Video Of Kim Jong Un Flying His Own Jet

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There’s no denying that North Korea has been on a roll lately. I mean, first they made it to the finals of the most recent World Cup (I’m not actually sure if they ended up winning or not):

And now video has emerged of Kim Jong Un flying an Antonov An-148:

If the whole wanting to be world dictator thing doesn’t work out for the munchkin, he has a bright future as an Air Koryo pilot!

Take that, Obama!

  1. The sh..head looked nervous on takeoff and appeared to be clueless the rest of the way…not to mention he looked perplexed. Nice to have 2 back-up Pilots giving you actual flight lessons. I wonder if they were in a Flight Sim. Knowing these idiots, they were actually inside an Airbus Sim…hahaha…..

  2. I seriously doubt the authenticity of this guy flying the aircraft. He is not even wearing seatbelt!

  3. Haha, I hope you are kidding about the World Cup, Ben. North Korea didn’t even make it out of the group stage.

  4. Anyone else notice the extra pair of hands and extra pilots head to the left of the “Great Successor”
    in 1:02 ?!

  5. This is, in fact, the real cockpit of an An-148. However, it is clear that the copilot is the one flying, especially given that he is controlling the throttles on landing and is the ones doing more body work on the controls rather than just holding the yoke like Kim Jong-Un is doing since the other yoke always moves with the original yoke move.

  6. This is amazing and the narration is entertaining in its own right even not knowing korean…Uhh go to minute 1.01 to see who is really flying that Russian deathtrap

  7. ben – North Korea did not qualify for the 2014 World Cup finals. Do not rely on youtube for your info!!

  8. To the best of my knowledge most pilots would instinctively look at what is indicated it the checklist (Flaps 15, look to see flaps are set 15) and probably do not just flip though it…

  9. I’m sorry guys, but you’re all wrong.

    The great leader was the sole inspiration for the AN-148, especially built to fulfill his wishes. The person you see at 1:02 was getting some lessons from the Great Leader and him not using the throttles is because he controls the mind of the co-pilot. Furthermore, he doesn’t need to look at anything he reads from the check list, because he’s only checking if the Antonov company has complied to his wishes. He already knows what the situation is.

    Jeezzz… you think way too much as simple mortals, the Great Leader is 15 steps ahead of you!


  10. Its beneficial effect was manifested in all areas of human activity.
    (Quote from Stalin’s obituary)

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