United’s New “Safety Is Global” Safety Video

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United finally came out with a new safety video which tries to compete with the likes of Air New Zealand, Delta, etc., in terms of trying to get people to pay attention. Check it out:

I think the concept is great, though I think they could’ve cast some more charismatic employees.

The kangaroo part is absolutely brilliant, though!

What do you think of United’s new safety video?

  1. That’s about as charismatic as United employees get.

    It’s remarkably accurate.

    But they did a great job of this. Doesn’t feel like a knock-off, and suits them well.

  2. Much better than the video it’s replacing. United’s brand image is not at all about levity — the way for example Delta’s is — so it’s frankly a relief to see them trying anything remotely clever. This humanizes the company while still maintaining the resolutely buttoned-down image they seem to prefer.

  3. As a United 1K, it will be great to have something new to watch! I somehow thought the “uncharismatic” employees helped to impart the seriousness of the message while still give passengers something new and entertaining to watch.

  4. Finally ! I don’t have to see that disgusting Smisek tell me about how CO killed the UA brand and ruined the airline!

  5. I love it! The kangaroos are so cute, and the concept is very refreshing.
    It’s true that the employees are not as alluring as Aeroflot’s, but it’s safety they’re talking about, after all.

  6. While I think it is great United wanted to show an upbeat film, I think it was poorly executed. I think the safety videos of delta are a great bonus to the beginning of the flight.

    The sets for the dialogue didn’t make sense to me. In the end I found the video to be creepy?

  7. Someone beat me to the punch on the fact that these are about as charismatic as United employees get.

    Also, it would not surprise me if United employees harrass random people in their everyday life in a sort of dead-eyed tone.

  8. Can’t even imagine how much they spent on this unremarkable video. It’s not the worst video ever but not as cool as others like Air NZ.

    @Bgriff – Based on the ending of the video, we can assume that UA FAs also steal your drinks! šŸ˜›

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