Uber Now Lets You Request A Ride With Multiple Stops

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Uber has been making quite a few changes lately. Most of these changes have been intended to help drivers make more money and restore their faith in Uber, though there have always been some positive changes for riders.

Uber has just rolled out a functionality for riders that’s long overdue. It’s now possible to request an Uber ride that includes up to three stops, either before your ride starts or once it’s already in progress. In the past you could only enter one destination into the app, so you’d have to enter the destination, and then once you got there delete it and enter the next one, etc. I can’t believe it took so long for this change to happen, but it’s something I welcome.

Here’s how Uber describes this new feature:

This new feature lets you seamlessly add up to three total stops to your journey. That way, you can hop in your Uber and then grab the crew. All in one car, all in one trip.

To use the feature, tap “where to?” and then “+”. Add the addresses of your stops, and then request your ride. Should you need to make changes during your trip, you can also add and remove stops in real time. Your driver will automatically receive directions to each of the stops so you can sit back and relax.

Uber asks that the stops not take more than three minutes each in respect of the driver’s time, or else additional charges will apply.

Here’s a GIF showing how the process of requesting a ride with multiple stops works:

Uber even made a (rather funky) video marketing the new feature, embracing that Halloween is fast approaching:

Do you plan to use Uber’s new multiple stop feature? Am I the only who is surprised it took them this long?

(Tip of the hat to The Points Guy / featured image courtesy of Uber)

  1. We’ve had this in Singapore for a while now – their main competitor Grab had it for a while before thrm and it is surprisingly handy – I often share with a local friend en route to/from dinner etc now it’s easy to set it up before we get in the car

    Before we’d run into issues where the driver wouldn’t want to do a second drop once we got on the trip (e.g. accepted another job)

  2. I’m actually kinda bummed to see this as a “feature” because I’m afraid this’ll just be a new thing for Uber to charge a fee for, above and beyond just the cost of the trip, but that the drivers won’t see anything from the increase in trip price.

    In practice, I’ll call an Uber for my first/closest destination then, once it arrives, ask the driver if he or she would like to make a few stops after and to just keep the meter running. Usually they’ll say yes then just ask that after my first stop I adjust the final destination en route via the app so they don’t appear to have taken me on the “scenic route”. This way more of the direct per-mile/minute fare goes to the driver.

  3. I had no idea this was a new feature. I used it last week when we wanted to choose a route Park Hyatt NY-JFK that would allow us to see the Statue of Liberty.

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