Tweet of the year from a hotel…

Wow. Now, admittedly I might not be the best Tweeter, but this is just on a whole new level…

Twtr chrgng u by da crcter?

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  1. How about this instead? : “In agreement to acquire Gaylord; will help expand even opportunities. RT if you’ve stayed @Gaylord“. Makes sense, somewhat grammatically correct even, and still leaves 20 characters free.

  2. Except I can’t spell “event.” But whatever. I guess I should look for a job as a Twitter consultant after I graduate. šŸ˜›

  3. That is hilarious. Must have had an intern write it.

    Although to be fair, the all time biggest Airline/Hotel Twitter fail belongs to @UnitedAirlines when they created an entire new Twitter Account called at @United instead of just changing their handle name on their original @UnitedAirlines account, and in the process left behind 181k of their followers.

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