Tourist goes to the wrong Sydney!

I love these kinds of stories. From the Vancouver Sun:

SYDNEY, N.S. – It was the right name but the wrong continent for a sculptor from Argentina.

Monique Rozanes Torres Aguero of Buenos Aires was daydreaming about her vacation in Sydney, Australia, when her Air Canada Jazz flight landed in Sydney, N.S., this week.

“She never thought anything was wrong until she got on the small Dash 8 in Halifax,” said Christiane Tanner of Westmount, N.S., who met Aguero on the flight and has since befriended her.

“She was taking pictures out the airplane window and said to herself, ‘Something is not right.’ “

It never ceases to amaze me how long it takes some people to realize they’re going to the wrong destination. Sounds like everything was ok in the end, other than the fact that she never made it “down under.”

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  1. I still love the one about this guy from LA going to Aukland when he was trying to go up the coast to Oakland.

  2. Love it too but doesnt the GA have the technology (and/or a obligation) to tell the person when they bored? Nah 🙂

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