Two great passenger quotes

On my return flight home yesterday from Houston to Tampa, I overheard two things that made me laugh out loud.

First, at the gate at IAH this lady goes up to the gate agent and says “Is there any chance I could get an aisle seat? I have a bad knee and I’m a travel writer, and I’d hate to write a bad review of Northwest.” No comment as to which site I immediately checked the bios of.

Upon boarding my flight from DTW to TPA, this guy comes into first class with a huge carry-on. He can’t quite squeeze it into the overhead bin, and comments that “this has to be one of the biggest design flaws in Boeing aircraft.” No sir, your bad is just too damn big!

Sometimes I wish I were making these up, but unfortunately (for our society) not….

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  1. As per 1, lemme guess you wrote about them earlier?
    As per 2, I do think that the airbii have larger overhead bins and his bag might have fit. That doesnt make his complaining acceptable though, becuase im sure any regulation-sized bag fits fine 🙂

  2. Passenger 1, she’s got to be one of the most shamless passenger ever.

    Passenger 2, I’m seeing that alot these days, what ever happended to those carryon size checkers they used to keep at gates, and why don’t they acturally enforce their freaking rules.

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