Reserve Your Free Spot At The US Open Chase Lounge

The US Open will kick off later this month in New York, and is one of the most popular tennis events in the world.

If you happen to be attending and are a Chase customer, there’s a Chase Lounge at the US Open, which is available to all Chase customers. There’s no cost for customers to visit the Chase Lounge, though you do need tickets to the US Open, and also need to register in advance. This is something that Chase has offered for the past several years.

The registration process is interesting. Rather than having to enter your card number, you instead just have to enter the customer service phone number on the back of your card. So it seems they’re not actually identifying you as an individual customer.

Note that registration only applies for each individual year, so if you registered in past years, you’ll have to once again create a log-in this year.

Once you agree to their terms & conditions, you’ll be given the option to select the sessions for which you want access to the Chase Lounge. There are 19 available sessions, and each Chase customer can reserve up to four sets of sessions, each for one individual (this means you can bring four people to one session, two people to two sessions, one person to four sessions, etc.).

The booking process is easy, and should just take a few moments.

For those wondering, the Chase Lounge is described as offering an opportunity to relax, enjoy snacks, and light refreshments, and perhaps the biggest benefit of all is that it’s air conditioned. It’s located in Chase Center, immediately inside the East Gate entrance of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.


Bottom line

This is a very nice offering, so if you’re attending the US Open this year you might as well register to visit the Chase Lounge. As fun as the US Open is, air conditioned spaces are in short supply and drinks can be outrageously priced, so having access to both for free is very nice.

Do you plan on visiting the US Open Chase Lounge this year?

(Tip of the hat to Brian)


  1. I wish Chase did this for when they have the Sapphire Lounge at the PGA Golf Tournament. The past two years, Quail Hollow and Baltusrol, there’s always a huge line and then once you get inside you can hardly move and whatever food they put out gets eaten up in 2 minutes. I would much rather prefer a process like this where you have to sign up and they can control the crowds. Or maybe they do a separate area for Sapphire Preferred card holders and one for Sapphire Reserve card holders?

  2. That feeling when you buy tickets to the Men’s Final and they don’t have a session for that day!

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