Virgin America Loft LAX Now Priority Pass Lounge

Back in December I reviewed the Virgin America Loft at LAX, which I purchased a $40 day pass to visit. On the whole I was a bit disappointed. For one, the lounge furniture and design felt really cheap, and could’ve been an IKEA showroom. Beyond that, they also devalued their food offerings, going from substantial appetizers to average domestic US airline lounge rabbit food. Unless I had a really long layover I can’t imagine paying $40 to access the lounge again.

But as it stands, that’s the only way to access the lounge short of being a “full fare” first class passenger on one of their “longhaul” routes to the east coast, or having elite status with them (Virgin America Elevate Silver members get two free day passes annually, while Virgin America Elevate Gold members get three free day passes anually).


The good news is that this lounge now seems to be part of the Priority Pass and Lounge Club networks. Per Virgin America’s website:

Priority Pass or Lounge Club cardholders may access the Loft by presenting their valid membership card. Cardholders may be accompanied by immediate family members or up to two business associates.

The Priority Pass website has also been updated to note the addition of The Loft:


So indirectly this is a nice new perk of the The Platinum Card® from American Express, which comes with Priority Pass membership. It certainly doesn’t begin to make up for the loss of Admirals Club and US Airways Club access and no longer being able to take guests into Delta SkyClubs, though.

This lounge being added to Priority Pass is hardly surprising. Virgin Australia used to use The Loft for their premium passengers, so my guess is that they provided a lot of the funding for the lounge. Then Virgin Australia stopped using the lounge, so my guess is that’s why they cut back on the food selection, since the lounge wasn’t bringing in much money.

Keep in mind that if you have a Priority Pass membership you don’t have to be flying Virgin America to use the lounge, but rather just have to have access to the airside of the terminal. Several other airlines also fly out of terminal three, including Allegiant, Frontier, JetBlue, and Spirit. So you should be able to use the lounge even if flying those airlines.

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  1. so what is the best lounge you can access with LoungeClub at LAX? do other lounges there require you fly their airline?
    thank you.

  2. @ Lantean — You don’t have to be flying the airline, though you must have access to the specific terminal, and not all terminals at LAX are connected. There aren’t any great lounges you can access with Priority Pass/Lounge Club, though the best is probably the Korean Air Lounge at TBIT.

  3. @ Lantean, Re: Korean Air Lounge at TBIT
    PLEASE NOTE: Effective 20JAN14 the Lounge will temporarily close for relocation until further notice. Please refer to the website for further updates.

  4. @Lucky & David

    OK, thank you, i’ll be flying Virgin America so I guess I’ll stick to their lounge as mediocre as it may be.

  5. Those of us in DC are still out in the cold as of March…

    No lounge at DCA (as opposed to the US clubs which were in both B and C piers and which we could use if flying any airline) and only the BA lounge via Priority Pass in the B terminal at IAD–and then only until mid-day when BA actually needs it.

    I’m surprised given how many Plat card holders I’m sure are in the DC area. Hopefully we’re next for a Centurion lounge…

  6. But the Priority Pass through Amex Platinum is a Priority Pass Select and I do not believe this level of PP includes free guest privileges. Guests are typically $27/each.

    Is this the same for this club or does this one offer free guests for PPSelect with Amex Platinum?

  7. Any chance AMEX will work through Priority Pass to add domestic lounges to the its members in the wake of AA/US/DL access going away or severely curtailed?

  8. @ Chris — There are some restrictions in place that make that challenging. For example, you can access many United Clubs if you have a “full” Priority Pass membership, but not if you have a Priority Pass Select membership. This is specifically in place to prevent AmEx Plat cardmembers from accessing those lounges.

  9. @Lucky–Yeah, I figured that, but was curious if they could pioneer a play where they cobble together a group of foreign carrier lounges (i.e. BA lounge at IAD; VS lounge at EWR, etc) to effectively replace the exiting network.

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