United “Award Accelerator”

United has rolled out a new way to boost mileage balances, although at a cost of about three cents per mile. Basically you can double or triple the miles you earn from a flight you take by registering and giving UA some serious $$$, especially for longhaul flights.

More power to UA if this actually works for them, but it’s far from a great deal, at least in most circumstances. I can see this making sense if you’re 300 miles short of an award and that $9 put you over the edge, but otherwise not so much….

I earn miles at about half of that rate through mileage runs, and that doesn’t account for all of the upgrade instruments and benefits from status that I earn.

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  1. Doing OLCI on an award for the first time since this “enhancement” began. Accelerate on an award?! Whoa. Had to check FT on that one.

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