Why Is President Trump Thanking American’s CEO But Not Others?

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I’ve been very impressed by how the major US airlines have handled the recent hurricanes. Not only did we see several airlines offer extra capacity to areas impacted by the hurricanes, but we’ve also seen airlines cap fares. Now, I’m not suggesting the airlines did this out of the kindness of their hearts, but rather some airlines did it due to pressure from their competitors and also to create goodwill.

When it comes to stand-out airlines, Delta and JetBlue are the first that come to mind for Hurricane Irma, personally — Delta operated several hurricane “rescue” flights that got very close to the center of the storm, while JetBlue was the first airline to cap fares to areas impacted by the hurricane. I get American also did a good amount given their mega-hub in Miami. Lastly, United did a ton for Hurricane Harvey, given how much it impacted their Houston hub.

That’s why I found Donald Trump’s Tweet just now strange, in which he thanks American Airlines, and specifically Doug Parker, for “all the help [they] have given to the U.S. with Hurricane flights. Fantastic job!”

It’s a bit odd for American to get “presidential gratitude,” while Delta, JetBlue, United, etc., aren’t even mentioned.

Was Doug Parker on a certain news channel this morning, or…?

  1. Maybe he thinks Doug Parker is a white supremacist?

    Maybe he thinks Doug Parker grabs women by the pussy?

    Maybe he thinks Doug Parker hates gays?

    Maybe he thinks Doug Parker hates Muslims?

    Maybe he thinks Doug Parker is a fellow rapist?

    Maybe he thinks Doug Parker hates Mexicans?

    Maybe he thinks Doug Parker is a pathological liar?

    Maybe he thinks Doug Parker has tiny fingers?

    Maybe he thinks Doug Parker suspects Barack Obama was born in Kenya?

    Maybe he thinks Doug Parker doesn’t believe the Russian meddling of a US election?

    The list of possibilities is endless.

  2. For someone who was in Miami trying to get flights out of the state, let me tell you that only United, Jetblue and Delta came through with adding more flights to help people evacuate. Fuckin AA stopped their service and started cancelling service as early as Thursday! AA did not add any flights! And Delta got us through going back to Miami by making sure our flights TO Miami pushed through while AA still cancelled theirs on Tuesday. My loyalty has shifted that’s for sure! Anybody got a link to a United card with increased sign up bonus? 🙂

  3. Living in PR, I will say AA has capped the most fares for the longest time followed by Jetblue. United did the bare minimum and Delta somewhere in between.

  4. Every day on the news, I see people reporting what Trump has said and done that day, with fresh astonishment followed by lengthy analysis of his motives and underlying potential logic.

    Every day they act as though this were the first time we’ve had any indication that Trump is mentally challenged, attention deficient, uneducated, insecure, narcissistic, and just batshit crazy.

    The news channels report and analyze Trump’s daily pronouncements to fill up time and increase ratings. I guess this blog does the same thing to fill up space and increase clicks.

  5. Parker is also a known Republican donor. Munoz is a Democrat and, while I don’t know for sure about Bastian, I would guess he leans ever so slightly left.

    Not sure about Robin Hayes.

  6. This article is pure click bait. When travel blogs get political it’s a huge turnoff and a near immediate unfollow. It’s also a reason I’ve stopped following Gary Leff as well.

  7. American also has been much more involved in Puerto Rico for Hurricane Maria than the other airlines given the scale of their operations there. This just seems like another opportunity for you to exhibit your blind political bias and your disdain for American squeezing out low-yield mileage runners.

  8. I love what Gary and Lucky do more often then not.
    They constantly inform,entertain and create debate
    Controversy political or not is always interesting reading
    if it isn’t of my interest I delete and or move on.
    These guys pound the posts out and I fight to read all of them I can
    Keep it up guys well done! And thanks for the thick skins we readers can be a brutal bunch
    Off topic and political Doug Parker please retire
    you have ruined American and its great program it created in 1981

  9. To those deleting their subscriptions… Is there an alt right miles/Points blogger you all would prefer to follow? With headlines like:

    “How I Got 8 Cents Per Point at This Hyatt Place During the White Supremacist Rally”

  10. Most of these replies are downright scornful. Especially ” Keeping it real”—he has a real problem. Whenever we tolerate judgement of others, we assume God’s place. None of us are objective enough to righteously or fairly judge the motives of another, only God can do that. Though we can judge what a person does in light of the Word, we cannot assume why they did it. We never have all the information, and we certainly are not omniscient.
    There is a bias here in some blogs. Remember that the laws of sowing and reaping are still in effect ! However you treat or speak of others (incl. POTUS or lucky, etc.) that is EXACTLY the way you will be treated or spoken of.

  11. Why? Because the company has the word “American” in its name…and he’s all about “America(n) First”? 🙂

  12. If this article doesn’t have an answer to the question – or at least a proposed answer, then why post it?
    Just another chance for people to jump on the anti-trump train and feel superior.
    Stick to travel, Lucky, and leave out the politics.

  13. As someone from outside the US, I think I can help answer that question…. it’s because he’s a total arse who only thanks people who have done something for him personally.

    The rest of the world used to respect the US in some respects but then enough people voted for him (not the majority) to ensure those days are over.

    The caveat to this is that being British, many of us can sympathise with normal Americans and recognise that you don’t have a monopoly on stupid voters or stupid leaders.

    As Winston Churchill once said, “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”

  14. Bye Steve!!
    I’m with Chuck Lesker!
    Warning, Dave is in the corner sulking! (If you can deal with the heat, stay out of the kitchen!)
    Sorry Ben, but it’s like every other time, Donnie John and his big mouth has struck again. If you want intelligence and reason, please look elsewhere! You won’t get it from him!

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