Crew To Passenger: “Would You Jeopardize Your Holiday For A B***job?”

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Well, I can’t say I’ve ever heard a flight attendant ask a passenger head-on whether they’d “jeopardize [their] holiday for a b*** job?”

The Sun has the story of the incident that unfolded on Tuesday’s Virgin Atlantic flight from London Gatwick to Cancun, which was operated by a 747. Passengers watched as two flyers who apparently didn’t know one another started talking and then kissing, and then going to the bathroom about halfway through the flight.

Other passengers alerted the crew, and moments later three flight attendants were knocking at the door. When they opened the door they apparently found the man standing with his pants down and the woman sitting on the seat.

As the two emerge, the flight attendant asks (quite epically) “would you jeopardize your holiday for a b*** job?” That wasn’t even the end of the situation. The woman then got in a big fight with the passenger she was traveling with, and may have even thrown drinks around the cabin.

Police met the flight upon arrival in Cancun, and Virgin Atlantic has said that they’ve banned the woman from future flights with them.

Here’s what one onlooker had to say:

“She turned up on the plane totally sloshed at 12.30pm.

“She was very friendly and approached me and my pal for a chat.

“The woman then struck up a bond with a guy who was traveling on his own and sat across the aisle from her. They were kissing.

“They were both in their late 20s, but were total strangers before getting on the plane.

“Minutes later she disappeared into the toilet, and he followed her in.

“It was so obvious. Everyone knew what was happening because she had been so loud and rowdy.”

Here’s the video:

The poor crew. Is this what leisure flights out of London Gatwick are like?

  1. at least they were doing it in the lav…which means they must be two tiny people.

    if she was that drunk why did they allow her to fly in the first place?

  2. “Is this what leisure flights out of London Gatwick are like?”

    Pretty much! It’s not a pretty sight in departures on a Saturday morning when the LCC’s are flying everybody out for their fortnight in the sun… The Red Lion and Flying Horse do a roaring trade from 3am onwards though!

    Virgin used to stop serving drinks on certain routes on the outbound legs so that they’d have enough for the return.

  3. Heh am I the only one who thinks this isn’t a big deal? Obviously she shouldn’t have been throwing drinks, but is that and trying to have sex in the bathroom really cause for calling the police? If they were making a scene and disturbing other passengers, I agree with the crew’s decision to tell them to stop. But they did stop when they were told to.

    My feeling is, if two people go off into the bathroom together halfway through the flight (when the bathrooms presumably aren’t busy), that seems preferable if the alternative is them getting handsy at their seat in view of everyone else.

    Keep in mind, they were all headed to Cancun, which is klassy with a K. Maybe some concept of implied consent is in play here? If you choose Cancun for your vacation, you’re necessarily expecting to see a lot of drunken shenanigans so how can you complain if the shenanigans begin on the plane before you’ve technically arrived?

  4. Are you really not able to write “blowjob”?? We’re all adults and can handle the word being written out.

  5. How utterly pathetic of Virgin to call in the cops over something so totally trivial. Who cares if they want to do this, so long as they clean up THOROUGHLY after the event. If not for the voyeur FA no one would have known what was happening.
    Rather in the loo than in their seats ( and in the faces of other pax)

  6. Lucky I have to say I find these posts of tittle tattle, “something vaguely scandalous” happened on a plane, quite a turn off – I love the blog and check in every day but there seems to have been an uptick in this type of filler content over the past few weeks which is not a positive development to my mind. Just my two cents!

  7. So was she escorted off the plane by police for giving a blow job in the lav, or throwing drinks? If the latter, fine. If the former – well, that seems like discrimination against people who like to give blow jobs.

  8. @Erik — Good point! I never thought of lucky as prudish, but his reaction to this story is, well, a little prudish.

    @Paolo — Agree though it does sound like they had made a bit of a scene at their seat before decamping to the loo, so it’s not quite true that no one would have known. But, on the other hand, police intervention is not really warranted. It’s particularly weird to call the cops in Mexico, where the police are struggling with widespread corruption and drug violence engulfing the country. The police sort of have more pressing matters to deal with there.

  9. @JJ, no, you’re not the only one. I read this article and totally didn’t even get it. I don’t get why the other passengers felt compelled to notify the flight attendants, I don’t get why the flight attendants felt compelled to barge in (or why, if they knocked first, he wouldn’t have had time to pull up his pants), why the expression of shocked indignation from the FA, why the police, why the ban on the passenger. I don’t get anything about it.

  10. 1. Virgin Atlantic has used sex in its advertising for years. This shouldn’t be a surprise.
    2. As someone else said, this isn’t the Heathrow-JFK route. Gatwick vacation flights are notorious because they attract a certain type of clientele — the Brits have a word for these types: Yobs. Look it up. Basically, low-class bums. I’m surprised Virgin can find enough people willing to pay business-class on Gatwick flights.
    3. I’ve heard the flights to/from Las Vegas are just as rowdy.
    4. This is lewd and lascivious behavior, though calling the Mexican police is somewhat ironic because in Cancun you could get away with sex-in-public at least if you bribe the cop. $50 to the Mexican cop and they’re on their way to the hotel in Cancun. Hopefully, Virgin refunded their money for the return flight since they’ve been banned.

  11. 1) I think the b***job spelling is just quoting the article.

    2) Good for them.

    3) Not good to get rowdy.

    4) Flying drunk is no bueno.

    5) Two people in a lav is one too many, according to flight rules.

    6) Much like teenagers in a car, they should have stopped at just kissing and waited for another time. Half the fun is *not* being able to go further.

  12. I don’t get it. Why anyone is compelled to notify the flight attendant? Is getting and giving blowjob on a plane illegal? Maybe the FA wanted to blow the dude but the drunk lady beat her to it?

  13. From the sounds of it the Police were called because of the fight with the seatmate to the bathroom stuff

  14. So wait, this girl was with her boyfriend, and she went into the lav with a stranger to give him a blowjob? Damn what a wh0re!

  15. Yes its normal for Gatwick and Manchester as well….nowadays these pigs (usually wearing a sleeveless vest and a baseball cap) buy a ticket to one of the airport ‘lounges’ where they pay to get in and disturb everyone else in there while they get pissed for free and then get on the flight drunk. The issue is why do these airlines let these creatures on board drunk so they can drive their fellow travellers crazy in a tin can for 10 hours? The flight attendants feed them more booze on board and that can develop into a dangerous situation with violence and sexual assaults. These animals should be banned from all flights and have their passports rescinded…they don’t need to go to go to Cancun all they need is to have someone throw some boxes of beer, some whisky and a sunlamp into their sties and they wouldn’t even notice the difference.
    If I was a flight with these drunken morons I would be asking the airline for compensation because as far as I am aware it is illegal to fly intoxicated or to allow or abet anyone in that behaviour. Come to think of it here is an new opportunity for Michael O’Leary. Get rid of all the seats put straw on the floor and herd them in then just hose the plane out at the end of the day….it could be a real winner!!

  16. So just trying to understand here, do terms and conditions of carriage when you buy a ticket prohibit having sex in an airplane lavatory?
    Why don’t they just put up a sign that says “No Smoking, Blowjobs, handjobs or sex in lavatories” and announce during the safety briefing
    “Tampering and disabling the go pro in the the lavatory is a federal offense. If caught you will be prematurely ejected”


  17. Why did passengers have to notify the crew. I guess there were a lot of uptight bored nosy individuals travelling. Certainly no safety threat. And totally ridiculous for the police to be called. Another overreach by the employees of a major airline.

  18. JJ said
    “If you choose Cancun for your vacation, you’re necessarily expecting to see a lot of drunken shenanigans so how can you complain if the shenanigans begin on the plane before you’ve technically arrived?“

    Many people flying to Cancun are not going to Cancun
    A huge number are going to the Riviera Maya (like Playa) which is far more upscale

    Regardless: I think people should act respectfully in cramped public places.

  19. I HATE people who do the mile high club. They take up the bathroom for 10-20 minutes

    Been on a plane recently? There are often 2-3 bathrooms for hundreds of people.
    Knocking one out causes lines out the wazoo

    Do I think it’s police worthy? No

    But I’d be pissed if I was on that plane

  20. The woman is banned, but the man isn’t? Unless she’s banned for the argument afterwards, that doesn’t seem particularly fair

  21. @Rob: In the US if a man and a woman both get drunk then in many states (legally speaking) the man is responsible for the actions of both parties. Her intoxication absolves responsibility while his intoxication affords no meaningful protection.

  22. @Dax

    #1) That is incorrect. You are mixing up college campus rules / disciplinary committees (especially under the Obama era) with US / US state legal code. Even if a state tried to implement something like that, it would be illegal under the US Constitution as you can’t have laws for one sex (or race) and not the other (and it would have to be very strictly defined like DUI levels are).

    #2) That is an incredibly sexist thing to believe at any rate. It basically states that men are so superior to women that only men can have agency after drinking and that women have no agency.

  23. Perfect example of what goes to Cancun. The post would have been more worthwhile if it had been a Saudia flight to Ryiad.

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