United releasing too much upgrade inventory!

Believe it or not, I’m being dead serious. I’m flying this weekend, including two segments on the newly reconfigured United 767. I locked in the upgrade for the outbound with a confirmed regional upgrade, but decided to use 500 mile upgrades for the return, assuming it would be an easy upgrade, since I noticed the flight has been NC9 since the time of booking. Today I checked only to find that both my ORD to SFO and SFO to ORD flights are C0! That’s right, they’re not even selling business class seats anymore.

It’s all thanks to IM opening too much confirmable upgrade space too far in advance, to the point that it’s probably going mostly to those confirming upgrades in advance, instead of Global Service and 1K passengers using 500 mile upgrades or possibly those that would be willing to pay for business.

If only IM would do that for other routes….

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  1. Were you on 907 yesterday evening? I happened to upgrade a friend from Y–>C on that flight because it was so wide open a couple weeks ago and noticed the same thing! She would have been the other person taking photos…

  2. Wow, I talked to my friend and as luck would have it, you sat next to her on the flight! What a small world…

  3. Hah, too funny! She mentioned to me that she read FlyerTalk and was friends with a FlyerTalker, so it’s good to hear it’s you! It was great to sit next to her, especially because I didn’t feel like a complete idiot while taking pictures of the seat. She was doing the same thing. 😀

    Small world.

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