Video: Cat Gets Loose On A Delta Flight

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As I’m sure we’ve all heard a million times on flights, disobeying crew member instructions is an FAA violation… but does that apply to non-human passengers as well? What about the command to not congregate in the galley or near the cockpit?

Check out this video footage of a cat which got loose on a Delta flight this past weekend. While I understand people don’t know how cats will respond to strangers, the flight attendant really seems to blow the situation out of proportion, in my opinion.

Here’s the video:

I’m not sure what I love most — that the flight attendants starts sassily snapping her fingers at the cat as if she’s a human, or the lady who comes up and says that it’s okay because she’s “a cat person.”

(Tip of the hat to View from the Wing)

  1. I agree that the flight attendant over reacted. I’m a f/a on Delta Connection and had a pigeon fly right at me when we were about to reach 10k feet. It was before we had jetways and many times we’d find pigeons on the plane and had to hussle them off. It hide right behind the last row. I caught the thing and wrestled with it, poked holes into a trash bag, put it in – it died unfortunately. Wish there was a video of that! – probably a couple of years before the iPhone.

  2. The attendants over reaction made it worse. If they just acted in a calmly and loving manner toward the cat, would come to them.

  3. I think the F/A was right to be pretty upset about the cat approaching the galley. Or the cockpit. Can you imagine the trouble that could have ensued if the cat decided to hide in there? It would be impossible to serve anything that the cat may have touched. (And it might be pretty hazardous to the cat.)

  4. Yeah, that mean flight attendant! Didn’t she know the cat was just patrolling the cabin providing much needed emotional support to all the passengers?

  5. That Delta FAs don’t see themselves working in the service industry is no big news. Anyway the cat owner looked like white trash, and I am waiting for the next trip report. And hopefully something new, not just the usual ME3, LH, BA stuff.

  6. I don’t think the flight attendant overreacted. It’s an animal. There are plenty of cats that react negatively to new humans. What was more a mess than the f/a was the woman who tried to be the cat whisperer. What…?

  7. Cats can scratch or claw someone on a whim. Especially if frightened. I am constantly seeing out of control pets on planes that are “emotional support” animals or “how to get out paying for a ticket” for your pet.

  8. I am very allergic to cats and if this was on my flight it would not be nice. Still don’t understand why animals are allowed into the plane.

  9. Cat escaped from where? Have a hard time believing that the owner had it in a carrier and never noticed it got out!
    Honestly, I would have preferred to fly with the cat loose on the plane than the FA and half the people who made comments about it.
    Was Elijah ready to shoot it?

  10. Sooner or later we are going to start having innocent passengers or crew attacked by animals in the passenger cabin. It’s time that people who don’t like or are allergic to animals get some rights.

  11. Seriously? The cat was not being at all aggressive…it was just looking for a place to hide. Makes you wonder how the FA would respond in a REAL emergency….

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