US Bans All Flights To & From Venezuela

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Over the past several months we’ve seen a huge decrease in the number of nonstop flights between the US and Venezuela. The situation in Venezuela is simply awful, and airlines have largely pulled out of the country both due to safety concerns and also due to the volatility of Venezuela’s currency, and the inability to take money out of the country.

American Airlines was the last remaining US airline to fly to Venezuela, and the airline finally suspended their flights to Venezuela as of March 2019.

While up until now airlines have mostly elected not to fly to Venezuela, the government is now ordering an end to such flights.

The US Department of Transportation has ordered the suspension of all flights between the United States and Venezuela. This includes both passenger and cargo flights.

This comes after the Department of Homeland Security has determined that “conditions in Venezuela threaten the safety and security of passengers, aircraft, and crew traveling to or from that country.”

This decision was made based on a variety of factors, including reports of civil unrest and violence in and around airports, the inability of the TSA to gain access to Venezuelan airports to conduct required security assessments, the risk of the Maduro regime taking action against Americans, and more.

While the suspension makes sense on the surface, some are concerned about the implications this has on sending cargo with basic supplies to the country.

So, which airlines are actually impacted by this? As far as I know, the only airline flying nonstop between Venezuela and the US recently was Avior, which operated flights from Miami to Caracas and Barcelona.

I’ve been wanting to fly their A340, which used to fly Air China, but decided that probably wasn’t a good idea for the time being. In the meantime I’ve just enjoyed watching it fly over my home just about every day (though not anymore!).

Avior’s A340 first class

Hopefully this horrible situation in Venezuela gets better soon…

  1. Does that rule apply to US Military planes too if Trump and Bolton plan on bringing some democracy and Exxon to Venezuelans?

  2. Hi lucky, laser airlines used to fly from Caracas to Miami too, now it is fly with a stop in Santo Domingo in a joint venture with swift air (with a 75$ charge). Estelar Latinoamerica it’s another national airline that used to do the same.

  3. @Giuseppe. What is the history of Swift Air? I flew into MIA the other day and saw about 12 Swift Air equipment (with only about one for Delta). I am assuming they are a charter airline.

  4. @Credit – yes that’s allowed. Just like everything else, the rules only apply to everyone except the US government.

  5. Another country with oil that suddenly ‘needs’ the US version of democracy. Most likely coming from that bolton guy

  6. Venezuela aka Socialist Sh*thole.

    Highest murder rate in the world. Inflation rate of over 2.6 Million in Jan 2019. Electricity available a few hours a day, if you are lucky. Average weight loss of over 20 lbs due to lack of food. It doesn’t really matter that all of the hospitals are closed, as they have no medical supplies to provide care anyway. Emergency food and medical supplies sent by NGOs are kept out of the country by the Army. Nonviolent protestors beaten, and even shot, by thugs imported from Cuba.

    And all of the progressive (sic) trolls come on here to criticize the US. 😉

  7. When I was in Guyana recently, I was told about all the Venezuelans crossing the border in search of food and work. A man I spoke with told me how he had helped a Venezuelan architect get set up with a hot dog stand in Georgetown. This is a complete reversal, since up until recently Venezuela was far more prosperous than Guyana. It’s as if Americans were fleeing to Guatemala in search of food, or the French to Algeria. Change is definitely needed, and I hope it will come with a minimum of violence and loss of life.

  8. Venezuela is such a cluster **** right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump decides to do something completely stupid and uncalled for in the near future. As he normally does.

  9. US can suspend flights as much as they want.. Please do, worldwide! America is becoming more than ever the Global a ridiculous extreme
    Re Venezuela : it is NOT a REGIME.. It is a state with an elected goverment.. Like Iran.. Or Syria..
    Countries suffering from the war crimes. regime changes.. invasions, looting and rape by aforementioned Bully & its gang in name of demo-crazy (about oil)

  10. is there any alternative to fly to INDIA from Barcelona, Vanezula safely??? ANY alternative Flights?? or route???

  11. Wow, talk about unhinged ! Trump and his “gang” are looting the world, robing and raping the innocent?

    “It is a state with an elected government” Which elections were so corrupt that 54 nations are calling for the Dictator Maduro to step down. Ironic that Dani says “like Iran”, where the Mullahs decide who can even run for office. Much like the former Soviet “democracy”, where the Communist Party decided who was on the ballot, and voters could vote yes or no, And anyone who voted no was likely to have their door knocked down at 3 in the morning by the KGB.

    And then to mention Syria, a battlefield without a real government, whether democratic or not. And no mention of the bombing of civilians that the “government” finds inconvenient.

    As for it all being about “oil”, maybe doing a little googling is in order. The US is now the number one oil producer in the world. Not only do we produce enough for ourselves, we are exporting it. And as much as the New Green Dreamers try to stop it, they can’t.

    Even after all the [email protected] I see on the news, some of these comments still just astonish for their total idiocy.

  12. @Robert Hanson, and you think the US is a beacon of democracy? You guys can’t even figure out whether the past election was meddled with or not! Oh.. and guess who runs for office in the US? Those with the maximum amount of $$$$ – It takes 10’s of millions of dollars to run a campaign for President. So please tell me again that anyone can become President…
    In the meantime, the US is happy to kill civilians left, right and center across several continents – just ask WikiLeaks (oh that’s right, the US is incarcerating all its members). Every scenario when a state has gone “rogue” as you call it, is a direct result of destabilization by the US, whether it’s by sanctions or by supporting rebels in that country. And yes, it seems convenient that they always invade… er sorry “liberate”, countries with a lot of oil and/or other resources.

  13. DAMN!! I better hold my breath for all the clueless , privileged first world brats commenting about what’s literally left of my country.

    Thanks for the breath of fresh air Robert Hanson,
    As for many of the other commenting, you really deserve a warm and nice holiday down here to enjoy the democracy and ‘elected’ government. Hey! Fuel and electricity are FREE! this would make your much wanted ‘socialist paradise’, please visit and see for yourself!

    @Giuseppe, neither Laser nor Estelar ‘fly to the US’, they made a travel agent agreement with Swift Air (a US Airline) in the case of Laser, and Eastern Airlines (also a US airline) in the case of Estelar.

    They both stopped flight as soon as the order for US aircraft and crew suspensions, with Swift Air now flying to SDQ and Laser doing the feeders from Venezuela (but they stopped already selling tickets to MIA).

    So Lucky is well informed as always that the only airline left operating from Venezuela to US was Avior and some cargo providers. The only bit missing is that the only route left was from BLA, as the Avior flights operating from CCS to MIA were an agreement with World Atlantic Airlines, hence they also stopped flying some time ago with the US tail aircraft suspension.

    We pray everyday for the much needed Freedom, as we are already weak and oppressed, our families spread all around the world because Venezuela it’s barely livable under this shitt*y socialist regime.

  14. #BBK — puh-leez, Venezuela is in trouble because Uncle Orange has weaponized trade and the US$ to punish the Maduro regime for daring to stand up to its usual diet of economic rapine and political domination. Cuba redux. If the place is ‘barely livable’ for you, just get the F out. Or are you in bed with that shameless quisling and traitor Guaido who ought to be arrested on sight and given the firing squad treatment? And, hey, I am from the Third World and able to identify injustice when I see it.

    @RobertHanson. I guess you troll for that murderer and war criminal Bolton. Those ’50+ countries’ that back the thug Uncle Orange — can you name them? There are 13 that I can list as well as some European poodles but Germany seems to be having second thoughts. You have taken the number uncritically from a self-serving State Dept. press release. Oh, and did you know that your kind is slowly being sleepwalked into a disastrous war with Iran by your pal, the chicken hawk Bolton and the idiot Pompeo? Another trillion $ boondoggle for the arms industry and more Yanks bankrupt after health challenges. Not to mention chaos in the Middle East and millions more refugees headed for Europe. Wake up, bro.

  15. You can fly to a second country and go to Venezuela if you want. But I can’t see any reason why you would at the moment. If you aren’t a local or doing humanitarian work it isn’t really a vacation spot. With serious food shortages how would that even be remotely ethical?

  16. @Robert Hanson; I concur. Sadly my posts are being removed, while others are free to speak what they like.

    Fantastic site, truly enjoy Lucky’s info!

    It’d be appreciated to at least have a voice, and given fair treatment.

    As I’ve commented earlier; mainstream media is full on propaganda, where President Trump is Orange Man Bad; on a perpetual basis.

    He has accomplished so much in so little time, even with the media and tech industries against him.

    The Conservative Treehouse along with Candace Owen and Diamond and Silk are great resources for factual info.

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