Crazy Footage Of A Plane Missing The Runway On Landing. By A Lot.

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Some insane footage has emerged of an Aeromexico Connect Embraer 145 coming in for landing and missing the runway by a long shot. In the video you can see the plane making several turns on approach, including on short final. The video is shot by a passenger, so you know it’s a crazy landing when the passengers can see the runway next to them during a go around.

Here’s the video:

Ultimately we don’t know what happened here, so I don’t want to judge the circumstances. I’ve experienced several go arounds over the years, including some in situations of low visibility. It’s a strange feeling when you’re doing a go around and realize you were in no way lined up with the runway.

In this case it sure looks like the pilots waited a long time before initiating a go around (you’d think they would have known a bit earlier the approach wasn’t going to work), though perhaps there’s more to the story. Most importantly, fortunately they did initiate a go around (eventually), and landed safely.

Regardless, that footage is so crazy that I can’t not share it.

  1. Looks like they were trying to do a S turn (common to give more time for plane in front to clear) but they started doing the turns way too late that they didn’t give themselves enough time to make a full right turn to line up properly with the runway.

  2. S-turns on final with such low ceiling is not “normal”. Spacing should be sufficient for this.

    Might be a curved RNP-AR approach with a late turn to final, or another offset approach where you turn visually to final when below. Either way that did not look good…

  3. Old school non-precision approaches could leave you quite a distance from the runway threshold at the end of the approach, especially in strong winds. It was still safe and was anticipated in the design of the approach procedure.

    However, the decision to reject the landing and execute a missed approach is supposed to be made much earlier than it was in this video. The pilot is supposed to go missed as soon as a safe landing is not assured using reasonable control inputs. If the pilot were going to stick that landing, it would have taken “heroic” maneuvering.

  4. S turn?? Late turn to final??? Insanity.

    This was about 10 seconds away from being an episode on the 2018 season of Air Disasters.

    Even if performing an instrument landing, you should never be that far off or unstabilized that late in your approach.

  5. Full flaps maintained lift….
    Allowed for the ‘merry go round.’…
    Without loosing lift…

  6. This looks like a circling approach where you descend on an approach to one runway and circle just below the ceiling to the landing runway. It’s old school and can often be difficult. As you can see the pilot has little room for error and a slight miss judgement on the turn to final caused the overshoot.

    The industry is trying to get away from circling approaches as you can see it’s not very effective and safety is an issue. Someone mentioned RNP AR approaches which use very precise GPS flight tracks. These are the type of approaches that are replacing the circling approaches. There would not have been on overshoot of the final using RNP AR as the GPS establishes a very precise and stable glide path and lateral track to the runway.

    It would be interesting to know where this took place.

  7. That video is in MTY. Wind conditions in the city have been very unusual lately. Don’t know when exactly this happened.

  8. Landing in a crossing the pilot flying let it drift a bit too much. Then, for a couple of seconds he/she seemed to attempt to save the landing but ultimately and timely decided to go around. Nothing there folks, it happens more often than you think.

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