Tumi Bags On Sale!

Update: It appears as if signing up to receive Amazon Clothing Store emails may no longer net the 20% discount coupon unfortunately.

My luggage conundrum began over the weekend, when I was trying to decide between eventually buying the Tumi Alpha International (20″) or the Tumi Alpha Frequent Traveler (22″). Based on the feedback you guys left I decided I’d get the Tumi Alpha International, because I don’t want to have to check the bag when traveling internationally. On Monday I wrote about a Rue La La sale on Tumi luggage, though what I didn’t realize is that many of the items they were selling weren’t the latest models.

Anyway, through November 17 Tumi seems to be offering 20% off all their products when using a coupon code, and most of their online retail partners seem to be matching that sale.


But it gets better than that. Here’s an opportunity to stack that 20% discount with a further 20% discount, for a total of 36% off anything from Tumi.

First of all, sign-up to receive Amazon Clothing Store emails. By signing up for these emails you’ll immediately receive a coupon via email for 20% off your next purchase which is valid for 30 days. While the terms state it’s only valid for clothing items, in practice the coupon also works on luggage.


Once you have the coupon, shop for the Tumi items you want.

Here’s the Tumi Alpha International 20″ Zippered Expandable Carry On I’m looking at.


And here’s the Tumi Alpha Frequent Traveler 22″ Zippered Expandable Carry-on that’s 22″, if you’d like a bigger bag.


As you can see, both bags are the latest versions as they have the classic monogram rectangle.

The laptop bag I have — the Tumi Alpha Expandable Organizer Computer Brief — is also on sale.


Also, while not cheap, I’ve heard good things about the Tumi Alpha Classic Garment Bag.


While usually way overpriced, this also makes the cost of the Tumi Luggage Large Packing Cubes pretty reasonable:


Those are just a few examples of the things on sale.

After you add the product you want to your cart, go to the check-out page and add in the promotional code you received via email under the “gift cards & promotional codes” section:


Once you enter the code you should see the updated price reflecting the initial 20% discount and then 20% discount on top of that, for a total of a 36% discount.


$387 for a brand new Tumi Alpha International that usually retails for $600 is the lowest price I’ve seen on the latest generation versions of these bags.

It’s anyone’s guess how long this promotion (especially being able to use the additional 20% off code on luggage) will last, so if you’re interested in a Tumi bag I’d suggesting ordering it ASAP.

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  1. So just how bad was the Rue La La (former model) purchase? Did you just ship it back? Curious about that part of the experience with that merchant and the “outdated” or inferior product/s.

  2. @ Jeff — To be clear it’s not that the quality was bad, they were “authentic” Tumi bags. Some of them just weren’t the latest model. For example, what looked like the Alpha International was in fact another 4th Generation Bag. Some of the bags on sale were the most up to date versions, though.

  3. I was more curious if you actually ordered it. Don’t at all feel bad (as consultants and friends we often pass on what we believe are good things). I did order from Rue La La but have not been home to see the shipment. Curious if the bag is “that” different or “good enough” when compared to the actual model you (and I) expected. From my view returns are easy – just wondering if there are better features or aspects to the one you intended.

  4. @ Jeff — Once I realized it wasn’t the latest version I didn’t order. Please let me know what the quality is like when you receive it — I’m curious!

  5. Will do! I did notice the photo was different and they did not list part numbers. So I was prepared. I will let you know this weekend or early next week.

  6. @ caveman — I love the packing cubes. They are especially great if you’re going to several places during a stay and have particular outfit/clothing needs in each place. For example, if I have three destinations, I use three large/extra-large cubes and pack one for each destination. It keeps the clothing 100% wrinkle free and makes repacking a breeze!

  7. I had to re-read this post several times to confirm we were talking about a suitcase! I can’t figure out how one suitcase could possibly cost over $100! Someone is making money!!

  8. @Paul Although they are expensive, Tumi bags really do last. I’ve actually been using a Tumi messenger bag DAILY since 2005 and it is still in great shape!

  9. I was not offered the 20% off and was not logged in to Amazon at the time… I truly don’t need another email from Amazon #disappointed

  10. FYI – Ebags.com is following the 20% friends and family and participates in ebates. The ebates rebate for ebags right now is 10%, so that would make a total of 30% off the bag (after the ebates rebate) with free shipping.

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