W Taipei — first W I *love*?

It’s no secret that I’m not generally a fan of W hotels. I find they have about as much substance as Miss Utah, where you’re basically paying a huge premium for a room with “hip” Ikea furniture.

At the moment I’m staying at the W Taipei, and I have to say that this is the first W I’ve stayed at that I actually love. The design is awesome, given that it’s not the generic W design, but has a bit of local flair (compared to the W Bali, which could be in Hawaii, the Caribbean, or Spain). Yes, the whole hotel feels a bit Chuck E. Cheese meets Grand Theft Auto meets Video Killed the Radio Star (please don’t ask me to explain that statement), but that’s to be expected at a W.

I have a gorgeous “Marvelous Suite” (I know I ranted about the way rooms are named in a post yesterday, so don’t even get me started on W’s room naming), which I used a suite night award to confirm. The room is pretty darn stunning, in my opinion, and huge at over a thousand square feet.

But that’s not what I love about the hotel — it’s the service that sets this place apart. Every employee I’ve come in contact with has been over the top friendly, and they’re even generous to elite members given that they offer both Platinum and Gold members a free happy hour every evening from 5PM to 7PM. So that makes this the first W I’ve stayed at that actually goes above and beyond in terms of elite recognition.

Anyway, here are just a few pictures until I get around to writing the trip report:







Kudos to the W Taipei! Though in fairness the Le Meridien down the street is probably the nicest Le Meridien I’ve stayed at as well…

(In the interest of full disclosure I’m writing this post under the influence of a complimentary Platinum happy hour cocktail or four, so I reserve the right to change my mind tomorrow)

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  1. In general I think service in Taiwan is superb. That was certainly the case everywhere I stayed.

  2. So, after the last post, door or no door between bedroom sitting area at the W Marvelous Suite?

  3. We should have a Taipei DO as I’m also in TPE till 7/15 (I’m YYZ-based usually).
    Hope you’re enjoying the awesome Taiwan hospitality, and the unfortunate HOT/HUMID weather

  4. Lucky, I’m in Tpe too right now. Those pictures were taken before the rain right? I have to agree, this is one of the best W. Have a great rest of the trip here. Hope you will try the new renovated rooms in GH while here.

  5. @ Stimpy — Sadly haven’t visited the Sheraton. Based on what I’ve read both the Sheraton and Westin are pretty good here as well, though Le Meridien and W are a bit better.

  6. @ dmodemd — Right, but that’s a basic reality of the hotel industry, whether it makes sense or not. Low end hotels typically have free wifi, breakfast, and parking, while higher end hotels charge. I don’t like it, but that’s the way it is, and when one of those is free at a nicer hotel I’m a happy camper.

  7. Have the same feeling regarding W. Seem to be filled with pseudo-hipsters. Give me a Park Hyatt any day.

  8. Hands down the best urban W in the world. The service, the size of the rooms and the location can’t be beat. The restaurant and bars are excellent. My last stay featured a King room that looked right out onto Taipai 101, which was fabulous. When picked up at the airport, I was chauffeured away in a brand new Porsche Cayanne and returned in a BMW 7 Series. Service and attention to detail is excellent.

  9. try the “beef noodles soup” pair with “Mojito” in woobar. odd but amazingly good!

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