Video Of Near Miss Between Two Planes At Barcelona Airport

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Near misses happen pretty frequently, though it’s rare that they’re caught on video.

Check out this video of a near miss between an Aerolineas Argentinas A340-300 and UTAir 767-300 at Barcelona Airport on July 5, 2014: has the lowdown on what happened:

An UTAir Boeing 767-300 (VQ-BSX) and an Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus A340-300 (LV-FPV) were involved in a runway incursion event at Barcelona Airport (BCN/LEBL), Spain.

Aerolineas Argentinas Flight AR1163 to Buenos Aires was taxiing to the holding point of runway 25R for take-off.

ADS-B data logged by suggest the A340 taxied along taxiway K, turning left on D. On taxiway D it crossed runway 02. The flight then turned right onto taxiway M. It taxied all the way down M towards the holding point of runway 25R.

However, the flight again had to cross runway 02. At the same time UTAir flight UT5187 from Moscow was on final approach for landing on runway 02. The crew initiated a go around and landed safely at 05:06.

ADS-B data logged by Flightaware24 suggest the B767 had descended to 250 feet before the go around was initiated.

Distance from the runway threshold of runway 02 to the point where the A340 crossed at taxiway Mike is 1166 m (3826 ft).


  1. I think the Aerolineas pilot was faxing some important documents at the time and did not see the other plane coming. Those damn fax machines must go. Where is Christina when you need her to make a decision.

  2. Wow, nice job to the UTAir pilots for seeing the potential problem and reacting quickly.

    Would the Aerolineas pilots have been able to see the UTAir plane? Is it their responsibility to “look both ways before crossing the street” in case ground control screws up?

  3. George Carlin watching two planes hit each other: “Look son, they nearly missed!” BOOM!!

  4. Fake vid. Take a closer look. No shadow on the ground and the wheels aren’t even on the ground either.
    Duff vid from start to finish.

  5. I find the speed at which the Argentinian plane moves about rather comical, in an animated way.

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