Hah: University Creates Airline-Style Safety Video

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This is kinda cool…

As many schools restart in-person classes, there are updated health and safety protocols. Well, Yeshiva University seemingly decided to have a bit of fun with this. The school has created a video highlighting what’s being called the “Covid Code of Conduct.” The video sure seems a lot to me like an airline safety video, and I dig it.

Check out the full video here:

This is super well done! My only question is regarding how the students are standing in the elevator. They’re not actually facing the direction of the signage. Maybe I spent too much time in Turkey, but there they actively encouraged people in elevators to face the walls, so that everyone is facing a different direction. I guess that’s less of a thing here?

(Tip of the hat to Alon)

  1. Colleges have pulled a massive bait and switch on kids, promising a sense of normalcy and real in person instruction, and then pivoting to in-dorm lockdowns with online classes once kids arrived. All of this because of a handful of positive PCR cases (which we now know are absolute BS). College age kids are pretty much the least susceptible age cohort for this virus and these insane restrictions and cute little videos are a shameful joke.

  2. That narrator is not even wearing a mask herself in the opening sequence. She is way to close to those four students to maintain social distance and putting their lives at risk. Shame on Yeshiva University for encouraging such reckless behavior.

  3. This is not cool, this is absolutely idiotic and college kids should be the first people to be allowed to return to a sense of normalcy. Tell me, how many covid deaths in the 18-21 age bracket do we have in the entire united states, like a couple hundred???

  4. This is brilliant (love the falling mask) and even more so if you are jewish — (two rounds of Hava Nagila)

  5. Twenty-year-old students getting covid at universities, isolated from the most vulnerable, is not a crisis; it’s a solution as they are separated from those who are in the highest risk groups, and they will help develop herd immunity.

  6. Yes , those 20 year old who have classes with 60 year old professors. Have the facilities cleaned by 60 year old janitors, are served food by 60 year old kitchen staff… These people have families and would like to stay safe as well. It’s more than just the students… Also is 200 deaths ok to you?

  7. @mark 55-64 make up approx 12% of all covid deaths. And we know 94% of those had multiple serious comorbidities. So how about this, if your 65 and have serious underlying health conditions, stay off the campus. Otherwise, let the rest of the kids get the education and college experience they deserve, since they basically spend a lifetime paying it all back. And yes I’m ok with 200 deaths out of age cohort of about 40M people.

  8. Never heard of facing the wall in an elevator. Sounds like a good idea. Definitely not a thing Stateside

  9. Eliminate college. This video shows why the concept is outdated given all the fools who are professors and waste our time and money filling our heads with useless junk. We don’t need college. We need professional schools like medical, dental, engineering, plumbing, programming, and art. It would focus only on one’s career and take away all the bs.

  10. This is a great video – more universities should provide to their students. Entertaining as well.

  11. What!!! Turn taps instead of sensor based ? No turning off the tap while soaping you’re hands ?? What a waste of water that is precious. 20 seconds of water running while soaping your hands is just simply wasteful.

    Well I guess the saying of solving one problem opening up another 100 problems is so true.

  12. @jackson henderson there is a lot more to creating a well rounded human being who can be a responsible member of society than just engineering, science of whatever your specialty. We actually DO need to be able to communicate effectively, understand human behavior and learn about history and government. If you have any doubt, look around at the state of our society right now. Not enough people are getting a well rounded education and it shows. Oh, and lest you start railing on me and stupid my humanities degree, I have two engineering degrees.

  13. Universities teach students how to fill their heads with useless garbage, themselves. Certainly, it’s inefficient, as those in power can do so much more cheaply. Plus, they get to decide which useless garbage you believe. I can assure you, professors ain’t got nothing on your favorite news channels and social media contacts.
    Besides, what is the purpose of a purely vocational education? The Roman empire had some of the greatest engineers of all time, and they were slaves. Some got rich enough to buy their freedom. Vocational education is cool, useful, and needed, but there’s more to being human than working for the man, hoping to be rich or lucky enough to buy freedom and be the man. Cave canem

  14. Speaking of the elevator policy, the company I work for instituted those requirements here in the US, but all our buildings are still closed so none of it has been actually put into place yet. The rule was basically 4 persons (max) per elevator, each in one of the four corners, facing the corner.

    That said, it would have been interesting to see how that company rule would have played out in large high-rise offices that have multiple corporations as tenants.

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