Video Of Disgusting British Airways First Class Cabin

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I’m a big fan of The Daily Mail. It’s basically a one-stop-shop for all my non-aviation passions (I’m a pre-teen girl at heart, what can I say?). So naturally, I get excited when they cover something that involves aviation as well!

Yesterday The Daily Mail carried the story of a TV news presenter who flew in first-class from London to St. Lucia, only to find the cabin in a filthy state.

When I first saw the headline I figured it couldn’t really be that bad, and that he was probably just being dramatic.

Nope, he definitely wasn’t being dramatic. Check out the video:


  1. I can believe it. I’ve been on three BA longhaul flights in the past few months in Club and (New) First, and the cabins have been filthy. I was on a 787 out of London in September in Club and there was trash in all the compartments at my seat when I boarded. The partition between seats was covered with greasy fingerprints and spatters. It was just gross. The same is true of the Club World Lounges in T5, with chipped, worn furniture covered in food stains — if you can find a seat. I’m starting to think US Airways bought BA too.

  2. well, BA just like Thai or a few other airlines, should not really be allowed to call it first class… because it’s nowhere near to what other airlines offer in F.

    but even with that in mind, the cabins should be clean.

  3. Yes, bad cultural faux pas here Ben. In England, saying “I’m a big fan of the Daily Mail” is roughly equivalent to saying “my hobby is drowning kittens” or “I like to bitch-slap nuns”.

  4. Am I the only one who is amazed by the fact that a news presenter doesn’t know to turn his/her screen horizontally?

  5. @Lucky… sent! AC B763 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CLASS SEAT notice the broken seat, dirt, grime, oh and the hair on the pillow? Disgusting.

  6. You do know that being a Daily Mail fan goes along with being a homophonic anti-immigration nutter, Ben, don’t you?! Mail Online is I guess not quite so bad as mainly ‘celebrity’ gossip, but still not great!

    Back on topic, BA seem to put some of their worst planes (and often most indifferent crew) on these Caribbean routes, presumably due to lack of competition?

  7. Wow! A big fan of the Daily Mail! I’ve heard of others reluctantly describing themselves as DM ‘readers’ but never a fan or a big fan. I suppose that with a population of 7 billion, there had to be one somewhere!

    In seriousness though, that really is a truly gross video! Unfortunately, what some once (and too many still do) regard as one of the better airlines is lagging so far behind others it is getting stupid. How they dare charge a premium for a substandard product is beyond me.

  8. There is definitely a reality where BA puts their worst planes on vacation routes. I live in Tampa, and any time I fly our BA flight to LGW, it is an ancient 772, whereas if I fly through MIA to LHR (a much more business-oriented flight) it is a much newer, nicer plane. I just flew BOM-LHR in F and LHR-SEA in J an both were fairly nice 773 aircraft with decent interiors. The first flight was the new F and while not up to EK or SQ standards, it was at least as nice as the new F on AA.

  9. I was eaten alive by fleas on a recent trip in Club World from SFO to LHR on the upper deck.

    And as for the Daily Mail, next you are going to tell us that you are a huge fan of Fox News šŸ™‚

  10. Seems to me, it doesn’t matter where the evidence comes from….it’s just a fact: That is nasty.

    Is there even anything you can do if you’re on a full aircraft and this is what you get?

  11. Russel Brand said for any Daily Mail headline you should prepend with “You should be afraid because…..” then add the headline. It works….

  12. I would bet if you flip over the seat cushion on any airlines regardless of the cabin classes, you’ll find the nasty everywhere.

    I come to accept hotels, planes, trains…really, any form of public places/transportation are just filthy period.

    I at the very least always carry around alcohol hand sanitizer in my bag. I always sanitize my hands before I eat, especially before the meals on the plane. All the germs one picked up from touching the various surfaces on the plane, first class or not. Facts of life.

  13. Euflyer Tom- nooooo the mail is fun to read. I subscribe to the Times and then read the mail online to see people getting annoyed with the stories even though they must know what the mail is like.

    Keep up the good work Lucky

    John and UK resident

  14. I was in Economy on one of BA’s “new” 787’s last night. It was disgusting and incredibly broken for how old it was. The flight had barely taken off, and the door under the sink wouldn’t close. My TV monitor in a bulkhead seat had already been taped up. The screen was clearly obviously covered in grime and stains. To make it worse, they ran out of London Pride 3 hours out of EWR.

  15. Has BA cut back on cabin cleaning or something? We think Air New Zealand did that a while back and it wasn’t pretty.

  16. This far into the comments and no one has called it The Daily Fail? As for the “stains” running down the armrest, I wonder if Ben and a certain unnamed BA crew member might be responsible for those. Based on one of the trips reports it sure came across as if they were both feeling a bit randy!

  17. BA is introducing a new discounted fare category: clean up yourself class. The FA hands the pax a vacuum cleaner, wipes, feather duster and French maid uniform;, while the purser who agreed it was really bad, seats idle for hours reading the Mail.

    This reminded me a LANChile FA story. The B767 from MIA to SCL had just departed when a shrieking scream from business class terrified all. A woman had just seen rats nibbling at the food cart. The seasoned FA calmly explained to the hysterical pax, rodents are common in tropical climates. Meal service proceeded as scheduled.

  18. @ Lucky — perhaps this can be an impetus for you to ask some of your contacts regarding airlines’ cleaning policies, e.g. how often do plane get cleaned, what get cleaned & what doesn’t, and so on.

  19. @YVR604

    Ive flown airasia biz class and it was the cleanest cabin ive ever seen. This is just plain lazy. Then again why use your points on BA?

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