My First Experience With UberEATS

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I’m a huge fan of Uber, and it has really changed every aspect of how I approach ground transportation. Given how reasonably priced it is, and how good the overall experience is, it’s an unbeatable way to get around.

I spend a lot of time in LA, which is a city where Uber is especially useful, given that public transportation is abysmal. And fortunately Uber has a huge presence in LA, ranging all the way from UberPOOL to UberLUX.


I’ve heard about UberEATS quite often, but never actually bothered looking into it. And I didn’t actually realize they had it in LA until a friend pointed it out to me the other day. I guess I’m so “trained” with how I use Uber, that I hadn’t actually paid attention to the top of the screen, where there’s an icon with a plate.


What is UberEATS?

Before ordering I did some research on UberEATS. It’s basically an on demand meal delivery service. They publish a different menu every day, and you typically have about a handful of options available.

Now, there are plenty of meal delivery services, like Postmates. With services like that you can order from a huge selection, and then it takes a reasonable amount of time to be delivered.

With UberEATS, on the other hand, you have fewer options, but your food is delivered literally within minutes, since there are drivers with the food in their possession who are ready to deliver. The menu changes every day, and the options are typically from popular, local dining establishments, so it’s not crap.


Which cities have UberEATS?

As of now, UberEATS is available in the following cities:

  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Barcelona
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Paris
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Toronto
  • Washington DC

UberEATS Los Angeles hours & menu

Just to give an example of how it works, here’s the UberEATS LA website. It not only shows the menu for the same day, but also for the subsequent few days.

In LA, UberEATS is available during the following hours:

  • Lunch (Monday through Friday): 11AM-2PM
  • Dinner (Monday through Friday): 5:00PM-8:30PM
  • Brunch (Saturday and Sunday): 10AM-2PM


As you can see, they’re not trying to be everything to everyone. They have limited hours, which makes perfect sense since the food is ready to go, and you want it to be “fresh.” They’re trying to hit when demand is highest.

Here’s the coverage map for LA UberEATS:

My experience ordering UberEATS

I gave UberEATS a try yesterday for lunch, so fired up the app. There were several vehicles just minutes away.


I browsed the menu, which matched what showed online. The food menu included the following:

  • Turkey sandwich lunchbox / Bottega Louie / $10
  • Chinese chicken salad / Feast From The East / $10
  • Chicken special sandwich / Il Tramezzino / $10
  • Grilled salmon plate / Z Garden Mediterranean / $10





And then the following desserts and drinks were available:

  • Caramel pretzel chocolate chunk cookie / Cookie Good / $2
  • San Pellegrino limonita / $2
  • Cold brew coffee/ Stumptown Coffee Roasters / $5




I ordered the turkey sandwich lunchbox, which seemed like a good deal to me. I also ordered a cold brew coffee. Stumptown coffee isn’t cheap no matter where you go (for what it’s worth, Tender Greens also charges $5 for Stumptown cold brew).

UberEATS adds a $3 delivery charge, so altogether the cost came to $19.35 including tax.


Less than five minutes later the UberEATS car pulled up outside (it was a Prius), and he handed me the order. UberEATS always offers curbside delivery (in other words, they won’t bring it to your door/into your office), and tipping isn’t expected.

The turkey sandwich came in a pretty snazzy looking box.


It consisted of a turkey sandwich, potato chips, an edamame side salad, and two macarons. Everything was every bit as good as I’d expect if I went directly to Bottega Louie.


How to get your first UberEATS free

This part sort of caught me off guard.

Uber has a lucrative referral program, whereby you can get a free ride of up to $20 by being referred (and the person referring gets the same). I assumed that this only worked on rides, though as it turns out it also works on UberEATS. I had a “free ride” referral available, and that wiped out the cost of my lunch!

So if you haven’t yet signed up for Uber, you can use your $20 free ride towards an UberEATS, if you’d like. So Uber won’t just give you a free ride, but if you prefer they’ll buy you a free lunch or dinner instead. 😉


Bottom line

I thought UberEATS was a great value, and will definitely be using it again. I can’t believe it took me so long to look into it. Admittedly it’s very different than other delivery services, in the sense that hours and selection are limited. The flip side of that, though, is that what you order is at your door within minutes.

While Stumptown cold brew coffee isn’t cheap, it would have been under $14 including the delivery charge for the turkey sandwich lunchbox, which is a good value, if you ask me. It arrived literally less than five minutes after ordering, so it saved me a considerable amount of time.

And even better is that if you sign-up for Uber, the $20 free ride credit can even be applied towards UberEATS!

Have you used UberEATS? What was your experience like? Do you have another preferred food delivery service?

  1. My experiences? Underwhelming. Hot food that is tepid is not what I expect from a lunch delivery service. At least it was free (in Toronto) with a special code for the Blue Jays win (GOJAYS2015 — good until Oct 30).

  2. Thanks for the review. I have heard a lot of great things about it. The options were limited but everything looks good and sometimes simple is best. I look forward to trying it soon.

  3. Wasnt impressed with UberEats. For a similar service in NYC I use maple when at work and munchery when at home.

  4. A cold sandwich is probably ok – but I’ve tried it twice in Chicago with hot food, and it’s been terrible. Thankfully both times it was free (or nearly free).

    It’s just too hard to keep hot food fresh, so I probably wouldn’t do it again.

  5. have used it a couple times in nyc where it’s delivered by bike. don’t expect anything to be piping hot but it’s a nice change of pace once in a while, especially considering the lunch options near my office are scant. no delivery fee here in my experience. overall, a convenient way to try food from some places i prob wouldn’t go to otherwise but nothing mind-blowing.

  6. Disappointed – ordered a hot sandwich, which arrived 20 minutes later in a rather soggy state. I don’t recall a delivery charge, though.

  7. I really like the service. The ones from Bottega Louie are generally really good. It can be hit or miss if you order something that needs to be hot, but then…microwave. They could step up the drink options a bit, though.

  8. Slightly off topic, Lucky, but I’m just curious if you sit in the front seat or the back seat when using Uber. I’ve never been really clear on what the proper protocol is. I feel somewhat odd sitting in the back seat in a private vehicle, as opposed to, say, a taxi.

  9. Maybe I’ve just had bad luck, but every time I’ve gone to check the menu, there’s never been a veggie option. I’m sure there’s a niche that it’s filling, but if you’re willing to pay $14 for a sandwich, DC has plenty of other options. I work two blocks from the capitol (not the cheapest neighbourhood), but never pay more than $10 for a grab-and-go lunch.

  10. I live in West L.A. Also tried Uber Eats and was totally unimpressed by the actual food. The delivery part of the service was amazing. I ordered and less than 5 minutes later, the driver brought my food to my doorstep. That aspect was impressive. But I was underwhelmed by the food. Oh, and it’s expensive. I think prices are on the high side for simple options like the salads and sandwiches Uber Eats offers. Fortunately, I used a freebie from when they first launched the service in L.A. so didn’t pay a dime. But I have never used it again. If prices go down, I’ll consider it. Otherwise, it’s cheaper for me to swing by any of the nearby food trucks and get better food, and at a cheaper price point.

    For my own needs, I really wish Uber would launch UberFamily in L.A.. As a working mom who at times travels with a toddler, I need quick and easy transportation to get me to the airport; one that provides a car seat. I have very few options. Shuttles don’t do this, nor taxis. Other than bringing my own car seat along, I have close to zero options. There’s a really expensive car service I use and it costs me $90 to get from West L.A. to LAX, which is highway robbery.

    Uber, are you listening? PLEASE launch UberFamily in L.A.!!!! Parents in this city will be eternally grateful…

  11. @Laura- I have seen Uber+Carseat before in Phoenix but not too popular but definitely important for a family.

    I love the idea for Capital On question if the charge shows Uber transportation code?

  12. After having tried UberEATS, I’m glad I have Spoonrocket in my area:

    1. Lower prices.
    2. Better quality food.
    3. Takes cares of its employees.

  13. They have recently launched UberEats in Melbourne, Australia. They offer freshly cooked hot food from over 80 restaurants and promote that they deliver directly to your door with no separate delivery fee. Based on your article, that it’s curbside delivery only, this is definitely not the case down under!

  14. UberEats is now doing another promotion for $20 off your first order! The code is: eats-uber2016free20

  15. Uber Eats hasn’t dissappointed yet.. I signed up a 2 weeks ago and I have ordered from 10 restaurants I normally wouldn’t order from. Had one late delivery issue and Uber made up for it.. My friend shared this code “eats-uberforfall30” which I entered into the app when I downloaded it and I got $20 off my first meal with them. Not a bad deal!

  16. UberEasts suck! Tracked my delivery driver – said 2 minutes away from me, then I checked after 2 minutes, now it says he is 20 mins away. I think the driver picked up another order. So 25 minutes later, my food came cold with no apologies from the driver. The customer service person I talked to was stupid, she said there might be some glitch in the “GPRS” (really? GPRS – General Packet Radio Service?). Will stick with Grubhub and Yelp24!

  17. No delivering in London zone 1. I tried it and the service was great n speedy. Also enter eats-mirai104ue. for £10 off

  18. I’m a Postmate in San Diego, I made more than 5000 deliveries with Postmates and I decided to try uber eats cos it’s new in San Diego and they grant a payout of 20 dollars an hour and sometimes even 30 dollars on weekends until June 26. So I started delivering but I noticed that the timer when reached 59 minutes stopped, this way they don’t pay you the granted 20 dollars an hour. I found it very shady, I’m a coder and I know about apps and variables… This is not a glitch, It is a scam! I deleted the app and I’m back to Postmates

  19. I have recently started delivering for Ubereats via bike in Chicago, and I am making bank. They advertise $25/hr guaranteed rates from 11:30-2pm and 5:30-9 pm, which really works out to $17.50/hr after their 30% cut. Not sure how long these promotions will be going on for, but get in while they’re still trying to get the service off the ground! Business is still very slow, and the minimum requirements to receive the guaranteed rates is 2 deliveries within the time-periods. To receive the $100 bonus use the code 8pu94gu3g.

  20. Uber Eats is the worst food delivery service I’ve tried. The first time, the estimated delivery time for our order kept getting pushed out in 20min increments. After about 2 hours of this (on an order that was estimated to arrive in 40min), I called customer service, was told Uber was having a problem with their systems, and no food would be coming. About a month later, I ill-advisedly decided to give Uber Eats another shot. The food came on time, but it was the completely wrong order. Customer service refunded the cost (obviously) but said the restaurant was no longer accepting orders so once again, no food for us. 2 attempts to order food with Uber eats and 0 successful deliveries. I’ll stick to Try Caviar (a new service that has a better restaurant offering than Uber Eats and has so far always gotten the correct order delivered to me within a reasonable window).

  21. Uber states that no tip is needed, but lets be reasonable, we usually give tip for any service we receive, it doesn’t matter what the company states, we do it out of consideration and gratitude! let’s not be stingy timing is caring 🙂

  22. I think UberEATS is great! Nothing but good things to say about this service. Use code eats-ayannaa119ue to get $10 off your first order.

  23. Nice… UBER drivER makes 3 bucks…. you stiff them for the TIP, AND then complain about the delivery time and blame the driver.
    Make a delivery or drive someone to the airport, take care of their luggage AND get STIFFED for a Tip and then write a BLOG.
    Cheap M Fs.

  24. I had a terrible experience with UberEATS. I would never order from them again. My order was never delivered and I had a nigthmare getting their customer service to refund my money. Finally I had to dispute the charge with my credit card company. UberEATS is distroying the brand name and customer loyalty that Uber (ride sharing aka taxi) has created.

  25. I had a bad experience with UberEats. It wasn’t with the service itself, but with the restaurant, which was Bang Na Thai Fusion in LA. I ordered Panang Tofu Curry, which is a dish I’ve ordered from numerous Thai restaurants over the years. It always comes with rice. But not at this place. Really the problem was with the ordering screen. I would have had to scroll down to see the “add rice” button, and missed it. The dish was excellent, but no reasonable person would consider it to be a meal-size portion, and cost nearly $15 before tax and delivery. I was disappointed. I left a thumbs down with an explanation. I later got an email from UberEats pointing out that on the restaurant’s actual menu, rice with this dish is always extra. I would have happily paid the extra two dollars for the rice to have a satisfying meal. This was my first time using UberEats, and I possibly will use it again. The delivery was very quick and the app was easy to use.

  26. Do not work for ubereats! If business is low you get paid less then minimum wage an hour! This huge company refuses to pay hourly. Taking advantage of thier drivers.

  27. I just placed an order with UberEats about an hour and a half ago. After being called by the delivery driver I realized there was going to be a problem, he did not speak English. I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with him on how to get into my residential high rise in Downtown Houston, I watched him on the app go further and further away. He eventually cancelled the order saying unable to deliver. I think it’s completely unacceptable that they hire delivery drivers who don’t speak English. No one has ever had difficulty delivering to me in my building in the past, there were valet and a concierge available to assist him. UberEats is the worst delivery experience I’ve had since living downtown for 8 years,

  28. Tipping is not expected??? How very rude and tasteless. Do you not tip at restaurants or hotels either? Uber drivers usually make less than minimum wage unless they are tipped. Especially with UberEATS where they have to do a lot of running around in car and on foot. Maybe be a decent person and encourage tipping…unless, of course, you’re just all about yourself and your money.

  29. Tip your delivery person. Tip your driver. That is their income and they depend on your tips. Please, don’t be fooled by the ads that say they make $20-$25 per hour. This is not true for the vast majority. The only guarantee is $4.10 per delivery with Postmates and $3.00 per delivery with UberEATS.

    Especially if you are using a “free food” promotion, tip your delivery person. They have saved you time – which is more valuable than money – and a trip outside in the elements. #Etiquette

  30. Two things, I live in LA. (born and raised in Santa Monica) Santa Monica has excellent public transportation which extends into Westwood, Los Angeles and even Downtown LA. Also Los Angeles Metro is also awesome. I’m a photographer and I’ve not owned a car in over 3 years and I have no problems making it to gigs using trains and buses.

    Second, you should update this posting because now you can order from a list of eateries all over LA and you order off the menu. No set, pre-packaged food.

  31. I would never order anything from ubereats again, I called them to notify them that my order was over 1 hour and 16 minutes late and the support person I spoke to in India told me that she would refund my whole order amount but when I checked my statement it said that she only refunded me $10.00 on a $34.00 bill. So they’re not only bad service providers they are liers as well.

  32. In DC for the past few months I have ordered over $400 in meals and not paid a dime. You can get referral credit by using Google Adwords to Advertise your referral code for either Uber or Uber eats.
    Adwords will give you $100 in advertising if you spend $25 in the first month. My wife and I earned over 50 Uber referrals and used them on UberEATS.
    Sadly this gravy train is over in DC as I was informed by support to not expect the codes to work in the future as their Engineers had found and “fixed” the glitch. But oh well, still earning free rides home from work.
    Try it in your city, you’ll know it works because the discount will show before ordering.
    Btw, we always kept our orders under $20, that’s why it was always free. Sometimes we would order from both accounts just to keep it free.
    If your curious about this or how to do it I’d be happy to explain.

  33. I too have been heavily using free ride credits for uber eats and have order over 100 free $15 meals. This past week the codes have not been applying to the Uber eats order. XZH has confirmed my fear that this trick is now over (though the $15 credit promotions still show up in the uber eats app it appears they can now only be used for rides)

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