EPIC: VietJet’s New “Fly For Love” Video

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I have no clue how it’s possible that this was released over two weeks ago, but just entered my life now.

VietJet is a Vietnamese low cost carrier that is perhaps best known globally for their annual flight attendant bikini calendar. Personally I’m not a fan of objectifying flight attendants in that way, but I know others disagree. The airline also has an interesting CEO, who I believe is the first female billionaire in Southeast Asia.

Anyway, I never post about the bikini calendars, but VietJet has just released a new video which is actually sort of amazing. The video was released on January 1, and is called “Fly For Love.”

Here’s the video:

When I first saw this video I was like…

“I can’t believe one day I can go to Tokyo, look good in kimono, try the yummy bento.”

Like, really?

But then I got into it. Like, really into it. I think this may just be one of the catchiest airline ads ever. I can’t get it out of my head. “Flying for love, flying, flying for love, around, around the world we are flying for love.”

I’m not sure it quite beats the catchiness of Turkish Airlines’ former hold music, but I’d say it’s a close second.

Dear Qatar Airways: now this is how a brand film is done. 😉

What do you make of VietJet’s “Fly For Love” video — awesome, awful, or both?

  1. “Come to Itaewon, try the soju with the popcorn”

    I guess vodka and popcorn would also work as well

  2. You’re right Lucky. She is the first self-made female billionaire of SE Asia with a net worth of over 1.4 billion USD. She is also the first female billionaire of Vietnam. She is self-made unlike the stupidity that is Forbes that said Kylie Jenner is on the path of becoming the youngest self-made billionaire. Ummm…born into riches and having numerous connections for her business expansion—-not self-made.

  3. “Personally I’m not a fan of objectifying flight attendants ”

    Hmm, is there an airline that doesn’t try and use the attractiveness of its cabin crew to attract custom?

    OK, maybe the US big three 🙂

    “I’m Mandy; fly me”?

  4. Now this tune is going to be stuck in my head for days, THANKS Lucky…

    Being Asian, I get excited whenever ads mention boba milk tea though. Love the accurate cultural references.

  5. Awesome video! My son was in Vietnam with a friend a couple of years ago and he flew this airline and loved it. It was cool for him because he had no idea what it was before he got on and then was pleasantly surprised by a bunch of beautiful and friendly flight attendants. He told me it was way better than flying United.

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