflix) after “The Circle”, and had virtual viewing parties with other friends in the improv world.

    The other show we just started watching, “Baby Ballroom” (Netflix), is grotesquely, kind of fascinating British reality TV.

  45. “Hannity asks Trump tougher questions on his show than the Lacheys asked during the reunion.”

    I actually lolled. As for me, I got back into “Million Dollar Listing: New York,” which I hadn’t watched in five years (so I have quite a few seasons to catch up on!)

  46. Happy Endings, available on Hulu, is laugh-out-loud funny. ABC kept moving it around on their schedule during its initial run (2011-2013), eventually burying it on Friday nights, so it remained under-the-radar for its target demographic of people in their late 20s to late 30s.

  47. Those are really good shows that I recommend. News, Documentary, Laughs, Musics, and Bible, everything.
    Special Report with Bret Baier
    Park’d with Abby Hornacek
    Tucker Carlson Tonight
    What Made America Great
    Five Flus
    The Pursuit with John Rich
    The Ingraham Angle
    America’s Preacher: The Reverend Billy Graham
    The Battle for Bethlehem
    Ainsley’s Bible Study
    (Some of them requires Fox Nation subscription, plus, Fox Nation is not available outside the US, as of yet)

  48. @Andrew agree with your recommendation for Park’d by Abby Hornacek. It’s all about great places to visit, all in America. Lucky flies too much around the world, how about discover America before venturing the world?

  49. Up in the Air
    Airport 79.
    Soul Plane.
    Passenger 57.
    Air Force Once.
    Executive Decision.
    The Delta Force with Chuck Norris.

  50. Breaking Bad is #1, then Schitt’s Creek, and Friday Night Lights (the series) is so good. All are very different.

  51. The Trip is a 2010 British television sitcom series starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon as fictionalised versions of themselves on a restaurant tour of northern England.

    Also 3 other seasons in Italy, Spain and Greece. But maybe too soon for the first two.

  52. Honestly those are all completely superficial and insignificant shows that cannot possibly be binged. What you want now is something you can really dig into And that has some depth and substance.

    Let me give you some shows that offer a bit more. Some you may have seen but I’ll list them anyway. These are the greatest shows of the last ten years.

    Shtisel (Israel)
    Fauda (Israel)
    Fleabag (UK)
    Marvelous Mrs Maisel
    The Last Kingdom
    House of Cards
    Game of Thrones
    Das Boot (German, on Hulu)
    Better Call Saul
    Jack Ryan
    Curb Your Enthusiasm
    Downtown Abbey
    Capital (UK)
    Catastrophe (UK)
    The Night Manager (UK)

    I hope that helps.

  53. OMG the Cameo from Angela is unreal. I’m also a huge 90 Day fan, currently LOVING Big Ed on the new season. I hope you’ve watched 90 Day the Other Way too because that was a fantastic season.

    I think you should check out Million Dollar Listing LA. I started watching it on Delta and am 100p hooked. Pre-COVID, I took a connecting Delta itinerary just to make my status challenge (instead of a nonstop on United) and justified the extra two hours of travel because I knew I could watch Million Dollar Listing.

  54. Mad Men
    Breaking Bad
    The Americans
    The Morning Show
    For Life
    Stranger Things
    Better Call Saul
    Chef’s Table
    Mrs. Maisel
    Big Little Lies

  55. We’re totally addicted to 90 Days and here in the U.K. we know it’s about to end, another Corona Victim.
    Just seen Rico recommended The Trip with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, these series, Spain and in Greece are just fabulous!
    An older series that is brilliant is Gavin and Stacy written in part by James Cordon. It’s really funny and a great escape

  56. I totally get liking “mindless” television – sometimes you need to just decompress. As a frequent traveler, I think you would really enjoy “Border Security: America’s Front Line“ and/or “Border Patrol” (the New Zealand version) both of which are on Netflix — they follow customs & border patrol agents at various airports like JFK, ORD, AKL and it’s oddly fun getting an inside look at what people try to smuggle in, get away with not declaring, etc.

  57. Always wondered the same about Drugs, INC. Do the drug dealers need the green light from the cartel before going on air? Can’t imagine sinaloa being okay with a mid-level drug dealer airing details of their operation without prior approval from the top.

    Maybe drug cartels have a dedicated public relations department

  58. Blacklist
    Designated Survivor
    Big Little Lies
    Food Network (my kids love the shows)
    Money Heist

  59. “I’ve been watching 90 Day Fiancé since long before it was cool”
    >>>>>>> that is THE FUNNIEST thing I could hear all year!

  60. Ozarks for sure….Sundance Channel’s “Little Drummer Girl”….is amazing….
    Sasha Baron Cohen in “The Spy”…..
    Fleabag (anything by Phoebe Waller-Bridge)
    Killing Eve…

  61. STARZ the movie channel has a sign up special of $25 per 6 months and they have quality produced serieses in their lineup. Shows that are great for binge entertainment like Black Sail, Power, and Outlander in addition to latest Hollywood movies such as “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and other entertaining flicks to distract from the current situation.

  62. Cartoon President on Showtime! In these trying times the humor of what a sh*t show the last ~3 years have been like is well worth the watch. Characters and voices to die for.

  63. @HereHare YES to your suggestions! Ive been begging Ben to giveaway some unopen amenity kits to us loyal readers, yet he ignores me everytime. He must have a billion of them! and PJs! and whatever else collection he might have, id love to hear more about it

  64. Surprised you havent seen Border Security on Netflix! Behind the scenes of customs/agents at different airports around the world and seeing what people try to smuggle is so crazy to see.

    Based on your taste, I can HIGHLY recommend:

    1)UnReal- It’s a tv show that shows the behind the scenes of what it takes to produce a successful bachelor-style reality show, while each main character struggles with their own personal drama and LOTS of drama between them, twists and scandals and etc, but its not a documentary, its a scripted show with characters and all and its SOOOOOOO crazy and FUN and INSANE I totally recommend at least watching the trailer for it, I GUARANTEE YOU WILL LOVE THIS SHOW

    2) Elite- wealthy attractive spanish teens involved in a high school murder who-dunnit story

    3) Gossip Girl if you havent seen it, surprisingly a really good show

    4) Simple Life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Its SOOOO funny. Rich girls take regular jobs at the most random places and all hell breaks loose. its so funny. SUCH a classic.

    Not based on your taste, but fantastic shows:

    1) Dark-german time travel and mysterious thriller show, SO DAMN GOOD

    2) La Casa de Papel- (Money Heist in English) its one of those EDGE OF MY SEAT CANT STOP WATCHING type of heist tv shows

    3) Bodyguard- one season, easy afternoon binge session, super dope intense and again, edge of my seat type show

    4) Killing Eve- starts off like another cool good guy hunts bad guy type of thing then it becomes wild and fun

  65. Definitely Tiger King…you know that when Jeff gets that new zoo opened, we are all heading to Oklahoma!

  66. First I’m going to add my vote for The Good Place. And in the same sense of positivity and belonging, suggest Russian Doll and Sense8, both available on Netflix.

    Now, I’m going to scrub that awful list of yours from my mind and try to consider you the way I did before I read this post.

  67. Since you like reality TV I think you would love The Challenge on MTV. The new season starts on Wednesday so it is a good time to start watching.

  68. The sad part of this post’s reply section is people actually have time to binge watch these shows. Just combining the recommendations will get you months of nonstop TV. The economic impact is much bigger than what the people thinks right now. Never in my life do I see a huge collective of people being able to spend time on TV for this extended period of time.

  69. Zoey’s extraordinary playlist
    The Stranger- Netflix
    Below Deck – all of them
    Avenue 5 -HBO
    The Durrell’s in Corfu – anything PBS.
    Berlin Station

  70. Just watched the last 40 episodes of The Ranch with Ashton Kutcher on Netflix,, killing eve ,, !,, and hat happened to Chantel and Pedro.?. No follow up? 90 day Fiancé is a trip
    Frankie and Grace too

  71. A must see is “The Last Ship”
    You will be amazied at how it is parallel to today’s pandemic (my brother worked on the show)

  72. so which shows did you choose to watch based on the recs??

    also, when will happy hour return?

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