Upgraded and downgraded (well, not really) in a matter of minutes.

There’s really good news and really bad news, folks. On the plus side, my upgrade cleared for my JFK-LAX flight as I was about to leave the RCC at IAD. That means no coach for me, at least on the outbound. I’m still waitlisted for the PS redeye to JFK tonight, but I’m hoping I clear, although it’s not looking all that great.

Now, on to the really bad news. I ran into a couple of FlyerTalkers in the Red Carpet Club at IAD, so I didn’t get to the gate for my IAD to JFK flight (United Express) until boarding time, at which point there was almost no one in the gate area. The flight looked full beforehand, but I didn’t expect it to be oversold. I asked the gate agent if they were oversold, and she responded “yes.” Great, I thought, bump me! No luck, as she already had two volunteers. I begged. I pleaded. I cried (well, not really). No go. Usually it’s the other people crying from being IDB’ed!

This is the last time I’ll ever make this mistake. If a flight looks anywhere near full, I will be at the gate 15 minutes prior to departure, NO MATTER WHAT. I don’t care if I run into Glenn Tilton or Captain Flanagan, I WILL be at the gate before boarding starts.

It’s a sad, sad day for me. Here’s to hoping my full looking flights for the rest of the day materialize into some bump opportunities. And please, learn from my mistake.

PS: I’m writing this from my IAD-JFK flight. As if the lack of a bump wasn’t bad enough, our flight attendant insists on calling this “jet service” in nearly every announcement he makes. Maybe he was a flight attendant on props for years and is excited about this crappy regional jet, or maybe he’s dreaming about the good old days of travel when a jet was something special, but c’mon now.

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  1. I would not pass up hanging with Capt Flanagan. Forget about the bump and enjoy the comfort of PS. Have a good trip.

  2. Seems to me I recall a tale no so long ago in which you showed up late-ish to the gate only to discover that bumps were being handed out like candy, and despite initial panic you still managed to land one.

    Perhaps you should have learned your lesson back then… 😀

  3. sorry to hear that but but but it wasn’t my fault….if ya had left when I did uyou woulda been there at your 15 min mark

    on a few 180 degree turn notes

    of course my flight to LGA was wide open. bummer

    and my FA on the luxurious Chopshop ERJ didn’t even bother to come visit us folks seated in the exit rows to see if we were willing to assist in the case of an emergency

    Come to think of it she never made any announcements or even bothered to walk the length of the puddle jumper…at time.

    Perhaps she was busy ensuring our sfety in some other manner

  4. @ FortFun — Yeah, yeah, yeah! In that case it ended well, so I didn’t really learn my lesson. This time I totally learned my lesson, though.

    @ bk3day — If I hadn’t met up with you, cesco.g would have never known we were FT’ers, and I would have never shown up late to my gate. In other words, it’s all your fault. 😉

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