Video: Khartoum Airport Closed After Two Planes Land On Runway At Same Time

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As reported by Airlive, Khartoum Airport in Sudan is closed today after two Sudanese Airforce Antonov aircraft landed on the runway at the same time shortly after 10AM this morning. Here’s video footage of the incident:

While it looks like the planes are damaged beyond repair, there are no reports of casualties as of now, which is good news, at least. One has to wonder how on earth this could happen, since this is an airport with a tower. You’d also think one of the planes would have initiated a go around in a situation like this.

Hopefully everyone is okay, and I’l be curious to see what the investigation reveals.

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  2. Military aircraft sometimes do formation landings, although it is normally tactical aircraft (fighters) and not transport aircraft. It looks like a botched formation landing.

  3. Have to agree with Jeff. I think they were practicing formation flying. I guess maybe Sudan’s Air Force is not super strict on safety.

  4. is the second pilot’s name “Stryker”? he was coming in too fast; in the formation, if he landed at exactly the same speed (or slower) and spot as the first pilot, this probably wouldn’t have happened!

  5. I guess that after AC near disaster last year, we’re starting to realize how common it is…
    As example, Latam Brazil flight LA4627 landed on the TAKE OFF runway @ GRU last week (sep 26). They were directed to 27L, but landed on 27R. Thanks God it was empty.

  6. It was a formation landing done by trainee pilots of Sudan Air Force.

    The second pilot lost control due to high speed and insisted on landing instead of a touch and go. I saw the whole thing on tarmac, While the first plane landed normally the second did a bumpy nose landing trying to catch up with the formation and while he tried to stabilize the speed it was too late to reduce his speed to the first plane ahead.

    Doing military stunts in a civil airport is always a bad idea

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