Video: Celebrities Go Undercover As British Airways Employees

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British Airways emails me their press releases, and most of the time I glance at the subject line but then don’t actually read the story (since I know what I find interesting, and what I don’t). Well, British Airways’ press release this morning caught my attention… perhaps some of you can guess why.


In this video, British Airways has three British celebrities — David Walliams, Emma Bunton, and Tom Daley — dress up as British Airways employees at London Heathrow Terminal 5 and surprise customers. Not like “surprise and delight” them, but rather screw with them for our collective entertainment.

Per the press release:

No stranger to playing airline characters, TV personality David Walliams assumed the role of customer service representative ‘Dave’, amusing customers at Heathrow T5, asking them to pose seriously for security photos and at one point even kissing a passenger’s passport!

Spice Girl and Heart FM presenter Emma Bunton spiced up the ‘check-in-kiosks’, mischievously assisting unsuspecting customers, asking them if they had packed any ‘sporty or ginger’ products.

Meanwhile, Olympic medallist Tom Daley swapped his swimming trunks for luggage trunks, as he greeted customers in T5, even persuading some of them to perform dive moves before flying.

Here’s the video:

You can also see extended clips from David, Emma, and Tom, if you’d like.

Forgetting about Tom Daley for a second, I love the fact that they included David Walliams. When I read the press release I had no clue who he was, but the second I saw him and he opened his mouth, it clicked — “it’s Penny from ‘Come Fly With Me!'” If you have no clue what I’m talking about, see here:

David seems right in his element playing a British Airways employee, both in this video and in “Come Fly With Me.”

Well done, British Airways!

  1. Just goes to show that we are conditioned to follow people in authority. We stop thinking what we are are doing and follow orders.

    We are all a bunch of dogs.

  2. Now every time BA does a marketing stunt I can’t help but think they should put the money towards improving their product instead.

  3. @betterbub The non-American kind. Surprisingly, there are, in fact, famous people outside of the US.

  4. I’d rather BA focused on their below par offerings in the air, than this type of publicity stunt. Pointless.

  5. @Andy 11235

    Aren’t you so clever with your witty comments. If only I lived in the US it would’ve been perfect.

    I think I’m just ignorant, because this David guy apparently turns up at the Teletubbies, and I don’t watch the show. Tell me how they’re doing.

  6. This is for Comic Relief which is a big comedy charity event in the UK. So it’s not a pure marketing campaign, they’re supporting the charity which I think is great!

  7. The poor fellow in the green sweater eyeing the security camera is a Boeing employee. The Seattle destination, Swiss Gear Backpack, and dead stare give him away 🙂

  8. @RF: I’m with you 100%. BA has become a low-cost carrier, but still is charging mainline prices. Filthy planes, knee-crushing legroom, delays, less-than-stellar staff, and even more cutbacks to passenger amenities. It’s to the point that you’re actually better off flying EasyJet or Virgin Atlantic. Just booked a few VX flights and didn’t even bother to see what BA’s schedules/fares were. Not worth the headache.

  9. For our US cousins who often just can’t get the British sense of humour (not “humor”) or who simply can’t ever chill out on this forum:

    For one day every 2 years BBC Television teams up with the charity Comic Relief ( to raise money for disadvantaged children worldwide, by handing over an entire channel at prime time to self-depreciating, p***- taking programmes poking fun at celebrities, politicians, public institutions etc. It raised $93 million in just one evening last year and over $1.83 billion in the 30 years of its life. I suspect that even your own head of state will find that he – indirectly – swells the coffers this year (in fact I would bet on it …).

    The BA video was produced exclusively to be shown during the programme which is on 24 March and is one of their increasingly rare good gestures.

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