United Airlines’ New Spider-Man Safety Video

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Nowadays airlines put a lot of effort into their safety videos, and today United has launched a new Spider-Man themed one in a mini-drama film.

This is part of a broader promotional partnership with Sony Pictures, which celebrates the release of “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” debuting in North American theaters on July 2. United will also be rolling out Spider-Man themed amenity kits in Polaris, and MileagePlus members will be able to redeem miles to see the film through MileagePlus Exclusives.

United notes that the safety video not only features real employees, but also features MileagePlus members who bid miles for the opportunity to appear in the video. There are also appearances from members of the movie’s cast.

Here’s how United’s new safety video is described:

The video begins with villains entering a corner store and causing ‘turbulence’ with their disruption to Mr. Delmar, played by Hemky Madera. The deli scene includes a framed photo of Stan Lee, honoring the immense impact he had on the Marvel community. Customers will also notice the recently announced updated United livery displayed on the animated 787-10 aircraft, prior to customers learning the locations of the exits. Next, Peter Parker’s best friend Ned, played by Jacob Batalon, shares a scene with United CEO Oscar Munoz as the villains head into a nearby theater to escape Spider-Man. In one of the final scenes, Eugene “Flash” Thompson, played by Toni Revolori, helps to demonstrate that cell phones and large devices should be put into airplane mode prior to take-off. This fast-paced and entertaining video concludes with Spider-Man ensuring that everyone is safe and settled as their journey begins.

Here’s the video:

To be honest I’m not really sure what to make of this. I’ve never seen a Spider-Man movie and have never had any interest in the concept, so this is completely foreign to me. I’m sure others feel exactly the opposite, and for those who like Spider-Man, I’m curious what you make of United’s execution.

What do you make of United’s new Spider-Man themed safety video?

  1. It will likely get most everyone on the plane to pay attention to it. That is a good thing.

  2. Desperately weak and wooden. And the frequent United flyers will likely get very bored with it.

    “We fly everyone safely” (unless your name is Dr Dao or you otherwise make us angry, even if it’s not your fault).

  3. Great efforts. Forgot that it was about Spider-Man until pops out each time, but catches attention and this is mostly important. Well done!

  4. The video has a couple of actors from the film, Jacob Batalon and Tony Revelori. But they didn’t have Tom Holland (Spiderman) who I thought was going to be in this

  5. *Imagine United Execs in the Boardroom

    Munoz: We’re losing our shirts, the New Livery is costing us millions.
    Kirby: I’ve got it Oscar!
    Munoz: What is it?
    Kirby: We throw away our new branding, the one we spent millions on, and sell the rights to “Safety is Global” to Marvel!
    Munoz: Great thinking, Kirby!

  6. You have such a luxurious life flying First Class and staying in five star resorts and yet you never watched Spider Man?!?

  7. It sounds pathetic, but on the other hand if it gets people watching and paying attention, that’s a positive. I do like it how airlines have stepped out from the broken record safety demos. However, like someone else said, they need to make a few different variations or it would get very boring to the frequent flier.

  8. I don’t know why they are spending so much in safety videos if they intend to remove Seatback screens from most of their aircraft or not install it at all

  9. It’s a little forced, but not bad. And the picture of Stan was a very respectful touch.

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