Virgin Atlantic To Celebrate NYC Pride With Gayest Flight Ever

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We’ve come a long way globally when it comes to LGBT rights (though there’s still a long way to go), and it’s great to see so many mainstream companies embracing this the past few years, rather than shying away from something controversial.

Nowadays we see many airlines participate in pride parades around the world, though Virgin Atlantic is taking it to the next level in 2019.

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of New York City’s Stonewall Uprising. As a result, next year’s pride celebration in New York City is expected to be one of the biggest LGBTQ events in history, with more than three million visitors.

So to make it more fun for those in the UK to visit New York, Virgin Atlantic will have the UK’s first ever pride flight on June 28, 2019. Specifically, Virgin Atlantic’s service from London Heathrow to Newark on June 28, 2019, will have this title.

The flight will be operated by an A330-300, departing London at 4:05PM and arriving in Newark at 7:20PM.

So, what will make this flight special? The entire crew will be LGBT, and the flight will be “hosted” by Tituss Burgess, star of the show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The flight will apparently be packed full of “special guests and live performances.” Entertainment will include an on-board DJ, drag queen bingo, a Judy Garland singalong, and inter-seat speed dating.

Stereotypical much? šŸ˜‰

In order to book this flight you can contact Virgin Atlantic atĀ 0344 209 7777, or if you want to book a package holiday you can call Virgin Holidays at 0344 557 3859.

Economy Light fares for the flight start at Ā£380 with a flexible return date, and some of the proceeds will go toĀ The Attitude Magazine Foundation to advance community pride initiatives in the UK. They haven’t published how much Upper Class fares will be, though since the flight is a charter, I imagine those can be booked as well. I’m sure the Upper Class bar on this flight will be quite interesting.

So, who would be up for a flight like this?

  1. Straight here ! But for sure, me, my wife and my friends would love and have fun on this flight ! Yep, i accept Ray opinion … Huckabee would be a nice DJ ( if not available bring Kerri Chanler ) !

  2. I think we need a side-by-side comparison of Virgin Atlantic’s Pride Flight and Qantas’ Mardi Gras flight. But we should expand the comparison categories to Best Camp Drag Queen Aboard, Most Realistic Impersonator (Chad Michaels, anyone?) Providing IFE, Best Passenger Scruff/Grindr Profile, etc.

  3. Good on Delta UK. ( aka Virgin Atlantic )
    Although it looks like fun, not all gay people are camp drag queens who enjoy disco , Judy Garland and Bette Davies

  4. What a great idea! They should have a ā€œStaightest flight everā€ too. Requiring flights to be crewed by specific sexual preferences is so progressive and fun!!!

  5. Agree with Icarus. I am gay and am tired of the insistence that every gay event include at least one drag show. If you’re into that, fine. But a lot of us really really aren’t. Same goes for the pop dance music.

  6. @David S

    “They should have a ā€œStaightest flight everā€ too”

    So basically, every other flight but this one?

    @Call me Butch


  7. Is there any way we can get James on this flight for a review? The other travel blogs (mostly breeders) arenā€™t even mentioning this. It would be great to have a OMAAT exclusive for once.

  8. OMG this flight sounds very very very G A Y!!!! I’ll pass. Its like Hello Kitty throwing up all over EVA Air and other Asian carriers, or people proposing on flights, baaaarf! Muricans!. The Chinese now know its a big no. šŸ˜‰

    Anyway, as someone that dislikes Pride events, I’ve been to 2 or 3, all awful, Im sure this flight will be packed with hot guys wearing just underwear. Hmmm, maybe I’ll book a seat haha ;-). No. I like peace and quiet on a plane and like many have mention. Not all of us like the whole drag queen, campy, July Garland (is it still the 1960s?) ughhh just awful.

    Yeah its a solid no!

    btw – Look around any gay neighbourhood. More gays identify as themselves “human” than any dumb/A.I. stereotypes.

    The Artificial Intelligence entity is directing society in ways people couldn’t imagine. Yes, I said it.

  9. @David S hahahahahaha the irony– can you imagine?

    Also, super cool that y’all aren’t into drag. Should I be mad when I go to a mainly straight gathering and football is on TV and beers are being handed out? Always gotta be offended by something, don’t we?

  10. No problem with this, just not my cup of tea. But bearing in mind that: “diversity is our strength”, please post when VA has a flight in honor of “Heterosexual Pride Week”. We straights have a right to be proud too… ;}

  11. @Aaron not exactly! Every other flight but this one allows crew members no matter their sexual orientation. This flight specifically discriminates to only include LGBT! Thatā€™s a great idea, and we should follow their advances in discrimination and have a straightest flight ever!

  12. So over butthurt heterosexuals bleating about “Heterosexual Pride”.

    EVERY week in human history has been Heterosexual Pride week – just look at the sheer amount of people being killed, particularly outside of the West but also in the West for being LGBT. Visible shows of LGBT culture like this are still crucially important for solidarity and such. When scores of heterosexual men are killed JUST FOR BEING heterosexual sure we can have a Heterosexual Pride Week.

    GTFO over it.

  13. 99% sure that @David S and @Robert Hanson are just trying to ruffle feathers, but this quote says it all: “Gay pride was not born of a need to celebrate being gay, but our right to exist without persecution. So instead of wondering why there isn’t a straight pride movement, be thankful you don’t need one”.

    Straight people are not marginalized, so get off your high horse and be excited for corporate initiatives that increase visibility of marginalized groups.

  14. I think it would be funny if it weren’t a charter flight and people just booked it by accident on VA’s website while looking for a flight from London to NYC. And showed up to the flight without any clue what they were in for.

  15. Qantas have done a similar thing when they and are painted planes in LGBT livery and handed out LGBT pyjamas so well done Virgin Atlantic!

  16. @David S

    What an asinine thing to say. This is a one-time flight meant to highlight and celebrate Pride Week. You seem like of those homophobic people who whine about why there is never a Straight Pride week.

    @archer528 @Jaime

    Definitely agree with that you guys said.

  17. It is fun to stereotype. Wonder what the Blackest Flight Ever would have?Or the most Jewish Flight (probably JFK to MIA)? Thinkg is stuff like this gives cover to racism.

  18. Barf. This flight objectifies and stereotypes LGBTQ people in the worst way imaginable. Literally NONE of my friends who identify as LGBTQ would find this amusing in the least. The two I have showed this to are actually a bit offended. It implies that all people who identify as LGBTQ are into this kind of thing. It just comes off as way too cheesy and literally does nothing to advance the acceptance and inclusion of the LGBTQ community. It seems more like a comedy show.

    It does, however, reinforce the negative stereotypes that Ma and Pa Kettle down in Alabama have about the community. I can hear them now (banjos in the background): “See, I dun told yer that them queers ain’t right in the head. Men gotta dress up like womenfolk and prance around the plane. Ain’t a one of ’em natural, I tell ya! God’s gonna make that there plane crash in a ball of brimstone and hellfire.”

  19. @Jesse

    Maybe you need to have more than 2 gay friends? While it’s true there are many gay people who don’t care for the campier side of gay life, there are just as many who do.

    Also, seems like the the issue is with the “Ma and Pa Kents down in Alabama”, because there is really nothing wrong with anything that is happening on that place.


    Gay isn’t a race…

  20. “There are no homosexuals. There are homosexual acts, which are perfectly natural. If they weren’t, it wouldn’t be possible to perform them.”
    – Gore Vidal

    (let them have their party and wish them well. people who are laughing aren’t crying, or fighting.
    save the world with laughter and merriment. mean people suck)

  21. I understand people saying that this flight is full of stereotypes. But come on!
    We all know that LGBT have different interests. As anyone have. We’re not all the same.
    But if you’re going to entitle your flight as the gayest ever, you need to do this kind of stuff.
    It’s different, probably will be very fun for those who take it.
    Also, 270 seats for a special flight like this may be not enough

  22. Haven’t straights had rights since day one? So cut us some slack while we try and catch up…

    Also, straightest flight ever.. Which one of the flights that departed and arrived today would you like to pick. Grass may look greener over our side of the fence, but do your know a straight person that in the last 24 months has:
    Been sacked from their job
    Had a mental breakdown
    Got thrown out of their home
    Got beaten up and
    Forced to sleep with a women to try and convert them….
    So perhaps forgive “us gays” for making our point and allow us a simple flight to celebrate who we All are… No matter how we are created.

  23. @Aaron I don’t choose my friends based on sexual orientation. And I have more than 2 gay friends. However, I showed it to only two of them that I happened to meet today. Plus, you make it sound like it’s a crime if one only has two gay friends. What I’m saying is that this will do more to alienate people who already have a dim view of the LGBTQ community, as it is kind of “in your face” and perpetuates the stereotype that all people in the community are into this.

    Being born and raised in Alabama (I don’t live there now), I very well know the attitudes of the majority of people there. Most don’t hate gay people, per se, but rather the in-your-face nature of the Pride movement. I’m not saying that the Pride movement is in-your-face in a negative sense, but rather that is how it is perceived by most people in Alabama. Basically, most don’t really care if you are gay, as long as you don’t shove it down their throat. And many feel that things like this amounts to shoving it down their throat. I’m not saying that they are right, but that is how they generally feel.

    I personally don’t care if someone is gay, nor if they decide to express it openly. Pride events don’t offend me, and I have attended more than one. I’m not going to get actively involved, but I do support the idea of awareness. To sum up, Pride events that raise awareness of a marginalized group and the issues that they face is 110% legitimate, but perpetuating the worst stereotypes of the community will do more damage than good, in my humble opinion.

  24. @Jesse are you sure you mean “worst” stereotypes? “Damage”? You and I are likely similar, in not being great enthusiasts for dancing, drag shows, etc. But my 5 decades out of the closet have taught me that drag, crossdressing, leather are integral parts of our Proud heritage, partly *because* they make some people cringe. The “ew” reaction is The Point. “We’re just like you, so be nice to us” is NOT the truth, so it will NOT set us free.

    Queer is different and that’s Okay. Difference is good.

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