The Westin Charlotte Is “Happy”

Back in 2011 I started following the Westin Charlotte on Facebook because they were offering 1,000 Starpoints for any user that posted a picture on their wall and got 50 “likes.” Clearly they forgot how the internet works and how crafty some people are, so they ended up trying to backpedal.

Anyway, I still follow them on Facebook, and today they posted this video to Pharrell’s song “Happy” (which I happen to think is really overrated, but…):

I mean, I couldn’t not share that. And the guy at 51 seconds definitely takes home all the prizes…

I’d say the Brussels Airport video and Munich Airport video still win, but this is pretty awesome (or cheesy? or…?).

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  1. Fun video. As a native Charlottean I have seen how the city has transformed from a sleepy midsized southern town to a regional metropolis. On a personal note, across the street from where that hotel is located used to be a car dealership where I was employed for my first job at 16.

    Mandatory flight content, I am actually at the Charlotte airport now waiting for the daily Lufthansa A340 flight from Munich to arrive. Picking up a client who is visiting the city for the weekend. There are over 200 German businesses in the city so there are many flights to Germany including four Lufthansa direct flights plus a slew of codeshares. Even more mandatory content, since US Airways dominated Charlotte from the days of Piedmont Airlines, there was much local concern as to the effect of the merger and US leaving Star Alliance and losing the LH codeshare. LH has committed to their flights given the demand. AA is weak in the southeast (hence why the merger with US was good) since they pulled out of RDH 10 years ago. Most of my flying is with US obviously and am happy that their mileage chart is remaining intact.

  2. I love this song. I was dogsitting last weekend and I kept singing it to the dog. “’cause you’re a puppyyyyyyyyy…”

  3. The only part of my stays at this property which was memorable was that they poured jelly all over the cheeses at breakfast.

  4. Makes me want to stay out of Charlotte and never fly Southwest……God what ugly shorts on legs not meant to be seen…… the Munich video done with much more class…….

  5. I can’t with this. The scene at 1:32 looks like it was filmed in the community room of a home for the bewildered.

    And really? Jumping all over the beds in guest rooms with their shoes on?

    And the repeated lyric ‘Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof’ makes it seem as if they’re setting up guests expectations for their stay in the ‘unfinished’ wing of the hotel.

  6. It’s actually kind of nice to know that the people that work at this hotel are a lot like those at any other office/workplace. Yes, it’s kind of a cheesy video, but at least they seem more happy than not. Bet they never thought so many people would watch the video.

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