United offers early deposit of 2011 systemwide upgrades

United is offering to deposit all six 2011 systemwide upgrades early for those that have already requalified for 1K status, anytime between now and December 25 (link only visible to 1K members that are logged in). Registration is required, and you can even register to have them deposited as soon as you requalify for 1K, even if you’re not there yet. Keep in mind systemwide upgrades expire 12 months after they’re issued, so be wise about when you deposit them.

This is by far the earliest United has ever offered to have them deposited, and in the past it has only been for four of the six upgrades.

(Tip of the hat to Matthew)

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  1. I can’t help but wonder if there might soon be some harmonization of the SWU rules between CO and UA. CO has much friendlier rules. Perhaps UA would rather us use next year’s SWUs as soon as possible under the current tules? This is obviously rampant speculation

  2. @ Tom — This is a very interesting move indeed. United’s very rarely ahead on *anything*, so I have to assume there’s some reason they offer this promotion so early in the year. While it’s not unusual, the fact that it came up several months earlier than usual makes me wonder why.

    My initial thought was that (so far) they have a lot fewer elites requalifying this year, so they’re throwing a bone to those that requalified. I’m sure we’ll see a DEQM promotion at the end of the year because United *wants* to keep elite levels up, but as of now they’ve gotta be low.

    Or maybe it’s quite innocent, and United realizes that they’re better off having members redeem the upgrades sooner rather than later, given the uncertainty in the future with the potentially merged airline.

  3. Since I haven’t been able to use the 14 I have this year, it really serves no purpose for me. Many people I know have double digit SWUs still in their account.

  4. Also speculation: could reciprocity with CO for UDUs be coming soon? And this is a way to offer more security to 1Ks who want it?

  5. Pat and Josh, WOW! That is a lot of SWU’s. I don’t have any right now and I have to travel to Japan on Sunday and come back Friday the same week. I have 2 regionals that I am not using that expire in November…

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