Uber Drivers Can Now Leave Feedback For Riders

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Uber has been making a lot of changes lately, which they’re branding as “180 days of change.” This is largely intended to help out drivers, who feel they’ve been underpaid and didn’t have proper support. For example, over the past few months Uber has rolled out in-app tipping, in hopes of boosting the wages of drivers.

Uber also knows that one point of frustration for drivers is bad behavior from riders, so Uber is displaying rider ratings more prominently. While ratings on Uber have long been reciprocal, riders could only see their rating if they specifically searched for it, while now it clearly shows in their profiles. I think this is surprisingly effective, in the sense that people get butt-hurt when they find out they don’t have a great rating. I’m not sure whether that’s good business or not, though.

Well, today Uber has rolled out some further changes, and I find one of them especially interesting.

Starting today, UberX and UberPOOL drivers in the US and Canada will be able to leave feedback for riders when they don’t rate them five stars. Riders have been able to do this for years, though this is the first time that drivers can leave feedback. Here’s how it will work, according to Marie Claire:

This new update to the Uber app allows drivers to offer feedback when giving a passenger a rating of less than five stars, in the same way riders can leave comments about their trips. The feature is meant to provide riders with constructive criticism and to inform passengers what’s expected of them when getting into someone else’s car using Uber. The categories for which drivers can provide constructive feedback include: the passenger’s attitude, how long it took for the rider to show up, the number of riders, patience, wanting a new route, and cleanliness.

If a rider gets a tag from the same category three times in a 30-day period, a notification will pop up on the screen the next time he or she opens the app. It’s not clear if this is simply a warning or if it does major damage to your Uber rating. But this new feature could definitely answer any pressing questions you have about how to be a better Uber rider. According to Uber, the purpose of this new addition to the app is to create a more respectful community that provides feedback from both sides of the exchange between rider and passenger.

As you can see, this probably isn’t quite as brutal as it could be. That’s to say that the passenger will only be advised of the feedback if they get the same type of feedback three times in a 30 day period, which seems highly unlikely. In reality I suspect the main benefit is that it will make drivers feel like they’re being understood and have more control over situations, even if the feedback doesn’t directly make it back to riders.

What do you make of Uber’s new feature allowing drivers to leave feedback for riders?

  1. UberX riders should have tip mandatory.

    And no trump style tipping either, using campaign funds for personal expenses. Pay it from your own pocket. Hurt a little to live a little.

  2. I feel like most negative ratings will be from not receiving a tip from the passenger or not enough tip.

    I think I’m a 5* passenger as I’m polite, friendly, patient, only request rides when I’m at the pick-up location, and I usually always tip the driver. However, my rating with Uber isn’t that great and I think it’s because drivers felt like they deserved a bigger tip or weren’t happy I didn’t tip them because I felt the service and/or driving sucked.

    One thing that annoys me is when drivers don’t assist with bags even if they’re at a quiet area with no other cars behind them. However, they still think they deserve a tip.. Supposedly, Lyft drivers are supposed to assist with bags? Not sure if this is true and if Uber is the same.

  3. This is dumb. Uber is suffering and it’s obvious their best drivers are jumping ship to better platforms (Lyft, Juno etc).

  4. Nobody deserves a tip, because tipping is stupid, discriminatory, and has nothing to do with service. Service should be included in the price. Tips are just a way for greedy business owners to stiff their workers. Unfortunately, the workers are too dumb to go after their employer instead of the customer. The best solution would be to just ban tipping unconditionally and immediately.

  5. Off-topic but I think the number of UBER/LYFT etc drivers should be limited. Traffic in NYC is getting worse and worse, all you see are T&C cars…

  6. Very unhappy with Uber after using, or trying to use it, the past few weeks, both in Europe and the US East Coast. On a number of occasions the Uber app said a car was 2 min away, so we would confirm our request. Shortly after that it would say “arriving now”, but no car showed up. Then it would change to “8 to 10 minutes away”, apparently because the driver canceled the request and another one picked it up. A couple of times we went from “arriving” to 8 to 10 minutes, to “arriving” to 8 to 10 minutes several times before we just gave up and took a regular cab.

    After spending over 20 minutes with this nonsense at the Boston airport we again gave up and just took a regular cab. We ended up with two $5 charges from Uber for “cancelling our request” past the minimum time, which varies from 2 to 5 min. This despite the fact that we only made a single request, which apparently was passed from one driver to another. Making things worse was the fact that the fares we paid in the cab were the same or less than the Uber app had quoted us.

    Although I can’t prove it, I’m suspecting that drivers have discovered that they can just not show up, and make $5 per ride that they don’t fulfill. 🙁

  7. I don’t understand why wanting a new route should be basis for a flag – trips are based on time and distance therefore if you request a slower/longer route, the driver will be compensated accordingly. Requesting a faster/more direct route should be rider’s prerogative to avoid overpaying.

  8. This is a REALLY bad idea, and I drove for Uber on the side for a year a while back too, even before tipping started. Tipping is out of control in our country, and I guarantee going forward that this will 90% of the time be the issue that causes drivers to give a low rating to riders. In order to shore this new system up, Uber needs to make drivers give a MANDATORY 100-200 word explanation of why they are giving less than 5 stars. If it is because of a lack or lower than expected tip, it should be cancelled. That is a no brainer, and it shouldn’t be optional.

    This really makes the ‘free’ $15 from Amex Plat worth alot less…

  9. @all Uber makes the drivers review the passenger before viewing their tips so unless there is a runaround of somehow finding out passenger tip before starting a new ride tipping should not factor in unless the rider is giving a cash tip.

  10. @Credit You clueless little sjw. Do you not understand what a tip is? Are uber drivers forced to drive with uber? All your leftist ideals come down to forcing others against their will to do what you want. So who are the real fascists now? Your side. Go back to your looting and rioting now, it’s what you are best at.

  11. I think drivers and passengers should be required to write an explanation if they give less than 5 stars. I currently have a 4.5 uber rating as a passenger and it both saddens and baffles me. I am always at the pick-up location on time and gauge my talkativeness based on how the driver seems. Please drivers, tell me what I can do better!

  12. dear brooklyn boy

    you aren’t tipping $5 per ride on average. $5 for 5 stars.

    but since they are still driving you … why should you care?

  13. usually a Lyft guy, but app has been funky last few days, tried using Uber at LAX, first driver calls me to tell me has a flat tire – OK cancel; second driver called me to ask where I was going – guess he didn’t like the destination because he canceled on me and it had to find me another driver

    tried to report the d!ck but Uber doesn’t even have a customer contact address

    f*ck uber

  14. Since drivers already rate passengers, I don’t think that extra feedback is a bad idea. In fact, if a passenger is consistently doing something wrong but does not realize it, it’s good if he/she can now find out what it is.

  15. Here’s a “tip.” If you study hard and stay in school, you’ll be less likely to need to beg someone for extra money.

  16. From my understanding, the Uber driver has to rate his passenger before he can accept another ride. So essentially, they rate you pretty much straight away and always before we rate them.

    Most of the time I will give 5* but my rating is only just over 4.2. I do wonder that if there was a way that they could see my rating before giving me one, I am sure that my average would be much higher!

  17. Uber is really bad here in Indonesia when it rains. They charge a 3x surge (which makes them 2.5x more expensive than regular taxis) and putting a bunch of cars around me (with waiting time of 3-4 minutes). When you click on the request ride, the search goes for a long time and ended up not being able to find a car despite there being quite a bit of car in the area. I’m thinking that they’re playing with “phantom” cars just to suggest that there’s availability when there really is none.

  18. As I look for my next job in my profession, I’ve been driving for Uber 60+ hour’s a week. I give passengers 5* ratings in all but a few cases. I don’t care if someone comes across as rude, or is quiet, or doesn’t say hello (though most do). Everyone is different, and I try not to take any of it personally. The only non 5* ratings I give are 1* in the cases where a passenger disrespects the car or otherwise makes a mess without apologizing or trying to clean it up.

    Riders – your rating won’t ever stop you from finding a ride. Only drivers can get cut off because of bad ratings (though it may take longer as a driver may see your low score and pass on the ride, increasing the time for the eventual driver who accepts to arrive).

    As for tipping, I agree with the philosophy that it’s not a right nor should be an expectation. I would never pander or otherwise solicit tips. When I do receive one, I think “oh, that’s thoughtful” and give a silent thanks.

    The only time driving is unbearable is a sign, in itself, to stop for the day. When the thought of picking up someone makes me grumpy, I know I’m just tired, and need to get off the road.

    All in all, I’ve met so many interesting people, and have enjoyed good conversation (for riders who were up for it). I’m also perfectly happy when someone doesn’t want to talk.

  19. as some suggested earlier, tipping should be banned. It is an American thing and uber drivers were fine without it, now that Uber introduced tipping, it changes the expectation. Also, it is a stupid way to bring american tipping culture internationally.

    Second, if they were to rate, it should be before the drivers see the tips etc. Also if less than 5 stars both drivers and riders should be required to explain why. Uber is driving service, not a beauty contest or TV show that requires a good rating. I always give 5 unless the driver messes up badly (but it doesn’t happen 99% of the time!) because the driver’s job is to get me from point A to B. The driver does not have to talk to me or offer me a bottle of water or be good looking or friendly or whatever to get 5. Same goes for riders.

    For me, the rating each other is kinda high-schoolish. Well, UBER exCEO kinda fits the bill and I didn’t like him for that reason but the fundamental way of UBER’s thinking is a bit obnoxious in my opinion. I try to use other platforms if available but UBER essentially blocks the competition with whatever means they have to use…Another reason I don’t like uber…

  20. I am not aware of any other sales organization that rates ME after I award THEM my business. And why is there a tip expected for an already agreed upon service price between 2 parties? Is the price too low? Then either raise it, or close your business.

  21. Who cares what some dirt bag says about me? I could care less. He or she needs to keep the car clean, drive me to where Im going , and shut up. How this is remotely useful is beyond me. Now I have to care what a cab driver feels I should be running my life? I have to have his or her interpretation of my personality discussed? This is more millennial nonsense.

  22. @R B completely agree that Uber is ruining traffic in Manhattan. 8/10 when there is a weird traffic pattern, it turns out to be an Uber driver stopped on the West side highway / trying to get across 7th avenue in one block / waiting for pax in the middle of an intersection. Even with Amex Plat I try to take yellow cabs whenever I need a ride in the city.

  23. It’s super easy now to see when a driver rates you down, so if any driver rates me down for not tipping they get one star.

    At the end of the day being down voted hurts them more than it hurts me.

  24. Hi my uber account is still on hold and it’s been nearly 2 weeks. Check my rating and comments,I always admired uber and trusted but now sorry to say uber team is making me feel alone and not safe and that why innocent taxi drivers get abused and hurt. I always been a kind person and people took advantage of this that why my uber account is on hold ,losing my earnings and getting stress.i will share this with everyone for tomorrow so taxi drivers can safe.

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