Airline Flight Simulator – 5

Video: When Pilots Work From Home

A couple of days ago I shared the hilarious video of what it's like when flight attendants work from home, which made me laugh out loud at several points. While perhaps a bit lower budget and more amateur, there's also a hilarious pilot version of this,…

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Wamos 747

Cool: Wamos Air 747 Pushed Back Manually

While overall demand for air travel is low at the moment, we are seeing a number of rescue and repatriation flights to pick up stranded travelers, as well as a bunch of extra cargo flights to get supplies around. Wamos Air is a Spanish charter airline…

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Klm 787

Cute: KLM Crew’s Emotional Song To Passengers

Airline employees face complete uncertainty about their careers at this point, and at the moment we're seeing many airline employees operate their last flights for the time being, as companies are starting to furlough staff. A Twitter user shares an…

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Qatar Airways 777

Qatar Airways CEO Makes Controversial Coronavirus Comments

Qatar Airways' CEO, Akbar Al Baker, is one of the most controversial people in the airline industry. It has actually been a while since we've heard a controversial soundbite from him... well, he's back! During a recent interview, Al Baker made some controversial…

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Snl Lga

LOL: SNL Tackles LaGuardia Airport Sushi

Saturday Night Live has had their fair share of airline and airport related skits over the years. During last night's episode they had a hilarious skit called "Airport Sushi," which I thought was pretty spot on. While I'm sure the jokes about airport…

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Air New Zealand Safety Video

Air New Zealand’s New Conservation Safety Video

While perhaps not the biggest news from the airline this week, Air New Zealand has today unveiled their latest safety video, called "A Journey To Safety." This will be rolled out on all Air New Zealand flights, both domestic and international, as of…

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Qantas Safety Video

Qantas’ 100th Anniversary Safety Video

Qantas is currently celebrating their 100th anniversary, and to commemorate that they're introducing a new safety video, which will debut on all flights on March 1, 2020. The safety video takes place through different eras of flying, starting in the…

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American Eagle Economy

About That American Airlines Seat Recline Video…

I don't know what's more divisive -- the topic of seat recline, or the 2020 presidential election (or heck, maybe just the 2020 democratic primary?!). There's now yet another viral seat recline video. I wasn't going to write about it, but my gosh, so…

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American Airlines Wifi

American Airlines’ Brilliant(ish) “Wifi Withdrawal” Ad

American Airlines isn't exactly doing many big marketing pushes at the moment, since the company doesn't seem to have a clear message. Rumor has it that American plans to reveal a new slogan soon, though we'll see if that actually happens. One area where…

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Turkish Airlines Super Bowl Ad

Turkish Airlines’ 2020 Super Bowl Ad

The Super Bowl was last night, or as I know it, a Halftime Show with a bunch of usually pretty decent commercials. I didn't think the commercials last night were that great, though there were a few exceptions. For example, I felt bad for all the ads…

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Cathay Pacific A350 Business Class – 6

Did This Jerk Scam His Way Into Business Class?

A popular Instagram user has shared a video of him allegedly scamming his way into a business class seat. As he describes it, this would be "how to fly business class for free." The premise is that the guy was flying Cathay Pacific business class from…

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Ba Magic

Video: British Airways’ 2019 Christmas Surprise

British Airways is known for their "BA Magic" campaign, where they will make travel dreams come true for deserving people. This is something British Airways has consistently done an amazing job with, and this most definitely makes me feel more fondly…

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Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat Reviews The Etihad Residence

Casey Neistat is one of the most popular YouTubers (he has over 11.5 million subscribers, and his videos collectively have more than 2.7 billion views), though YouTube isn't even his full time gig anymore. He's also a bit of an airline geek, though he…

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Westjet 737

Adorable: WestJet’s 2019 Christmas Miracle Video

WestJet does a good job with their viral marketing videos. Most notably, they typically have cool videos every year around Christmas and April Fools' Day. This 2012 April Fools' video about WestJet introducing child free cabins gave me a good laugh,…

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Wizz Air Ad

Wizz Air Shames Business Class Passengers In New Ad

Wizz Air is quite literally shaming business class passengers in a new ad... interesting. Airline industry executives are realizing they have to address climate change. Some are doing so in a level-headed way, like KLM encouraging people to take trains…

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Qr Safety Video

Meh: Qatar Airways’ Humorous New Safety Video

Qatar Airways has recently unveiled their new safety video. As it's described, the video turns the pre-match soccer team-talk into an entertaining safety video that will be shown on board all flights before the end of the year. The six minute video (darn,…

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Snl Airline Pilots

Saturday Night Live’s “Airline Pilots” Skit

Saturday Night Live has airline-themed skits with some frequency, and they had their latest such skit yesterday. On last night's SNL there was a skit called "Airline Pilots," starring Harry Styles and Mikey Day. The nearly five minute skit is about two…

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