Video Of Lady Being Removed From US Airways Flight

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The below isn’t suitable for work, so if you’re easily offended don’t watch the video or read on.

A video was uploaded to YouTube today of a lady being removed from last night’s US Airways flight from Philadelphia to Lisbon, US Airways 738:

First of all, I love how the little girl is covering her ears,. Second of all, do we know who the guy in the white shirt is that physically removed her from her seat? Is he a cop not in uniform, or?

Via Reddit, here’s part of the backstory:

She came on the plane yelling and swearing about how we are going to Portugal and not Brazil. She continued being loud and obnoxious and I’m assuming that some of the families with younger children told the flight attendants, who then called the police. When the police came, she refused to move, started screaming at them and telling them she would sue, and when they told her she would be arrested if she didn’t cooperate that just edged her on more.

I’m not sure I totally follow the first part. Was she trying to go to Brazil instead of Portugal, was she yelling Portuguese slurs (is that a thing?), or what?

Seriously, how do people think this is going to end? “Maybe if I cuss enough and call everyone racists and bigots they’ll let me stay on the plane?”

  1. Looks like he was an undercover because did all the correct moves, ; arm twist to the back with left arm and and force head forward with right arm etc… .

  2. There’s so little information it’s impossible to know what was going on. It seems possible the woman is demented, or high on drugs. It’s sad to see anyone in that condition.

  3. It was Lucky’s fault. LOL
    “What?! Lucky is in Lisbon too?! The city is not big enough, I want all the spotlights on me! I want to change the route. Captain submit a new flight plan immediately, reroute to GIG!” She demanded.

    Another first world issue: There are ‘nuts’ everywhere!

    DP @Lisbon, Portugal

    p.s.- Welcome to Lisbon, Ben!

  4. looks like one of the FAs to me. the undercover was the guy in the dark shirt with the shield hanging from his neck, directly behind the lady.

  5. Pavel, I doubt he was a flight attendant. They are not trained for that, and may not have any legal authority to use that kind of force. Perhaps the story will come out in time.

  6. I believe the whole thing started off when someone called her ‘Brazilian’ and she pointed out, rudely, that the plan was not going to Brazil, but to Portugal, where the same language is spoken.

  7. Don’t get offended and I’m not trying to be sexist, but seems like lately it’s been more females going bonkers in these videos, no? And why is it always a US Airways flight;-)

  8. @stephan you got that 100% right, hahahahahhahaha that is why the word is “hysterical” look up the ‘roots’ of that word šŸ™‚

  9. In the text providing context, it suggests the women became irate because some people may have been ignorant in saying they were going to Brazil rather than Portugal or that possibly that they are the same place/people (strongly inferred, not to be taken as statement of fact). Either way direct or indirect statement(s) said in ignorant fashion. Though she chose the absolute wrong time/place to become upset over the matter, she was hauled off and arrested yelling about ‘bigots and racists’ (harkening back to when/why she was upset and yelling) and most comments on the video seem to gloss over the likely origins of the incident.

    To brand or imply someone as crazy over a 58 second clip providing mountains of context (or none at all) is dismissive and a waste of time as it adds nothing of value to what happened.

    Screaming and yelling not just on a plane or any place for that matter is seldom if ever really helpful. That was her mistake. Possibly having to deal with travelers on their way to behaving badly in another land as they board a plane to said land isn’t really helpful either and just should not happen.

    Military Doctor and Boarding Area blogger Andy wrote a good piece about his own experience with ignorance and his feelings about his recent dealings with ‘cultural insensitivity/ignorance’ or as the individual in the video less eloquently stated ‘bigots and racists’.

  10. Looks like she may have been from Philly…..anxiety issues, they say…. and she was taken to a hospital for ‘evaluation’.

  11. @Tom Actually, that’s the exact technique taught to cabin crew, at least at Emirates — and it has definitely been used, usually with intoxicated passengers. No idea whether the person in the video was crew or police, though.

  12. Can the person that took the video also to be removed if he took unathorized video of other people? Specially the two behind him covering their ears?

  13. Probably one of the US Airways award booking employees told her that Lisbon was located in Brazil.

  14. The guy in the white shirt is a FAM (Federal Air Marshall). This all started because the lady was sitting there with a black jacket over her head and it appeared she was drinking and taking medication. The flight attendant asked her to remove the jacket from off her head when the fire works started. She was screaming at the F/A and the FAM intervened. Shortly after the police showed up and that’s when the video starts.

  15. @zach I flew this route round trip in June. The 757’s actually weren’t horrible in the seat pitch dept. IFE (if you can call it that) is on big old crt monitors hanging off the ceiling. Food was edible but not in anyway pleasing. Crowd was “interesting” to say the least. But it was relatively on-time and safe and I only paid $310 for the RT thanks to a mistake fare so can’t complain.

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