Virgin America’s “Twin Tested” advertising campaign

Virgin America has a pretty interesting new ad campaign whereby they have two twins fly the same route separately, one on Virgin America and one on the competition. Check out the videos below:

Katie and Chrise:

Larry and Gary:

Audrey and Maggie:

On one hand it’s a “cute” concept since Virgin America does offer a unique product that differentiates them from the competition, though the things they focus on are a bit deceiving, in my opinion. Complaining about the temperature on other airlines and that the movie “broke?” Talking about how great the “meals” are on Virgin America and that you can order anything you want off the menu without mentioning there’s a cost? Just seems they could have put more focus on the things that set Virgin America apart as opposed to ripping the competition, given that this seems pretty scripted to me.

Anyway, cute concept and I certainly had a few laughs (not sure if it was with the actors or at the actors, though).

What do y’all think?

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  1. @Gene, this is Virgin America (VX), not Virgin Atlantic (VS). VS is a London-based airline that does mostly long-haul routes with widebody jets. VX is an American airline, based mostly in SFO and LAX, that flies A320s domestically. For a domestic airline, their hard product is rather good.

  2. VX does have a solid hard product but the legacies have the elite program. VX’s ff
    program is awful. Plus who knows if there still around long term.

  3. The “competition” appears to be a TWA DC-3; I wasn’t aware that you could still fly that, or that DFW–SFO was within the range…

    I only flew Virgin America once, in coach, LAX–FLL. I ordered a sandwich onscreen before we even took off, which was fortunate since they later ran out. The aircraft looks nice but I found the seats quite cramped — definitely not “first class experience in coach”.

  4. @AK. Sorry, I guess I would have realized these were about VX if I could see the videos. They do not show up on my screen. VX is OK, although it is not my style (I prefer my free upgrades!).

    I still don’t like VS’s overrated ghetto business class…

  5. @Gene, Yeah I didn’t see the videos on the page but saw them somewhere else. Frankly, I think VX is great for the occasional flyer, but even with the lowest tier elite status on Delta, I get a lot of the stuff VX offers for free. On my last 2 LAX-JFK flights, I got either upgraded to BusinessElite or placed in the exit row for free (both cost $ on VX). The IFE on Delta is top-notch for a domestic airline and comes with free satellite TV, and the flight attendants are pretty friendly. I don’t ever see a reason to fly VX unless I lose my elite status (which won’t happen until 2013 at the earliest).

  6. Fabulous ad with today’s world of reality television. The video that featured Chrise and Katie was particularly effective with some of the one liners the the girls reeled off distinguishing Virgin America from other airlines. These two young ladies possess some real potential in the television advertising world. This ad has great potential for a Virgin television ad campaign with some additional editing for a thirty second market saturation spot. Extremely cutting edge thinking by Virgin America for reaching it’s target market. A+!

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