Video of “VIP” Airbus 380

Lufthansa Technik has put together a video of what a VIP configured Airbus 380 would look like:

They must have a lot of spare time on their hands, because I can’t imagine they’ll sell many of these.

Very cool nonetheless!

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  1. Can’t see AF1 being built by a non-American company. Although I can see some royal families (particularly in the middle east) getting an A380VIP.

  2. I agree with AK. Royal Families are the only ones I see.. I mean maybe the Thai royalty might’ve thought about it until the Prince’s 737 was impounded in Munich.. But to press on the AF1 point – If Sarkozy and Merkel aren’t flying in A380VIPs, who’s to expect the US President to?

  3. I met a guy on a junket a few years back who worked for LH Technik and he told me stories you wouldn’t believe about the planes they outfit. They have clients for whom money really is no object (think “royal” lounge).

  4. All I see is way too many couches. Who would want to take so many people on their VIP plane?

  5. I am not taking this. they did not make a 18 hole golf course for my time in the air, damn, not even a 9 hole course!

  6. well, they sell (or have sold) A345 VIPs which surprised me a bit. So it’s not a surprise that they would imagine what one of these would look like. I agree Middle Eastern royalty/petro-Sheikhs are who these would be aimed at. I can’t imagine what the operating costs would be!

  7. Well, Middle East royalty, and probably some Russian and Chinese billionaires who want to show off…

  8. There are quite a few A380 VIPs built and under construction. Also many 787s and 747-8s. I don’t recall the exact number off hand but it is surprisingly high!

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