Score A Huge Discount On Tumi Luggage By Stacking Two Deals

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Tumi is generally the gold standard when it comes to durable luggage for business travelers. My carry-on is a 20″ Tumi Alpha International. While I’m not as obsessed with Tumi as some others, and have had some issues over the years, I continue to use it as my primary carry-on.

The catch is that Tumi is way overpriced, in my opinion. A couple of times a year they have a sale, and then sometimes there are opportunities to stack that with a promotion for further savings, which is when you want to buy Tumi luggage. At the moment there’s an opportunity to buy Tumi luggage for about 40% off, which I think is a much fairer price.

To start, at the moment Tumi is offering 20% off most of their luggage. These discounts are available through Tumi directly, as well as most online retailers that sell their products.

That’s a good start, though it gets much better than that. eBags is one of the retailers that sells Tumi bags, and through tomorrow TopCashBack is offering 24% cash back on Tumi purchases through eBags (if you’re not yet a TopCashBack member, you can sign-up here).

For example, Tumi’s most popular bag is probably the Alpha 2 International Expandable 2 Wheeled Carry-On. It usually costs $595, though at the moment is on sale for $476, after factoring in the 20% discount. If you made the purchase by going through TopCashBack (which works the same as any other shopping portal, meaning you have to log into your TopCashBack account and be directed to eBags that way), you’d earn $114.24 cash back, meaning in the end you’d pay just $361.76, which is about 40% off. I’d say that’s a much fairer price for the bag.

Do note that the 24% cash back won’t be credited instantly, but rather will take a few weeks.

To those who think Tumi is still overpriced at 40% off, I don’t necessarily disagree. However, if you’re in the market for Tumi luggage, then getting 40% off is tough to beat, so this is the time to buy.

Does anyone plan on picking up any Tumi items through this eBags and TopCashBack deal?

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  1. I bought a Briggs & Riley CX Compression bag (the bag and the CX technology are fantastic, by the way) through the TopCashBack portal. Just a word of caution – it wasn’t “a few weeks”, but more like 17 weeks, before the cash finally became payable.

  2. X4 for Rimowa. I have EVERYTHING tumi. And most are falling apart…. My dad bought a rimowa when we were on Japan and its in perfect condition.

  3. Rimowa is even more overpriced than Tumi, and even harder to get a good deal on.

    I like how Rimowa’s aluminum line looks but keeping it that way is a pain, especially for checked luggage where they tend to get banged up pretty badly. Nylon luggage at least in my experience tends to do better at hiding scratches and scuffs over a longer period of time.

  4. Chris – I do an aluminum carry on and Salsa Air/Deluxe for checked baggage. Though I know plenty that do aluminum for checked luggage and like the banged up look.

  5. I only buy Rimowa or Haliburton. I saw a local TJ Max selling some Tumi at a clearance discount—enough said.

  6. I fail to see why a Tumi soft-sided suitcase is anything to rave about. I have a clam shell hard-sided samsonite carryon, and it has a lot more volume than a soft-sided

  7. Somewhere in the last few months this site shifted from providing quality travel reviews and miles strategy to pushing credit cards and other products that are frankly not in the best interest of most consumers. I don’t necessarily believe in brand loyalty but as others have said, Rimowa is clearly a superior product to TUMI (albeit more expensive),as well as other superior alternatives. For example, the Briggs and Riley Commuter is also expandable, cheaper than the TUMI and comes with a Lifetime warranty.

  8. X6 for Rimowa. I have their lower end Salsa model and it’s held up through a ton of abuse. The service for it has been exceptional too.

  9. Ok, I’ll be the naysayer here. I had Rimowa, both aluminum and polycarbonate and they’ve always fallen apart after a few years. I’ve since switched to Tumi and haven’t had any problems. I’m dine with Rimowa.

  10. I took advantage of a similar, but better deal last November. There was a similar discount by Tumi, a similar cash back from TopCashBack for eBags, but also a $20 or $25 Amex offer.

    For me, TopCashBack took a few months for me to get my cash back so be aware of that.

  11. I enjoy observing the belts at the airports of Tokyo, Taipei and HK as i exit towards customs.
    More than 50% of all suitcases on the conveyor belt are Rimowa.

  12. x7 for Rimowa. If Tumi is the gold standard, then Rimowa is the Platinum standard. Sorry Lucky, tough crowd 😉

    I recently swapped to the Rimowa Bolero line, which is the polycarbonate cases with the fabric zip front pockets. (I say swapped because my Salsa broke and they let me choose any Rimowa as a replacement — great service!). The front pockets are super functional. All the carry on bags in our family are now Boleros (1x business trolley and 2x carry on sizes).

  13. @Hong Konger — I did a count while waiting for my bags after landing at JFK after a JAL flight from Narita. I counted 37 Rimowas…. also the Japanese are way into them.

  14. I have a Rimowa carryon that I don’t use any longer because it doesn’t have outer pockets. It’s so easy to shove my phone/wallet into the deep pocket in my Tumi carryon, or to unzip a tiny corner and shove everything in when going through security. To do that with the Rimowa case I have you need to unlatch the closures and open the bag. I do like and continue to use my big Rimowa checked luggage though.

  15. I’m surprised Briggs and Riley doesn’t get more love. Their bags are definitely not very stylish, but their warranty and features can’t be beat. I’ve had a set for 15 years and whenever I have any issues they repair it no questions asked. Expensive yes, but it’s a literal one-time purchase.

  16. $500 for a suitcase is OK I guess if you are worried about status but in reality they don’t last forever. If you travel a ton I think it’s better to buy a much cheaper suitcase or carry-on that has the features you want. Not the $50 wal-mart Samsonite but maybe the $125 model or the mid grade travelpro cases. For $500 you can buy several of them and usually can find good deals. I see many hardcore frequent travelers with cheap Samsonite’s more than any other brand. Usually I see fancy pants people with B&R, Tumi’s etc in the lounge with no scratches on them, etc. Silly in my world I guess. But if having a fancy branded case gives you joy then strike while there is a deal I say.

  17. x8 for Rimowa! I really like the aluminum ones since they are light and the wheels mover/spin better than any other carry on I had before. Customer service is awesome and if you happen to go to Germany, buy them there since they are cheaper and you get the VAT back.

  18. I use Travelpro suitcases for 20-30 kg ( 42-63 lbs?), completely indestructible ( at least 20 years old, done millions of miles commuting between homes, so unattractive that no one would want to pinch them, or rifle through them.
    Carry-on or smaller checked bags: I use Samsonite and Delsey. Totally happy and not remotely interested in spending 1cent on Tumi/Rimowa etc. I do concede that Rimowa looks smart, but that’s of no consequence to me.

  19. Swissgear Wengery Synergy Backpack – Go for 3 week trips with it, can’t count the number of times pulling something around on wheels would be tragic. Having a backpack is the ultimate in mobility.

  20. What a bunch of stupid comments from the Riwona fan boys? Nothing beats a solid mid-range Samsonite. I fly in business quite often and don’t see the need to show off with a Riwona

  21. Rimowa is old news. Enjoy having the same bag as everyone else. Get a protect. Superior movement hands down.

  22. Tumi has more nooks to pack more, whereas I find the Rimowas to be more rigid and can’t be ‘squished’ as much

  23. While a nice looking, durable carry on makes some sense of an investment and class.

    I think all those checked luggage are the same. I’ve seen several rimowas cracked, broken hole, or worse come in a bin with stuff all over the place.

    Sometimes I don’t understand why some people can be smart with their miles/credit cards but still overpay for a suitcase.

    I mean if you can afford private jets where someone carefully handles you stuff, having fancy bags make sense. But as long as you’re flying commercial, I don’t see how these named bags are worth more than bags you find at Costco.
    If people can do the CPM math equation. Then try the this math, what can last you longer 10x$100 Costco bag or 1x$1000 Rimowa

  24. Years ago, I purchased several tumi bags for myself and my wife. At that time they promised a lifetime “Costco” style repair or replace policy. This in my mind justified their stratospheric pricing. Somewhere along the way they abruptly halted this policy. I was informed of this change during a call to tumi by a rather rude and unpleasant customer service representative. Afterwards they convinced me over several encounters that they no longer wanted my business. Never again.

  25. Tumi was great with a lifetime warranty till they got rid of it in 2004 when they were acquired, they got bought again by Samsonite in 2016.

    B&R – still lifetime and will send you “self repair” kits if you want. Lucky me there is a level 3(of 4) B&R repair site in town.

    “Our simple as that® guarantee means if your bag is ever broken or damaged, we will repair it free of charge, no proof of purchase needed, no questions asked”.

    As a road warrior I have a backup bag (the Tumi) if and when the B&R needs to be serviced.

    This is a heckuva deal on Tumi when you finally get the cashback.

  26. I was actually looking at ebags last for a carryon and stumbled upon Tumi – didn’t see the sale mentioned here though. What did bring me there was the United miles shopping portal at 15x per dollar at eBags on qualifying luggage. So for those not into cash back portals, United miles are likely enticing. Also, right below was Saks off Fifth with 12x points and coupled with OMAAT’s link to the Amex deal $50 off $250 or 5000 points for $250 spend added even more value.

  27. You can also get a lot of points through airline shopping portals to ebags and tumi. Don’t forget that.

    On top of that you if you are fortunate enough you can find a discounted tumi gift card online. I knocked a $1100 tumi bag down to $400 using the stacked codes and discounted gift cards.

    My last tumi bag lasted 17 years being tossed around in airports so I am very much a fan.

  28. I am so done with Tumi. Used to love their luggage. Bought a $400 carry on, the paint comes off, one of the edges was dented when I checked it on a commuter flight. They never answered any of my emails.
    I am, however, a happy user of Rimowa.

  29. I have to agree that Rimowa is superior. I have a Rimowa Topas carry on (2 wheels, not spinners) and for a fair comparison my wife has an aluminum Tumi 19 degree carry on. We love both bags but she often asks to pull the Rimowa as the Tumi is a pain to drag over rough terrain, especially the bumps they use to help the visually impaired which seem to be everywhere in Hong Kong and other Asian cities. The Tumi might be more of a head turner but I prefer the more professional look of the Rimowa and would definitely choose it if we could only have 1. When we can’t travel light I also have a large polycarbonate Rimowa Bolero check bag which can withstand the beating without looking haggard. Definitely would recommend a polycarbonate checked bag over aluminum if your debating.

  30. I bought a Tumi, I think through Gilt or something like that, for like $150 and it is way worse than the Victorinox I used for 10 years. Victorinox for the win.

  31. Tumi is so ugly and so expensive.

    Im looking into buying a Rimowa Salsa Deluxe checked bag and a small carry on one. I also love the new Louis V carry on roller.

    Thoughts? Theyre so stylish and super in right now.

  32. @ssss – best deal in Rimowa is to buy it in Europe, especially Germany. On top of that the Lufthansa shops in FRA and MUC have Lufthansa branded Rimowa luggage that’s even a better deal. If you happen to be an airline employee they will give u an additional 20% off. Lower prices, 20% discount, and vat refund is a deal that cannot be beat!

  33. @Andrew Y,
    and if you only count the first bunch of bags (C class, F, priority, alliance status etc) the ratio is even higher.

    in my comment, What i meant to say is that when you look at the belts of arrival flights (JL,CX, etc) between Tokyo to HK to TPE you might see from time to time a piece that is NOT a Rimowa. 🙂 🙂

  34. @Hong Konger Yes, I noticed that too. Asia people seem to love to spend money on Rimowa. Many of them are aluminum. I never see so many of them in my life at one place. Not something I see in USA.

  35. @eskimo because checking in at a Park Hyatt or Four Seasons with a COSTCO bag (or a TUMI bag for that matter) would make you look slightly out of place. RIMOWA and BRICS are way classier and as durable, but if you can afford it go for a Pegasus LV case to turn heads.

  36. @Nate,
    I’m not Asian, as my name suggests I’m based in HK.
    I own 5 Rimowas.
    None of them are aluminum, it’s too heavy, and if you’re really stuffing it, it’s not flexi at all.

    I see the value in a trolley, Trunk with the quality of wheels.
    If I spread the cost of them over my 60+ flights i take annually it make sense.

  37. I think I’m the only one on here that just pays $100 for a Costco bag haha

    Going on my 11th year now. Squeeky wheels, the handle needs an extra shove to go down sometimes but still holding up.

  38. Just bought a Tumi Tegra Lite Medium checked bag for $330 at a Washington DC T.J. Maxx . This was the best deal that I had seen (for its original retail $795) and bought it right away. I normally see one or two Tumi’s at the luggage sections of TJ Maxx and other discount stores, but always between $400-$500. Other than that, Tumi’s are priced about 25% higher than in the US in Asia, where I live.

  39. The baggage handlers below would say:

    “Rimowa? Tumi? Unbreakable? Let’s see about that!!”

    Nothing beats a good old reliable beat up Samsonite for one’s travels… 🙂

  40. The best (but rarely mentioned) feature of Rimowa luggage is the wheels. Absolutely zero rolling resistance. I’ve used my Salsa numerous times as a makeshift set of trolley wheels for moving heavy boxes and items.

  41. @airwaysandtravels I’ve never seen any $3k+ bags flown commercial and this is from places like PVG HKG SIN DXB or EGE. LV or other designer monogram are probably used best when handled with care. Still I agree with spending on a nice carry-on.

    But hey who am I to judge. If one can afford $3k suitcase to be tossed around recklessly, one can probably afford 10 $3k bags to be tossed around. Or just for fun get 300 COSTCO bags tossed around the airport for the same price. LMFAO.

  42. I am not sure if you can combine the rebates.

    – When I placed a Tumi item in eBags cart there is a auto generated code “IMRGEN” that I can not remove.

    – Top Cashback response states:
    *If you were to make a purchase and “NEEDED TO APPLY A COUPON CODE IN ORDER TO GET THE 20%” then you will not be able to receive both of the cashback offered.

    – See conversation below:

    – If I buy the luggage from eBags with their 20% site sale
    – Will I receive the additional TopCashback 26% ?

    eBags Offers / Cashback
    Tumi Products / Featured Offer 26%

    – eBag’s own site is offering 20% off Tumi sitewide
    ………. Is this able to be combined with ……….

    – TopCashback offer 26%:
    ………. Tumi Products – Featured Offer 26% ……….

    Memberxxxxxx | 14 Sep 2018

    You will be able to receive the 26% cashback as well as the eBags 20% if a coupon code isn’t used at the time of purchase.

    *If you were to make a purchase and needed to apply a coupon code in order to get the 20% then you will not be able to receive both of the cashback offered.

    I hope this helps further.

    TopCashback | 14 Sep 2018

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